A woman using a laptop computer

Is It Legit or Is It a Scam?

Every day millions of people get sucked into Internet scams and tricks that end up costing them dearly, something I was reminded of when I got a letter from a reader asking this simple question: How can I tell if something on the Internet is legit or some kind of scam?

A woman using a laptop computer

Great question, the answer for which I found in my friend and colleague Doug Alton’s weekly Household Newsletter. Here are Doug’s Top Ten Signs the Site is Not Legit:

Sign #1: If it plays a video that has the controls removed, it’s a scam stop watching! You can’t fast forward, pause, or even tell how long the video is. That’s because they are only going to tell you a long list of reasons why you should send them money. Stop watching—X out of the page. They will never tell you the information that you clicked on the link to get—not even if you send them money. It’s a scam, run the other way.

Sign #2: You want to leave the page but keep hitting up against something like, “Are you sure you want to leave this page?” Legitimate sites don’t do this, but nearly all of the scam sites do. Run the other way.

Sign #3: Pop-ups that try to get you to sign up for their propaganda or “free updates” before you even get a chance to read the article. Bad sign. Major red flag!

Sign #4: The text is actually photographed onto the page as an image. You can’t copy and paste names or numbers because the text is really part of a photo instead of real text. Many scam sites and many scams on craigslist do this. When you notice this, run the other way. The only reason they would do this is to prevent you from copying the text, and to prevent computer robots from reading it. They are hiding something.

Sign #5: If you see the words “weird” or “trick” and especially if you see the words “weird trick” it’s a scam, don’t fall for it.

Sign #6: Anything that promotes free energy, is a scam. Solar panels are not free, so the energy still costs you money. But there are many people who wish to believe in some hidden form of free energy. They’re all scams!

Sign #7: If you try to X out to close the page and another page pops up you may have a virus. Either way shut down the site and restart your computer. Run an antivirus scan immediately.

Sign #8: Most “work at home jobs” are a scam. Research before you go that route.

Sign #9: Risk free trials are NOT “risk free” if you have to give a credit card or bank account number to get the free trial. They will automatically bill you if you don’t spend weeks trying to cancel. It happens every day.

Sign #10: Anything that claims to treat or cure a disease that modern medicine does not, it’s a scam.

Cyberspace is a great big, mostly wonderful place but it is not immune to crime and hustlers wishing to do us harm. It’s important to be wary of the many dangers lurking within. You can protect yourself if you are diligent to learn these ten signs and put them into practice.

Stay safe out there.

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3 replies
  1. davistrain says:

    I’ve always suspected that the “Weird Trick” sites were bogus, so I don’t ever click on them. The old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably false” applies here. Even back in the bad old days, when I didn’t have two dimes to rub together, I never got sucked in by any of the scams that flourished in the pre-internet era.

  2. Gehugh says:

    Does anyone remember [way back in the day…nineteen hundred and seventy something ; ) ] when ‘Earn $400 A Month At Home’ was alluring? I accompanied a naive friend who took the bait to an ‘appointment for hiring’ at a motel anlearned tge 411. Sure, you could work at home for 36 hours a day stuffing envelopes, but you’d never see $400 a month unless someone just up and gave you the money. It is amazing how the scam just wears a different face or drives a different car over the years. Educate, educate, educate!

  3. Patricia Freeze says:

    If it is a SECRET known for thousands of years only to residents of some country you never heard of, its a SCAM…


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