Customer Service Halls of Fame and Shame

If there isn’t a Customer Service Hall of Fame, there needs to be. And a Hall of Shame to go with it. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to present my nominations.


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For the Hall of Fame, I nominate the online shoe store, Zappos. Oh, my goodness. Is there anything this company does not do impeccably? Just knowing that shipping both ways is free makes me happy (I am a big returner). I also love Zappos’ discount sister site

Zappos, I love you for your 2 million pairs of shoes in stock, for always having a sale; for your 1,300 employees, your detailed views of every angle of every shoe, your user reviews, your free shipping both ways, your 365-day-no-questions-asked return policy and your 24/7 call center.”

For the Hall of Shame, I nominate Home Depot. I’m still fuming over a recent carpet purchase. The carpet sale was spectacular, but it took nearly four weeks to receive my carpet—from the day I walked into the store searching for someone, anyone, to take my order. That person couldn’t take the order until a completely different third-party company could come to my house to measure the rooms, two weeks hence. After a total of three trips to the store to get all of the paperwork in order, installation day arrived. I waited and waited. Paced, and called. Would you believe the crew was 9.5 hours late? Smoke was pouring from my ears as I was fed one excuse after another for the where, why and how an entire crew—along with my carpet—could go missing.

Home Depot, you know that I have choices when it comes to home improvements and for that I am grateful. I am good with your products and prices. But your customer service stinks. And please, drop the third-party vendors. They are not representing you well. For now I believe I will stick with local independent companies that respect their customer’s time and patience, and place customer satisfaction at the top of their priorities.”

I nominate Levolor Blinds for the Hall of Fame. Like a ninny, I lost the brackets to a pair of window blinds during a painting spree. Of course the blinds are no longer manufactured. My attempt to get replacements from the store where I bought the blinds was a frustratingly futile exercise. And that’s when I decided to go straight to Levolor. Those wonderful people jumped through hoops to find not one but three sets of hanging brackets—just in case I needed a spare for the future. They searched, they shipped, they followed up—and would not accept any payment at all. 

“Levolor, I am still smiling about the brackets. I cannot thank you enough for finding brackets to fit my blinds. I will not soon forget. You can count me in as a Levolor customer for life.”

I’m reading a fascinating book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins. What I have learned so far is that one thing that makes a company great is its Customer service. Isn’t that the truth! Maybe I should send a copy to the folks at Home Depot. They could certainly benefit.

So, do you have any nominations for the Customer Service Halls of Fame … or Shame? Feel free to make your nominations right here.


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  • Kaki Almirall


    I feel that way about Amazon, I’ve never had a problem with them (knock wood!) and if I can’t get it locally, I go right to them. They make saving money very easy.

    • LesleyAlice

      Ditto for Amazon, they rock! My Kindle screen malfunctioned and they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. And I was way outside the warranty period! I’ve also used Amazon for comparison shopping for nearly everything. If the price is close, I go with Amazon because I know I won’t be disappointed.

  • Karen

    I nominate Best Buy for the Hall of Fame. They’re customer service is outstanding – always my first choice for electronics. Never a problem with returns and sales staff is knowledgeable enough to actually help you make the right purchase!

    • karen

      Oops – I mean Their (or even “Its” not They’re – it’s early!)

  • Donna R.

    Thanks for the link to, the discount line of Zappos! Just found the $59.95 shoes I’ve been drooling over on sale for $19.95!

    Hall of Fame: Mary Hunt for giving away lots of free help!
    Hall of Shame: Every company using automated telephone calling OR answering services.

    • Thanks for that nomination, Donna. I am humbled. I think that DPL (Debt-Proof Living, my organization which is the parent of this blog, and somedays it feels like it’s my parent, too) is one of the last remaining businesses on earth with real-live-person-on-the-other-end-of-the-line Customer Service. If you call M-F, 8:30-5, Pacific time you’ll speak with Christy. Or Josh … or even Cathy on a busy day. 800 550-3502. We’re small but mighty.

      • Donna R.

        And, look at that…I get a personal reply from the head honcho, herself! Thanks, Mary! 😀

  • Wanda

    I nominate Progressive International. I purached a collapsibe salad spinner at Bed Bath & Beyond. The pull cord broke. I called them. They were very helpful. They asked when I got it and I told them that I did not remenber. They sent a replacement at no charge. They said if it happened again after I had it for a longer time that I could get another lid but there would be a charge. I could not have had a better experience . A dito for Best Buy.

