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January is the Best Time to Score a Deal on These 13 Things

Worried you missed out on all the After Christmas sales? Well, dry your tears because some of the best sales of the year are going live this month in retail and online stores everywhere.

January is the ideal time of the year to go bargain hunting for these 13 things:

A person standing on a bed

1. Bedding and Towels

White sales traditionally show up in January. Expect big discounts on most bedding, bath, and home essentials. Stores can often offer from up to 50% off to up to 75% off select bedding, bath, and other items during a white sale. Here are the types of items you’ll likely see at white sales:

  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Bedspreads
  • Duvets
  • Towels
  • Home decor
  • Furniture

2. Calendars

Most everyone starts a New Year with resolutions and intentions to get his or her life in order, but if you can stay organized until mid-January without a calendar, expect to save over 50% on most calendars and planners.

3. Spaghetti

Jan. 4, is National Spaghetti Day. So why would that matter when it comes to bargain hunting? In the past, nationally known restaurants have offered super deals (sometimes it’s been on the house!) on a plate of spaghetti—a good indication of what we can expect this year, too:

  • Spaghetti Warehouse
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill
  • Fazoli’s
  • Luby’s
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy

4. Televisions

You can be sure that the end of football season ushers in the kickoff for great television deals as retailers gear up for the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, 2020. Based on past years’ performances, you should expect retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Costco, and others to offer rock bottom prices towards the end of January—an excellent time to score a bargain.

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Here we go …

5. Martin Luther King Jr. Day sales

This year, the holiday falls on Jan. 20. Retailers will take advantage of the occasion with super sales on clothing and home goods. Previous years’ MLK sales have included 75% off linens at Bloomingdales and 40% off at the Gap.

6. Gym memberships

Most people include getting physically fit on their list of New Year’s resolutions, which is why January is a great time to sign up for a gym membership. If the past is any indication of the future you can expect gyms to waive extra fees (which can add an extra $10 to $100 to your annual membership), offer free trials, or give discounted rates to new members in January.

Pro tip: Don’t spend that money unless you’re sure you’ll use the membership. The last thing you want to do is to lock yourself in for a full year, then stop showing up after a month or two.

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7. Fitness equipment

After the holidays and when New Year’s resolutions are still in force, stores will start to lure customers in with sales. Expect huge deals from 30% to 70% off.

8. Cruises

Sales on cruises usually show up in January and February, when people are most likely to be booking their spring break and summer vacations. Can’t get it together that quickly to take advantage of current sales? Look for another round of sales in October.

9. Produce

Carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, oranges, tangerines, kale, and spinach are considered “in-season” this time of year, which means bargain pricing.

10. Electronics

While Black Friday remains the best time of the year to buy TVs and other electronic gear, January is a close runner-up. But wait until after the Consumer Electronics Show closes (this year CES is Jan. 7-11, in Las Vegas) when all the new models are introduced. That’s when retailers kick into high gear with huge discounts on older models in order to make space for all the new stuff. And keep in mind that if you can hold on until the end of the month, TVs are notoriously discounted even further just before the Super Bowl.

11. Holiday Decor

Shelves are pretty well picked over by now, but what remains at stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes will be discounted up to 90%.

12. Winter clothing

It’s a great time to buy clothing in general, but you’ll find some of the best deals on winter coats. Last year Walmart discounted a selection of women’s coats to just $8. Look for better quality designer discounts at Macy’s and Amazon, where Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein coats will see their most dramatic price drops of the season in January.

13. A home

According to a study from NerdWallet, January is the best month to buy a house because that’s when home prices are typically the lowest they’ll be all year.

Home prices in January typically take a dip compared with the summer buying season. In its report, NerdWallet analyzed two years of Realtor.com data for the 50 most populous U.S. metro areas and found that in January and February, home sales prices were 8.45% lower on average than in June through August.


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