Is Angie’s List Worth Paying For?

You’ve seen the ads, received emails and perhaps even visited the website, but do you know who Angie is and why she has a list?

In 1995, Angie Hicks came up with an idea to deal with the frustration of trying to find reliable contractors and service people like housecleaners, gardeners, child-care providers, plumbers and electricians. She came up with a list of local businesses and recruited members to submit reviews of companies they hired to do work for them.

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Today, more than 1.5 million households nationwide pay to check the reviews on Angie’s List before they hire. 

Since Angie’s List relies heavily on honest reviews from real people, I thought it was only fitting that someone should review Angie’s List. I am more than qualified having been a paying member off and on for more than 10 years. I have also used as well as to find the kind of information I need when hiring service providers.

I’ll tell you right up front that I give Angie and her List an A+ rating for the following reasons:

1. No anonymous reviews. Only paying members are allowed to submit reviews. A service-providing company cannot review itself and it cannot pay to be listed at Angie’s List. I am confident that a great rating did not come from the company owner’s wife or that a bad rating wasn’t posted by a disgruntled employee.

2. User friendly. I’ve helped design more than a few websites over the years, so I know how important, yet challenging, it can be to make a site work. just works. I can log on, input my zip code and find exactly what I need in a couple of minutes.

3. Service providers can respond. Once a member posts a review on a company, that company can respond with its side of the story, give an explanation or even an apology. I like this.

4. Yes there is a fee. Annual membership is $29 for one list (either Angie’s List, or Angie’s Health and Wellness listings that rate doctors and health professionals). Human nature being what it is, I know that most people do not value what comes for free. I believe that members take Angie’s List more seriously because as reasonable as it is, there is a fee involved.

While I would never pay to be a member of Yelp, for example, I gladly pay for I’ll take my chances on a restaurant meal while relying on review from Yelp. But repiping my home or installing a new air conditioner? I need solid and reliable information I can trust, not, as in the case of which is free, a list of companies that have paid to get my email address and referral. That’s why I spent the extra money with Angie’s list when we were doing our big remodel. My Angie’s List membership bought me peace of mind.

Question: Are you a member of Angie’s List, or have you ever used the website? Share your experience here


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  • smbz4

    angie’s list is pretty much worthless to me. i’ve looked up roofing contractors and plumbers and the only ones it shows are located 30 or 40 miles away. there are NONE in my town. or close to it. my daughter hired a moving co. to move her from s. carolina back to calif. after she got out of the air force. she picked a company based on reviews from angie’s list. the company was 4 days late getting her things here and were not very polite about it. when our year runs out, we will Not be using angie’s list again.

  • JPJ

    I wanted to review a particular business b/c the owner was not ethical and was not operating her business in a professional manner. She harassed me and threatened me. But because they had to contact the business after my review, I would not for fear of retaliation. For that reason, I think many people may not give accurate reviews so I don’t find it helpful at all. I purchased a membership and the next year they renewed my account deducting from my credit card before I received any notification of renewal and then would not refund my money. So, no I would not recommend Angie’s List.

  • In my case it’s worth paying for. I live near two large towns. I can get Angies for free for one town but have to pay to get the other one. I pay for the larger town because even though they are a bit further away some of their services are better.
    Another nice thing is that you can, if need arises, give your rating on a contractor that vists and gives you a bid. I have only done that one time.
    I called a contractor to give me a bid on some new gutters. On two different dates he did not show. He seemed like a nice guy over the phone so I gave him one more chance.
    The day he was supposed to show he called me up and started giving me a bunch of drama over finding my house. He also started his sales pitch too. He called me three different times. On the last time he told me he was going to stop at a store close to my home to get a bite to eat before he gave me his bid. I told him I would be waiting for him in the front yard and I would wave at him to let him know he’d got the right house. I am disabled. I drove down to the front yard in my combination handicapped cart/ John Deere mower. What the guy did not know was that I could see the store where I sat. I could also see the tavern.

    I waited and waited down there for him. I waited an hour and a half. I never saw his truck at the store or the bar. I drove on back angry because I felt he was playing games with me. My wife was in the back yard painting. I drove back and told her what was going on.

    Three hours later I was sitting in my back yard when my cell phone rang. it’s him and he is giving me drama about finding my home.