  • grammasusan

    Hall of Fame-Crockpot. I received a new Crockpot from my daughter this past Christmas. Less than 6 months later the heating element stopped working. The Crockpot website offers replacement crocks and lids but doesn’t offer replacements for the base. I contacted the company requesting they sell me a replacement for the base. I was told to produce a receipt to see if the product was still under warranty, I didn’t have one. I asked that they please make an exception and sell me a base,, not possible they said. The next email I received from them told me that a new crockpot, base and crock, had been shipped free of charge. I received the new item in less than a week. Crockpot is in my Hall of Fame.

  • Inge Reuter-Benes

    I second the hall of fame nomination for I bought a pair of boots from them that were claimed to be waterproof. I hiked across England for 3 weeks and my feet got wet (manufacturer’s fault, of course!). took back the boots with a full refund, including ALL shipping charges. And they were so friendly and so fast!

  • Crafty

    I nominate Sherwin Williams. The store employees are much more knowledgable than the big box stores. They keep a record of all the paint i purchase for 6 years, so color matching for touch ups is a breeze. And great discounts if you sign up on their website.

  • Bonnie Wade

    Hall of Fame – Lands’ End, without a doubt. I’ve been shopping with them for years, and the quality is amazing, especially sheets and towels. And they don’t exaggerate, like many manufacturers, about the thread count. I’ve got sets of sheets that I bought years ago and they’re like new! And their towels last forever, too. If anything goes wrong, return policy is guaranteed for life, and you can take the items to Sears, since Sears sells Lands’ End products now.

  • Mary Burns

    I have always found Kohl’s to be responsive and helpful when I’ve needed to return/exchange items. Once I attempted to return a bedspread after 4 months because when I washed it, the lining shredded at the inner seam. The customer service rep was so gracious throughout the twenty minutes it took for us to determine that I had actually purchased the spread at SteinMart! She searched their customer history file, called the next two levels of management for advice and could not have been more kind when it suddenly dawned on me that I’d bought the sheets at Kohl’s but NOT the bedspread. Further, she covered my embarrassment (and stupidity!) with such a pleasant manner and sense of humor that I walked away thinking, “What a great experience that was!” Now THAT is customer service at its best! Ha!

  • Cindy

    I nominate LLBean for the Hall of Fame. I worked for them as a customer service rep on the phone during the Christmas season. They do outstanding training, emphasizing the customer. As a customer myself, I am so pleased with the way they accept returns, even months later if an item didn’t last as long as it should have. Being in their main store in Maine is a great experience. The store is well staffed with informed, pleasant salespeople. The store is clean and beautiful.

    • Tammy

      I can’t believe I forgot to nominate LL Bean. You are right, their customer service is out of this world!

  • AbqLisa

    As others have mentioned, Amazon is great. We love their Prime membership option, especially for students. For a low annual fee, you get free shipping (no need to spend $25 to get it) plus VERY affordable next day shipping if needed. It also includes access to their video service (similar to Netflix) with free or reduced rentals plus lots of other perks. My daughters, both college students, take turns purchasing the Prime membership each year and use it for textbooks and other goodies. All of us (including extended family living nearby) order through them as well to get the low shipping rates. We’re always pleased with prices, shipping, and products, but if we ever have a problem, they are more than fair about returns, sometimes crediting our account and telling us to just keep the item!

    Also, L.L. Bean can’t be beat for quality and customer service. My daughter had a nice classic bookbag all through grade school. When its zipper finally broke, I called to see if they offered repairs. Instead, they replaced it with a brand new one and paid me back for the shipping to get it to them! Sometimes their quality products cost more than cheaper options, but with their lifetime satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

    • Emjay

      I second these two nominations. Both companies have quality service. Prime membership pays for itself every year we’ve had it, and now, even with the looming tax collection in California, Prime will help us find what we are unable to find out here in the hinterlands of a semi-rural area. As for LLBean, the company has never varied from their original, well-worth it merchandise. Land’s End, on the other hand, has degraded in quality. What used to be quality no longer is. Upscale KMart. Sad on that.

