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So Disgusting I’m Embarrassed to Tell Plus Best Inexpensive Vacuum

While I am a very busy person and not 100% organized, I do pride myself on cleanliness to the point of having been accused a time or two of being a wee bit compulsive. Which brings me to the matter of vacuum cleaners. I’m freakish if not particular about my vacuum. And I wear them out, regularly.

Declutterin junk out on the street

I just blew out my third Hoover Wind Tunnel, and I mean I wore that thing out down to its last gasp. I carried it in pieces to the trash. I was planning to replace it with the latest and greatest from Hoover … that is, until I heard about the Shark Navigator.

I wasn’t that impressed as I looked it over at the store. It was on the smallish side, lightweight—certainly not the hefty, beefy Hoover I’ve been used to. But based on the recommendation from a trusted friend, I decided to give it a try, knowing I’d just bring it back to the store if it couldn’t live up to my standard.

Shark vacuum

Oh, my. This is probably where I should end this column. It’s that embarrassing.

I plugged that puppy in and started to vacuum my family room, which is carpeted with 100 percent wool Karastan carpet. Look, I love this carpet and have babied it from the day it was installed. It looks like new, which you need to take with a grain of salt because I never wear my glasses when I vacuum. Still, I think of it as pristine.

Within minutes, that canister filled to the top. And I was vacuuming a fairly small area. I was so shocked, disgusted hardly describes the feeling. I took the canister out to the trash to dump it out, hoping the neighbors wouldn’t be peering over the fence to see what was coming out of my home.

Look, this room is not small, but it’s not massive, either. I filled that canister four times before I put Sharky away for the day. Since then, I’ve vacuumed it a couple more times, and still I’m sucking out who-knows-what from this carpet. Even my husband was shaking his head.

Last night, finally, I vacuumed the room once again and the canister remained empty. Finally.

I’ll admit to the carpet being 10 years old, but it’s been vacuumed to death over the decade. And cleaned routinely. All for naught, apparently.

Buying a Shark Navigator is the best money I’ve spent since I got my carpet-cleaning steam vac, which I still use all the time and as recently as yesterday. I’ve written about my steam vac many times. See? I am a little compulsive about having to be clean, especially my carpet.

I am stunned at the power and light weight of my Shark Navigator. But more than that, I am so happy to know that the carpet in my home is really clean. I mean, probably as clean as the day it was installed.

And my bonus? No more bags!

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  1. Carolg
    Carolg says:

    I’ve had an Electrolux for 30 yrs, maintained it, put out good money on tuneups etc. and all that but lately felt that it was done. I sure didn’t want to spend major money on a vacuum, so what to do. I read a post some time ago from Mary Hunt recommending a Shark Navigator. I saved it and bought one yesterday on sale. I did a test. I ran my old Electrolux over the living room floor, a space about 6×8. The pile from the Electrolux was barely visible to the naked eye. Then I vacuumed they same space, no more, with the navigator. The pile was more than ten times at least larger! Gosh! Funny that Mary would repost this today as I’m running my test!

    • john Govols
      john Govols says:

      Carolg – have you replaced the brush roll on your Electrolux? A thirty year old brush roll will not agitate like a brand new one. I’d bet you’ll miss the convenience and sanitation of the Electrolux bags. Keep in mind that you’ll have to clean the filthy bin out on the Navigator and also clean the lint off the screen.

  2. Amanda M
    Amanda M says:

    I have a Rainbow and love it because the water cleans the air. However, it’s weighty bulk is tiresome, especially now that I need to vac at least 3 times a week for my asthmatic child. So, I’m looking for an inexpensive lightweight upright vac to use 2 days a week and save the Rainbow for deeper vac’ing once a week. I am really impressed by your description of the Shark and will now seriously consider it.

    • Libby Roberts
      Libby Roberts says:

      I’ve run into this problem with my dyson as well! I need to spend time playing games and kicking butt, but instead I’m scrubbing it out after my dog sheds a lot.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    I am needing new vacuum and was wondering if you still like your Shark. Also, do you know what the comparable model would be now in 2015? thank you

  4. Brandy Stoughton
    Brandy Stoughton says:

    Also UBER LOVE My Sharkey!! I have had Shark steam mops for years and have nothing but praise for them. Yet somehow hesitated to upgrade the old vacuum until recently…. Still Uber Amazed at the dirt it finds and quite disappointed with Myself for not investing in one sooner. (Love the way it grabs the carpet and kinda lunges forward when you turn the brush roll on, Like a high quality set of tires on a sports car grip the pavement.). Was so impressed with the performance that I have recommended this to Everyone! Will forever be a die hard Shark promoter!

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