    My wife was clearly angry by now. She glared at me and said “You are not going to hire that jerk are you!?!? I just smiled and said ” He don’t know it yet but he is already fired,”” Whatever happens from here is solely for entertainment purposes.” I was going to make him pay for jerking us around.

    He came in from the opposite direction I told him to. As he drove by I saw a GPS unit on the dash of his truck. He pulled in my drive and told me he had a nice lunch at the store. Then he told me he brought his accountant along to give her an idea of what he did. His ‘accountant’ was a very nice looking young woman who was obviously not his wife. I’ll let the readers here guess as to what may have happened in the three hours it took him to find my home.
    Hint: Only 13 miles away are some nice motels.

    He began his act of determining my bid. My wife and I are old. He assumed we were hard of hearing and kept almost yelling at us even though it was very obvious that we are not. he also seemed to think we were stupid too. He kept slamming his equipment around and i figured he must have snorted some cocaine. That would explain the personality change and his actions at my home. At the end of his act he started a high pressure sales routine which I enjoyed resisting.

    I finally got rid of him after I wasted his time. I came to Angies list later that day and saw where he had problems with one of his customers. I wrote my feedback on him AND I clearly explained that he did not do any work for me and i was basing my evaluation on the behavior I had observed.

  • Susan

    I totally rely on Angie’s List. When I first joined, it was free because there weren’t very many reviews of companies near me. Now, however, there are lots and I have found great electricians and plumbing services, and, most important, terrific people to do the major repairs and remodeling that I needed this past year.

  • lab1281

    Angie’s list is not reliable. I discovered that they do not verify required licensing (professional and business) for any of the companies listed. When I contacted the company to question them on this I was told that they were not “required” to do that. They only provided a service that told of other customers reviews. After a lenghty converation with the manager she asked me to join since i had proven to her that I knew my business and had the appropriate licenses. When I asked if she would be contacting all the others to determine who should legitimately be listed she told me no. Why would anyone use a service that does not certify the companies for the basic minimum requirement (licensing) and then ask for review. That would allow the client to compare qualified companies. Did I join NO!!! We get all of our business by word of mouth. I notified the Secretary of State about the deceptive practices that Angie’s List was offering. I received notification that they were notified that they cannot offer a listing that requires licensing without verification. At this time I have not seen their compliance.

  • Jujubee 360

    There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that most reviews seem to be legitimate; however I had an interesting experience when I used one of Angie’s coupons to hire a locksmith. He was a really nice guy, but having a bad day and was late arriving (I actually called to see where he was and got the sense that he had forgotten the appointment). He did show up and did well, but because he was slow and meticulous, took a very long time. in the meantime, he ran late and got a call from his next appointment; he said he’d have to come back the following day to finish, which he did, but again was very slow. This was not especially convenient for me, since we were still living at our other home and I had to make two trips and hang around. When I paid him, he asked me to give him a good review on Angie’s List. Because the reviews are NOT anonymous and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, I felt ambivalent about it. In the end, I did give him a good review but advised readers to allow lots of time for his visit. I have noticed that when workers or salespeople know they will be evaluated, they beg for top reviews and may say their jobs depend on it, so it’s hard to trust everything you read, even on Angie’s List.

  • Somehow I have an Angie’s List membership but I have NEVER paid for it. I’m not sure how I got in. I have done some Health and Wellness reviews (there was a reward for doing this — a gift card maybe? can’t remember) and reviewed one contractor that I used for paving our driveway. I did choose the contractor based on reviews on Angie’s List AND the coupon that came in ValPak.

  • jej in FL

    I recently got good service from a company that advertised they had an A+ on Angie’s list. But a recent news report (on our news station) in our large metropolitan area brought out this interesting point. While a service provider cannot pay to be on the list, the ranking they receive by Angie’s list is influenced by whether or not they “advertise” on Angie’s website. That might include offering a coupon, or some such promotion which they do pay a significant fee for. So a smaller company may be just as good as another with more capitol, but they are ranked way down the list if they cannot afford to promote on the site.

  • Skip

    I just recently signed up and was disappointed with how few reviews there were for many of the firms. One or two reviews may offer some insight, but are not much on which to base a decision.

  • Marietta GA BBB

    I like Angie’s List and even paid for a multi-year membership after I figured that using Angie’s List had saved me way more than that. However, I will say that I disagree with their method of weighting reviews. If you actually HIRE the company, the review counts a ton more than if you just get them to give you a bid.

