Let’s Hear It for These Three Companies and Their Great Customer Service

Part of me cannot believe we’re going to do this again. Six years ago my husband and I (he the craftsman/remodeler, I the cheerleader) remodeled our kitchen in California.


It turned out so well and improved the value of our home so much that we decided to sell that house and relocate to Colorado.

At least a year ago, we got the bug to do it again. It’s not that this kitchen is awful, it’s that it’s inefficient and needs an update. We’re going to do it.

While the actual work is a lot of work is a lot of work, the planning and decision-making on the front end are not easy. In some ways even harder.

After months and months of research and going back and forth and looking at more refrigerators than I knew existed, finally we made the decision on the appliances. And three days ago we completely changed our minds, based on one thing: customer service.

We went online and waded through dozens of review sites only to find that the brand and models we’d chosen revealed the worst customer service on earth together with a high “fail rate” for the very items on our list.

We also took into consideration the fact that most of the time when we are thrilled with a company for both its product and customer service, it’s human nature to not report that—to not take the time to give the company a 5-star review to say how satisfied we are. It makes sense that disgruntled and unsatisfied customers are the ones who use the review option to let their stories be told. Still, we could not ignore the overwhelming consensus we found.

With this in mind, today I want to nominate three more companies for a place in the Everyday Cheapskate Customer Service Hall of Fame. I’ve written about these companies and their products, have highly recommended them to you over the years, and have personally dealt with their Customer Service departments. Each one gets my highest praise for their products first of all, and then for their excellent customer service.



I own several Breville products, and my favorite is my Breville Smart Oven. I love it, do not want to live without it. I use it multiple times a day.

My latest encounter with Breville Customer Service was about three weeks ago when the fan that operates the “convection” option on my oven just up and died. I went online and filled out a customer service ticket with all of my detailed information.

Within a few days, I heard back with the news that my oven was out of warranty and had been for nearly a year. Without asking or even responding to this news, the message continued that the company was willing to replace the oven with the same model, however a refurbished unit at no cost to me. All they asked was that I would return my broken oven in the same box once the refurbished model arrived. They even included a prepaid FedEx label to cover the cost of return.

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Wow, are you kidding me? No charge? A refurbished oven in exchange? I was thrilled. Breville was not required to do this under any terms of its warranty. Given the circumstances, I would hope that they might send me a new fan that I could figure out how to replace myself. My new refurbished oven arrived yesterday. It looks brand new in every way. Even a new owner manual and accessories all sealed in plastic.


I became familiar with this company not that long ago when I was researching cordless “stick” vacs. The Eufy HomeVac was new on the market and had every feature I wished others’ had. You know how much I love my Eufy HomeVac Cordless stick vac because I can’t stop talking about it. I have two of my own that I use every day of my life (when I’m not using my Breville Smart Oven, ha!). I’ve given this product for gifts to much-delighted recipients. It’s as close to perfect as anything I own. I won’t go on and on here, but I could. What I will tell you is that EufyHome has excellent Customer Service. They are responsive and go out of their way to make sure customers are fully satisfied.

Look, products fail because we live in an imperfect world! And with so many of my readers now owning a Eufy HomeVac cordless stick vac, I get a lot of feedback. Out of hundreds, two have reported that their Eufy HomeVacs had problems. After contacting Customer Service and rather than deal with repairs, both received brand new vacs in the mail to replace the ones with problems. No questions asked. Wow! Two more stunned readers you would never find.

I believe that EufyHome has proven to us that it is an excellent company we can trust for its products and Customer Service, too.

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How many ways can we say how much we love Nok-Out? For starters, Nok-Out is an odor eliminator. There are lots of odors in my world that I want to eliminate. But it’s more than that. Nok-Out kills bacteria and viruses, too.

Nok-Out is non-toxic, enjoys full EPA approval and is completely safe to use around kids and pets. I could go on and on about Nok-Out, which I often do. But let me move on to Nok-Out Customer Service. It’s like none other.

Ted and Lou, who have become friends of mine because that’s just how nice they are, are the owners of Nok-Out. They’re available by phone or email;  they will take their time to help, instruct and educate their customers on how to use Nok-Out to its fullest advantage. In the decade I’ve been Nok-Out’s biggest fan, I have yet to receive one complaint from anyone, anywhere about its Customer Service. And I have yet to have Nok-Out ever fail me. Even on my beautiful chair that had become so hopelessly stinky (a sick grandchild, need I say more?), I came this close to taking to the landfill. Ted walked me through the steps and encouraged my patience to allow Nok-Out do its work. Total, 100% success!

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With that, I’ll close by saying Congratulations! and keep up the good work Breville, EufyHome, and Nok-Out.

Oh, and one more thing. You loved my frequent updates about our first remodel, so I have decided to do that again. I’ll be sharing the good, the bad, and the … beautiful right HERE!

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4 replies
  1. Melanee
    Melanee says:

    I Love, LOVE, LOVE! Nok-Out! I run a ferret shelter with ferrets who are not all litter trained. I use Nok-Out to clean up ferret messes and keep their cages odor free. I am very impressed with their customer service as well. I ordered two gallon prepaid containers of Nok-Out, but received 2 quart sized bottles. I sent an email to Ted and told him what I received and that I would be very happy to send the smaller bottles back any way he wanted me to. He emailed me back apologizing for the error and told me to keep the smaller bottles! Now, that’s some customer service! My two gallon jugs came within two days! I am one of their biggest fans! 🙂

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    I will be very interested to hear which appliance brand you purchase. I have been looking for a new range and have been more than frustrated in trying to find the best brand. One site will say LG, another will say whirlpool, still another will recommend GE.

    I’m not thrilled with GE, as my brother built a new home with GE appliances and within 3 years was replacing them. He has the money for that, I don’t. When I purchase an appliance I need and expect it to last. As for LG or Whirlpool, I have no idea. So I would appreciate it if you would write an article on what you find. I have been very happy with several other purchases made following your advice.

    One other thing I would love for you to include is…which brand has the best smudge proof stainless steel? Everyone I know who has SS appliances and children hate the SS after a very short time. They say that a few minutes before guests arrive they carefully clean it and just live with it looking bad most of the time.

    Thank you for all your practical, wise articles that help so many of us make good choices.

  3. Gina Stevens
    Gina Stevens says:

    I hate my Kichenaid French door refrigerator. The freezer drawer is annoyingly inconvenient and cleaning the fridge floor under the drawer requires my magician skills.

  4. Estelle Stone
    Estelle Stone says:

    Mary: Thank you for all of your hard work you put into the research for us to benefit from! I have not heard of the first two companies you mentioned above, but I will certainly check them out. As for NOK-OUT: I LOVE the product and the company! I wouldn’t be without it!! I even travel with it. I wouldn’t even think of traveling without it. I put some into a small travel spray bottle and clean my plane seat and tray table before settling in on a plane ride, not to mention the hotel/cruise rooms. I have also had conversations with Ted at NOK-OUT and he has been SO helpful. I am a customer for life. This product is absolutely amazing. Thanks again for your wonderful columns.


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