I have a mostly boring update for you this week. We’re at the point where it’s a mess and the work getting done is not making it pretty.

Claudio the Electrician has put in lots of hours on stuff that’s not visible. Don’t ask me. I don’t know but it has involved many hours or rerouting electrical, relocating junction boxes and installing a new subpanel.  Once his rough work is complete (lights, outlets and switches) we can start closing up the walls. In the meantime I am grateful for the small things:

Good news: rough plumbing (Phil’s Water Works) is done, which is amazing in that we decided to have them repipe the entire house while they were at it and install reverse osmosis system.

Big job, but much easier (and cheaper) to do this with Pex instead of the traditional copper piping.  Great work, guys.

Flooring update: In last week’s update I showed you the porcelain “wood” tile we’ve chosen. That’s not going to happen. I’ve accepted that the installation would be beyond Harold’s comfort zone to do it himself, and paying to have done would bust the budget.

So, we’re back to wood, which he can install. Now to find a good deal on a style and color we can live with.

Remember that old, ugly, stuck-beyond-belief parquet tile we found under the carpeting in the family room? It took Harold two hours of intense physical labor to remove a 4-foot square area. We have to find some kind of a tool we can rent to assist. At that rate we’ll still be removing tile a year from now.

Next week: Cabinets

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