Mary’s Big Remodel … Part 16

Well … what a week. It started with this truck showing up bright and early on Monday. Somewhere in there is a countertop with my name on it  …

Sure enough … and here she comes …

It took a couple of hours of precise and amazing work by these skilled craftsmen to make all those pieces of granite look like this:

All of the appliances are now in place, hooked up and working. And I have a sink …

Harold promised me a new kitchen by Thanksgiving, and I have no doubt now that it’s going to happen. Only a few things like the backsplash and range hood to go. I’m already washing anything that isn’t nailed down in the new dishwasher (it’s so quiet I keep checking to see if it’s stopped working) and cooking on this new range …

I have no idea why the colors seem change from one pic to the next and why it’s so difficult to see that this is a U-shaped kitchen with a counter height bar, and there is plenty of room inside that U for two people to cook and  do kitchen stuff at the same time.  Must be my awesome photographic skills. Yep, that’s gotta’ be it. I’m so good with things like color calibration and compositing and depth of field and aperature. Stuff like that. Yeah. Sure that’s it.

Next week … the Grand Finale!


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  • teri b

    you must be so happy Mary 🙂

  • Carolyn

    How wonderful! So glad it is finished — enjoy your new kitchen!

  • exyoopergal

    How gorgeous………enjoy! And I love the view from your kitchen sink. Please post pictures of your back yard.

  • mary

    congtras, there is nothing like it…it never gets old. everytime you walk in there for the rest of your life it will make you smile!

  • Dbyrne

    Your kitchen is so beautiful! Can’t wait to see the finale! Excellent work. It has been so fun to watch it all happen. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ruth Newton

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Looking fwd to the finale!