    When I read the reviews for a company that had all As and Bs, I saw that there were many more reviews from people who had not hired the guy because his prices always increased over what he initially quoted and that he missed lots of appointments. The folks who did hire him noted that his prices increased but that he did good work. Sounds like a bait and switch to me.

    I don’t know that this guy was gaming the system (i.e., hoping that when he did have to do the work, he’d do a great job and get a good review,…and for those folks who didn’t have the work done, don’t worry so much because their reviews don’t count).

    I get a lot of value out of reading the reviews, and I find that how a company responds to a negative review (if at all) gives me a good idea of how they will stand behind their product.

  • Patty123

    I joined Angie’s List when I moved to a new location, as I had no idea who to use for services, doctors, etc. It really isn’t very useful to me as most listings are for the larger town 20 miles away. Most local services/businesses do not have any reviews, or only have 2 or 3, which doesn’t help if one is a great review and the other is poor. I have submitted a few reviews myself. After a bad experience at a doctor’s office I gave a mostly poor (but honest) review, which felt good, but I did worry about them seeing my name. I probably won’t renew my membership for another year because of the limited information available for my area.

  • malterton

    I joined recently as we need work done on our house ahd I am finding it incredibly helpful.

  • I like Angie’s List but users should beware…I posted an honest review about a doctor. The doctor responded with an angry tirade and personally identifiable medical information about me. Although he did not state my name, he revealed the date of my visit, the reason for my visit, the tests I had done, and my diagnosis. The information he gave was extremely personal and embarassing. I did not write the unhappy review to discredit him or belittle him (it did neither) but to express my disappointment with my visit. I contacted Angie’s List and asked them to remove his response (which I considered to be a breach of doctor/patient confidentiality). They were unable to because he had not mentioned my name. I eventually deleted my review, which deleted his response as well.

    • Napo

      You should have sued him under HIPA laws. The law provides steep penalties for Doctor’s who do not keep patient information confidential. Although he did not use your name, the employees of Angie’s List were well aware of your identity.

  • crafty

    I’ve lived in 2 large cities and used Angie’s List in both to find contractors. I do research the contractors by reading all of their reviews, but I’ve been truly delighted with about 80% of the contractors I’ve used from this list. One bad review doesn’t mean the contractor won’t work out for me….you have to figure that some people will never be pleased. But if a contractor has 15 plus glowing reviews in the last year, he or she is definitely someone I want working in my home even if I have to wait several months for them to be available.

  • Susan

    Yes – Angie’s List is TOTALLY worth it! I’ve been a subscriber for several years. Definitely recommend it.

  • Tek1

    I will not renew my membership with Angie’s List. I have been a member for 1.5 years and used the services of contractors and businesses who were given great reviews, but my experiences have been mostly less than satisfactory. A recent bad experience with a subcontractor of an Angie’s well- reviewed business was particularly unpleasant. I went beyond Angie’s List and contacted the subcontrator references, whose reviews were stellar. But my experience was not; when I tried to resolve the dispute about the quality of finished work directly with the subcontractor, he told me they ‘didn’t need to be that nice’ about the corrective work they did. I took that as a veiled threat. Though I did tell of my bad experience to the Angie’s business that referred me to them, out of fear of subcontractor retaliation I did not post an online review.

    Because of this bad experience, and because Angie’s List confirms your info with the business being reviewed, I will not post an Angie’s List review unless it is good. I can’t be the only one thinking and acting this way, so I conclude that there is little balance to the good reviews. Threats of lawsuits by those getting bad reviews are now a real possibility: in December 2012, a business filed a lawsuit against a poster who gave them a bad review on the Yelp site and I don’t want to risk that either. In addition, Angie’s List did not notify me that it was going to renew my membership – I found out on my CC statement after the fact. There has to be a better, safer way to find a reputable contractor, but I’m sorry to say that Angie’s list is currently not the way for me.

  • Betty Thomas

    I am so thankful to open your column today and read your glowing review of Angie’s list. Recently the company my husband and I have owned for over 25 years had several of our customers recommend us to be on Angie’s list as a service provider. I have been reviewing the pro’s and con’s and in my book anything you review positively hits high marks with me. I will pick up the phone and talk further with their employee that contacted us. Thanks Mary for the nudge!

