A woman sitting at a table

Little Things Readers Do to Save Time and Money Every Day

If you are taking salad for lunch, pour the amount of dressing you will need into the bottom corner of a small plastic bag. Put a twist tie above the dressing and cut off the rest of the bag. When you are ready to eat, just snip off the corner and squeeze the dressing into your salad. Kristine

A woman sitting at a table

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MAC N’ CHEESE MY WAY. My toddler eats only a small portion of a box of macaroni and cheese. Leftover mac and cheese is never a hit and the individual packs are too pricey. Instead, I buy the boxes when they are on sale and store the cheese powder and noodles in separate jars. Then I can prepare individual servings as needed. I use 1/3 cup of dry noodles and one heaping tablespoon each of cheese powder, butter and milk. Michel

TOILET CLEAN.  To get rid of mineral rings in the toilet, drop in one or two denture tablets. Check its progress in 30 minutes—or go ahead and leave it overnight. Flush. The toilet should be sparkling clean. Amy

ORGANIZED HOME. I hang a shoe bag on the inside of my coat closet door near the front of my house. In it, my family members store their gloves, scarves, sunglasses and even the dog’s leash for a quick and organized morning departure. Steve

NATURE’S CAR WASH. I save water by washing my car with the dew in the early morning. The condensation on my car plus the suds on my sponge do the trick. Only after the scrub down do I turn on the hose for a quick rinse. Helen

STRATEGIC HIT. To get a dark stain out of white and light-colored clothing, I dip a Q-tip in Hydrogen Peroxide and apply it to the spot. I let it work overnight and it bleaches the stain without bleaching the item. Rachel

TRADE SHOW BAGS. I have accumulated many cloth tote bags over the years from different seminars I’ve attended or book clubs I’ve joined. Instead of purchasing reusable bags for groceries, I use my tote bags instead. They are machine washable and I can save money and the environment by recycling them! Cindy

CHIP CLIPS. Several years ago, I bought a package of plastic clothes pins to use in the kitchen. I bought colors that match my décor and I use them for re-closing plastic bread bags, chip bags, sugar bags and others. Jean

PUMPED UP. I save on expenses by putting dish soap, body wash, shampoo and liquid soap of all kinds in pump containers. I find that I use much less soap for the same job done when it is in a dispenser. Now I buy soaps and body-wash much less often. Tess

ROLLER PAN LINER. To avoid cleaning a roller pan when I paint, I slip it into a large plastic supermarket store bag and pour the paint onto the bag over the pan. After painting, I simply turn the bag inside out and discard it. Then, I am left with a clean roller pan. It saves a lot of time and costs nothing! Tony

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5 replies
  1. Jill says:

    I have a new dog named Roscoe. He is a little guy and I guess my tip might work better for the smaller dog breeds. I like to keep the yard cleaned up of his “deposits”. I eat a lot of vegetables and have been using the plastic bags I bring the veges home in, for clean up. But I figured out how get two for one. I pull it together the long way, keeping it even at both top and bottom ends. Then I tie a tight knot as close to center as I can. I cut just below the knot making two bags. The rolls of clean up bags at the pet store can be pretty pricey. This is a good way to recycle these vegetable bags.

  2. Karen Halstead says:

    Amy’s tip of using denture tabs does work great, especially when you have well water like we do! I use denture tabs for cleaning other things as well.
    For example they work great on hummingbird feeders to break up any “gunk” inside of them. I’ll put a denture tab in with really hot water and let it sit a few hours and it works like a charm so I can get them really clean before filling. Just make sure you rinse it out really well before adding your nectar.

  3. Pat Goff says:

    Love these ideas. I use those rubber bands that the mail comes in to close my chip bags and my freezer food bags (French fries bags, pizza roll bags etc.). I made a chip holder like in the grocery stores by using a long piece of wood and gluing curtain hanger clips to it. Works great with the smaller lunch chip bags for sure. I hung an old crate (small one) above the sink and keep the dish wash there along with an old flower pot that holds the dish cleaning brushes and sponges not to mention the brillo pads. Easier to clean around the sink when it isn’t cluttered. I keep the coffee filters next to the coffee pot in an old ice bucket (with lid) making it easy to get the coffee going in the mornings. I try to reuse all my old treasures if possible. I am using my grandmothers old crock bowls for dog food bowls and water bowl. That way they can’t haul them around.

  4. eveh says:

    Love these ideas. Some I have tried already. I use squeeze bottles made for ketchup or mustard to put my dish detergent and salad dressing in. I buy large bottles from SAMs Club so I refill when needed. I use less that way and it is convenient to have dawn in one for cleaning up greasy or dirty spots.


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