Faithful readers know I’m crazy for a product, Nok-Out. I travel with it and live it with. Actually, I wouldn’t want to live without it. 


Nok-Out is both an odor eliminator and germicide (bacterial and viral). The best thing: No fumes, no perfume—absolutely not toxic. It looks like water, safe for pets, home and even the kitchen. Nok-Out is not a room freshener that tries to cover up odors. It truly knocks them out.

As I would expect from something I use and suggest that you need to consider too, I get lots of feedback from readers and a question now and then.

“I’m traveling soon. so I eagerly followed your advice by ordering Nok-Out to take along.  But I’m puzzled because the product makes none of the claims you mention.  In fact there is no indication it has any disinfectant properties only instructs for use as a  deodorizer.  So what’s the deal with Nok-Out?” Ruth

Response: That’s confusing, I know. Nok-Out is sold under two labels: Deodorizer and as a hospital disinfectant. The active ingredient in each is the same, at the same strength and concentration and serves both purposes. The product which you purchased (as well as all of the Nok-Out products) contains the same germ-killing ingredient as the hospital disinfectant. It is also the world’s best deodorizer (I’m serious, it will eliminate any offensive odor) and at the same time kill all manner of germs, on contact. You’re good to go, and I hope you have a wonderful trip. 

“I use Nok-Out for everything that I need to be cleaned or refreshed. The diaper pail is a perfect example of disinfecting and cleaning.  It also takes care of mishaps on the carpet, musty clothes in the laundry basket, and closets. It is the greatest!” Holly

I have found another use for Nok-Out. My front loading washer smelled moldy, and so did my clothes! I read the article ( about cleaning it with Nok-Out and followed the directions exactly. It only took one application, and I learned why this funky smell is there. Now, I give the rubber gasket a spray of Nok-Out on a regular basis to keep mold from re-forming. My clothes smell good, and I believe we are safer for not having mildew spores hiding in our towels and clothing. Thank You Nok-Out. I just love it.” Diane 

“My Lab swims in the pool several times a day. Unfortunately, it leaves him smelling like a moldy sock. Nok-Out really does eliminate the odor. And, It does wonders with my son’s hockey gear. We LOVE our Nok-Out.” Michelle

“I am sensitive to smells. It makes me sick to be around strong fragrances. I have used Nok-Out on dog urine odors in the hallway of my house and found it to be exactly what I needed. The urine odor is gone, and my nose was happy too. I am really happy to know there is a product that works so well, and that also lets me stay healthy. Thank you so much.” Brenda 

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