    • Betty, I would definitely join Angie’s List. I too have recommended this to the few tradespeople I have dealt with that aren’t on the list. If your customers are recommending it, then you will probably start out with glowing reviews, which will drive more business to you.

      • Betty Thomas

        Thanks Kathryn!

  • Carol Curry

    I have used Angies list for several things but when I looked up a handy man, boy did I hit gold. My handy man does anything I ask and his fees are very fair. In fact we are about to call him for other things now. Love you Angie!

  • Gina

    The value of Angie’s List probably depends on your location. I tried it for one year and was very disappointed. Here in Louisville KY there are not nearly enough members to make a reliable difference. I refused to try for another year and find that for medium size cities the tried and true advice of friends is the way to go.

  • Candace

    I joined Angie’s list a couple of years ago and can’t imagine not using this service. The reviews are honest. The plumber I contacted has been an angel, providing impeccable service and a very fair price. The same is true for other home repair and improvement contractors. Asking friends for referrals was too time consuming and unreliable.

  • Angie’s List also has “sales” on membership fees. I paid $9.99 for my membership this year. You just need to check places like and google for possible reduced rates.

  • I signed up for Angie’s List a couple years ago. Because I live in rural NC, after paying the fee I discovered that there were ZERO contractors on her list that served my area. I was able to cancel my membership, but no refund was available (fortunately, I had only signed up for one month). I completely understand the refund policy, by the way.

    This was 2-3 years ago. I still get e-mails from Angie’s List, despite repeated efforts to have myself removed from her mailing list.

    I guess my suggestions for improvement would be:

    1- Allow people to search their zip code in advance, and at least give them a hit count so they can know that there’s someone on the list in their area before buying a membership; and

    2- Unsubscribe people when they request it.

  • I have used Angie’s List many times in the past, and have never been less than completely satisfied. The tradespeople have all be excellent. For example, we found an electrician to do a bunch of work around the house. Every hole they had to cut in the wall to pull cabling/wires was cut neatly, then patched a spackled perfectly. Five minutes with a paint brush and you couldn’t see what had been done.

    Just a note: The tradespeople on Angie’s are not the cheapest. They might cost a bit more, but that’s because they are WORTH it; they pay their workers well, so they have the best!

  • Priscilla

    Here is a suggestion. Seek out people who go to the same church you go to. I’ve found that these people are the most reliable and most reasonable of any workers I have ever hired. It works for me and it is free.

    • Jo in KS

      Great suggestion. We live in a small rural community and that would be the only way to find qualified assistance here.

  • SC Newcomer

    Signed up for Angie’s list when we moved to SC. We did not have a good experience with the list. Several of the contractors who were highly rated gave us a quote and never showed up to do the work or performed poorly. One of the contractors who was rated the highest on the list told me he had just signed up the day before. Apparently new contractors are given the highest rating even before they have done any work. I found myself unable to write bad reviews on these guys given the state of the economy and I wonder if others felt the same. Anyway, I let go of the service and would not recommend to others.

  • No, I don’t like to pay extra for things like this… rely on friends for info and you can always check with the State (in Calif at least) to see if valid contractors license… every little $$ adds up… angies list, no grocery game, etc etc…

    • Jo in KS

      Neither do I. Seems to go against the grain of much of the advice we receive in EC. One suggestion is to go to your local hardware store or specific department of major home suppliers and ask for a reference.

  • Becky Wagner

    I had filled out all the info to sign up, but decided it wasn’t worth the $29. I got as far as the screen to pay for it and I canceled it. The next day I received an email from Angie’s List offering me a year subscription for $16. I signed up : )

  • lslb

    I have been a member for a couple of years now . I have found that providers are willing to travel outside of their area on occasion. Had my house painted just last fall, and they did a great job! As in all things, just use your instincts:)

  • allie

    From what I’ve seen when I was a member of Angie’s List, I can’t say I was satisfied with it, because I wasn’t. I wanted to comment on a couple local dentists that weren’t good, but then the website tells you that the dentist that you’re reviewing will get your name, and therefore, be able to identify WHO gave them negative feedback. This is a major turnoff for me. I think that has a CHILLING effect on patients/customers leaving legitimate negative reviews because I, for one, felt intimidated that I would have to worry about a dentist accusing me of libel (even though I’m just giving honest feedback) or being retaliatory in any way. I mean, it is their reputation on the line, but at the same time if I have to give an honest review that’s not positive, I would think that that would be the outlet for it. I think there should be a way to stay anonymous yet be able to authenticate your review with the site.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling, and I think that skews the reviews and leads to more positive reviews and more important, to some information being suppressed, not giving the full picture.