    • maxhalberg

      Did you know you can add family members to a prime membership for free two day shipping? Read the last paragraph for info:

  • M Victorine, Chicago IL

    Hall of Fame goes to Rust-Oleum. I did their cabinet transformation. I’m almost done with the project and I ran out of paint with only the secondcoat on the backside of 3 doors left to complete. The kit is $80. I didn’t want to buy an entire kit for 3 little doors. Home Depot was not helpful so I called Rust-Oleum, they told me to buy another kit, fax them a copy of my receipt and they would refund my money. And that’s exactly what they did…not in months, only a few weeks after the fax I received my refund! I highly recommend this product, great way to update your kitchen or funiture for little money. I spent $80 and it looks like I replaced my entire kitchen for $

  • Tammy

    I second the Hall of Fame nomination for Kohls. I have a Kohl’s charge, which does make returns super easy, but it’s really a comfort knowing that if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, I can return it with or without a receipt.
    I also second the Hall of Shame nomination for Home Depot. We bought three fruit trees last year. They have a one year guarantee policy. We kept the receipt for a year and didn’t lose it. That was amazing in itself. I think they expect that you will lose it and they will be the better for it. When we got to home depot, we were looking at buying a tractor and wanted to also get credit for the one dead tree we had. When we got to the customer service counter, we realized that we were a few days beyond the year mark (and I mean a few, less than 7). They would not credit us the $22 for the tree, even though we were considering the $900 tractor. Needless to say, we walked out without anything that day, except our year old receipt.

  • Pokey

    Hall of Fame:; Land’s End always live and available customer service in Wisconsin! Hall of Shame: TimeWarner Cable. The WORST service on the planet, bar none. Not only are they not helpful, but if you try to cancel they are abusive and use intimidation tactics! I wish i has the money for a billboard about them!

  • Michelle Shaffer

    Have to agree about third party vendors from Home Depot. We will NEVER buy another appliance from Home Depot because their service is with a third party.
    On the other hand, Home Depots service vary from store to store. We have had extremely good customer service at the Allentown PA store, horrible service at the store closest to me. Seems to me in this economy, customer service is even more important than ever. Stores need to devote some time to developing a plan for excellent customer service.
    Hall of Fame- Land’s End ROCKS on this. I like a store that stands behind their product.

  • I nominate Tramontina USA. I purchased a stainless steel kitchen trash can from Sam’s Club several years ago. It worked great until the latch on the lid broke. I hated to get rid of the whole trash can just because a little plastic piece broke, but it meant the trash had to stay uncovered all the time. I contacted Tramontina by email and told them my problem. They responded back to me the same day and told me it had been a manufacturer’s defect and that they would replace the lid at no cost. They didn’t even ask me how old the trash can was. Within 3 days, a new lid was delivered to my door and I am as happy as a clam. I wrote Tramontina back and told them they had a totally satisfied customer and I will not hesitate to buy anything with the Tramontina label.

  • Sherry

    Hall of Shame goes to Menards. We ordered shingles and nails for our home roof, we lined up helpers and took the day off work but they delivered the wrong shingles! Two days later, we line up the helpers and take the day off again, only to have the wrong nails delivered. No amount of complaining or letter writing resulted in anything more than an apology. I have never shopped there again!

  • Footloose

    I nominate for Hall of Shame. I usually use Zappos and agree that they are wonderful. In this case, I used instead for ordering shoes for a very special event (class reunion). I have a 4.5 or 5.0 size foot – very hard to fit. So I ordered several pairs; they didn’t fit; so I returned them with free shipping as offered. I had to repeat the orders about 3 times, each time ordering several pairs and returning them because they didn’t fit. (Those with a small foot can appreciate the agony and frustration in finding shoes! ). Eighteen (18) months later, I ordered a single pair of shoes in a style that I knew would fit but in a color I didn’t have. REFUSED my order because, according to their small print, they had the right to refuse orders from customers who abused the return policy with excessive returns in a 12-month period. First, the company did not define ‘excessive’. Second, there was an 18-month span between the multiple returns and this order. I communicated with them about the situation back and forth for several weeks but they refused to accept my order! Imagine how it felt to be ‘black-listed’ at a shoe website when you already have such a difficult time finding shoes. should definitely be in the Hall of Shame. is the best!!

  • Linus V.

    I nominate Starbucks coffee for Hall of Fame. Regardless of
    how one feels about their product line or prices, the company trains and empowers
    each of their baristas to basically do whatever is necessary to achieve a satisfied
    customer, including and up to offering complementary drinks to address specific
    situations. Each time I make a complaint via their corporate website, I receive
    an individual response to my query, AND vouchers for free items. After I complained
    about the availability of wheelchair accessible tables (seating) at my local
    store, an additional accessible table was added. Each of the employees act and
    treat me as I would expect anowner to treat me.