    I also didn’t like getting a lot of emails soliciting me to review someone on the website just because I viewed their listing. They also sent a brochure, at least every month, which has ads of positively reviewed professionals on the site. That doesn’t sit well with me because of the profit motive between professionals reviewed and Angie’s List. I mean, I get it that those positive reviews are assumed to have been rightfully rated by customers, but still, like I said it’s pushing for positive reviews, when it shouldn’t be pushing for anything other than feedback of customer experience. I think this leads professionals to be that more defensive too, should they not get a positive review, because then they also can’t advertise in the brochure that would give them wide exposure. Bottom line: In my book, I don’t consider Angie’s List to be an objective and reliable source.

  • Lily

    It cracks me up when people say “A service-providing company cannot review itself and it cannot pay to be listed at Angie’s List. I am confident that a great rating did not come from the company owner’s wife or that a bad rating wasn’t posted by a disgruntled employee.”

    Really? So no company would shell out the $29 membership fee to post “fake” reviews about themselves from “customers”?

    Thinking they won’t do that is naive at best.

  • Jan Jones

    I just wanted to let everyone know, I got this email today from Brad’s Deals. It is a discounted membership today only for Angie’s List. I hope someone can use it!

    “Take 40% off a bundle membership to Angie’s List
    with the code VOLTS12. A bundle membership combines the Home List and
    the Health & Wellness List. A one year membership drops from $35 to
    $21 with this code. Plus, pay for your membership via PayPal and get an
    additional 20% off dropping the price to $16.80. (Please note, pricing
    may vary depending on membership choice and location). Angie’s List
    offers reviews of local service companies so you can make educated
    decisions when choosing a car mechanic, dentist, electrician, or anyone
    from over 500 categories. Rates may vary by location and membership

    As far as I know it is only good for today, February 26, 2013.

  • tomsgalpal

    no ! Do not waste your time.

  • Napo

    Based on my experience I would not recommend Angie’s List. I was a member for one year. During that time I used a plumber and a garage door repair service the list recommended. The plumber told me to buy a new kitchen faucet ($200 to replace, plus he wanted to charge $180 for installation) and that my Delta bathroom fixtures were counterfeit (after he had trouble with the replacement parts). The fixtures were real Delta items, and he got the parts on. I called the company that made the kitchen faucet. They sent me, for free, a replacement for the washer that had gone bad and was causing the leak. Cost – zero.
    The garage door company I chose from the list charged $85 to estimate the problem, which we already knew was a broken spring that had actually bent the screw in the wall when it broke. They fixed the door for approx $250. The $85 charge was creditied to the repair. If we hadn’t gone through with the repair, the $85 would have been charged for the estimate. They actually charged $12 for the screw. It’s at Home Depot for $3.
    So no, I wouldn’t recommend Angie’s List.
    Reviewers keep saying, as did Mary, that the business owner’s wife can’t leave a review. Why not? All they have to do is join up as a private individual to leave a review. They could sign up a bunch of their friends and family and have them all post reviews. It would be cheap advertising. Think of all the business 8 or 10 good reviews would bring in. If I had a business I wouldn’t hesitate.

  • Nat Free

    I haven’t used Angie’s List yet, and doubt I will in the future. A recent news story revealed that businesses who paid big bucks to advertise with Angie’s List received better rankings and more prominent displays. This seems like a conflict of interest for a site that claims the rankings come from consumer reviews.

  • MLW

    I am a member of Angie’s List and have reviewed it for contractors. I keep getting emails from Angie’s List to evaluate a doctor I have seen. My concern is how did they know I saw this doctor? Did the doctor reveal my name to them? I have never researched any doctors on Angie’s List so it wasn’t initiated by me. It has made me very uneasy how they got the information. I have considered calling them for the answer but I haven’t called yet. Just how safe is our medical information?

    • allie

      that is strange. And it feels like more than an inkling to me that Angie’s List has gotten too big and is now just about being one big advertising book that professionals will pay top dollar to get into, because it’s SUPPOSED to be customer driven and earned. Well, the whole customer aspect of it seems to have gone out the window.

  • jd wolfe

    i believe that angie’s list is a bit misleading regarding their claim that you can’t pay for a listing there. my husband is a physician and every few months he gets a solicitation from them stating that he can be listed on their site for the $29 fee. that IS paying to be listed there. a listing is, in itself, a form of endorsement. i am not interested in the way they handle their so-called independent listings. if you have to pay to be on their list of preferred whatevers then you are paying to be endorsed by them.
    jd in st louis

  • Barbie Z

    I paid the price for the Angie’s List thinking it could lead me to a good decision for the Part D of Medicare and Medicare Supplemental. Well, the Health and Wellness if for referring doctors! Didn’t help me in the least. I won’t be renewing. I wish they would give you more of a description of what you are paying for i.e., a better description of what “Health and Wellness” was!

  • Bea

    I’ve benefitted from being an Angie’s List member for years. However, the Indianapolis membership is $70 per year for one list. Surely would like to know how you get an annual subscription for $29. I’m not sure it’s worth $70.

  • fikarzoo

    I am a member of Angies list but they did not charge me because my area did not have a large number of contractors listed in my area yet. we used Angies List when we had storm damage from “Sandy”. Our roof needed replaced and all of our neighbors only had “a friend of a friend” type referrals which worried me because we had been burnt use in the past. The contractor was very efficient and even lowered the final cost because they did not use all the materials listed in the estimate. I understood that the recommendations on Angies List were just a different form of word of mouth, but I found them to be a great source.

  • Harlean Greathous

    A while back, we found a local Heat and Air company that was outstanding. I wanted to give them a good review on Angie’s list. I had never used Angie’s list, and really had no desire to sign up. I was told that I could leave a review without signing up. So I left the review, but never saw it on their list. After a year of constant emails asking me to purchase a membership, they emailed me to tell me that since I never “verified” the posting, it would not be posted. But in the meantime, I asked the guys that had done our work for some of their business cards, and handed them out to everyone I knew and told them to hang onto the card in case their furnace or air conditioner went out. These fellows had already given us a time and a price to replace our AC, for several hundred dollars, and when they came to do the work, took a look at our disabled unit, and discovered that they could fix it for under $150.00 which saved us lots of money. So just ask friends what company they use that they would recommend.

    • now, that’s an honest company! and very rare to find.

  • Michelle

    I was a member of Angie’s List for about 4 years. It got to the point where they were charging me $84 a year renewal rate. When I first joined it was only $40 per year. I didn’t use it that much to justify the outrageous fee hikes. Each time I complained they would lower the rate for me.

    I had good and bad experiences with the contractors on their site. All of the contractors had good reviews but some of them were unethical and unprofessional. Once my roladex was filled with good contractors that did a good job and I liked, I cancelled my high cost membership.

    As others here mentioned, they would charge my credit card automatically without telling me. They never send an email or letter stating, hey we are getting ready to renew your membership. Good thing I just happened to have the money in there. And I didn’t like the gigantic jump in my yearly renewal rate.

    I think the whole concept of Angie’s List is genius. It helps the public in a badly needed area – finding experienced contractors who are professional and won’t rip you off and can fix the problem and know what they are doing. Most contractors do not fit this category, as we know even on Angie’s List some slip in through the door. But overall if the cost wasn’t so high I would have renewed another year.

  • Jules

    Ithought it was a good idea and signed up. Then I got an offer for roof repairs. Sounded interesting. Unfortunatly it’s was for a company I know is a bunch of crooks having to deal with them recently. But they offer service on Angie’s List as the best of them! That’s when I realized this is bullshit as everything else in this country. Going down fast…

  • mollygirl

    They do allow anonymous reviews and also make it difficult for you to post without first becoming a member. It’s all about $$$ for them I think and I’d never pay for such a service. I rely on referrals (friends, family, neighbors) for any businesses I hire. They also allow reviews on Angie’s list to be posted by members who never hired the business they are reviewing – so as to damage the reputation of that business for their own reasons (competitors?, wanted champagne service on a dimestore budget?, disgruntled employee?, etc.)

  • Angie’s List charges contractors to appear high in their ratings. That plumber or handyman at the top of your search may not be there because of the adoration poured upon him by A.L. members but because he paid to be there. Angie’s List used to be great, but as they’ve tried to monetize the idea, reliability and credibility have slipped.

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