    • renn

      I second the nomination. I went into a (semi-local) Starbucks after a particularly awful day at work. The barista asked me how I was doing – and I shrugged. I ordered my coffee – and was told that the coffee was on the house.

      The barista then grinned – and told me that NOW I had something to smile about. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest difference.

  • Angie

    Hall of Fame: Leap Frog. I had purchased one of their readers for my toddler and a year and a half later the thing was going through batteries daily. When I contacted them they sent me a brand new product, which I thought was excellent considering the use and abuse on kids toys. Very happy with how they handled the situation.

  • SEG, Ohio

    Chadwicks sent me a discount offer of 50% off of any one item. I ordered 6 items, but only 1 was in stock and the other 5 had ship dates months out. I cancelled the 5 and Chadwicks refused to give me the 50% discount on the 1 item I did receive, claiming some bizarre policy. I returned the one item and have never purchased from them again.
    So, Chadwicks, tell me, what did that actually cost you? Was your measly $20 worth losing a lifetime customer, plus all the bad publicity I gave you by telling everyone I knew about it?

    • marysews

      Just goes to show ya: Have a good experience = tell somebody. Have a bad experience = tell EVERY body!

  • Beth

    Amazon is one of my favorite vendors. In particular when I am buying directly from them and not someone who sells items through Amazon. I also love being able to manage my account online.

  • Nona

    Hall of Shame – TIME WARNER CABLE. If they do not have the worst customer service in the entire world, I hope I never have experience with a worse one! It’s UN…BE…LIEVEABLE!!! If it were not for the agony and inconvenience they have caused me this year, it would be laugh-out-loud hysterically funny.
    Hall of Fame – JCP online. My experience yesterday, when calling customer service to inquire about a particular item and their policies, was wonderful. I was interested in two sofas but not comfortable ordering sight unseen. The woman who took my call was calm and friendly…I did not feel rushed. She explained that, for (I think) a reasonable fee, they would be delivered, set up in my home and all clutter cleared. If I do not like them, I can call for a no-charge pickup!. My experience is only the ordering part – I can’t speak to delivery yet. But an interested friendly voice on the phone speaks volumes to me.
    Just for the record, I have had very good experience with Home Depot and all the 3rd party installers we have used have been excellent.

  • Dana-Texas

    Hall of Fame – Chick Fil A – the staff is always friendly and helpful. If an order happens to be incorrect, they correct it quickly without making one feel like it’s their own fault. We even had a to-go order that was missing a couple of nuggets, but we were already across town when we discovered the error. When I called, they offered to put a certificate in the mail to me to make up for the mistake. Great food…great customer service…GREAT VALUES!

  • Kris B

    I have to add my vote for poor customer service at Home Depot in regards to buying appliances. Last summer, I needed to replace my window air conditioner weighing 60+ pounds. As a single middle aged woman, I asked about installation services and was told that they don’t install window air conditioners. The air conditioner remained in my garage in its box until this Memorial Day weekend. First strike!

    During the holidays, my refrigerator died. Back to Home Depot where I found the remaining model of a discontinued refrigerator at a considerable reduction. In arranging for delivery, I was told that their policy of bringing into the refrigerator to the house and hauling away the old frig did not apply on clearance items. For such items, they use an outside delivery service ($50) that would only bring it into my garage or porch. While the saleswoman said she would try to talk the delivery guys into getting it into my house, she couldn’t promise that they would. They didn’t.

    Subsequently I’ve found out that Sears would have installed my window air conditioner and will probably buy my future appliances from them for their service.

    I also love Amazon and Land’s End. JCPenney also has terrific customer service both online and in the store.

  • jct

    I would like to point out when purchasing products that some of the “big box” stores may have the lowest prices, but you will pay more in the end with your time and aggravation. Cheapest is not always better.
    This also stands for work being done on your home, whether it be electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc. Usually there is a reason a company has a great reputation even though they are higher priced. They usually get the job done when they say they will, show up when they say they will, do not use inferior materials, and communicate with you! You usually get what you pay for.

  • Bix

    Costco customer service always great with no hassle returns.

  • Cindy from Missouri

    Hall of Fame nomination should go to Epson. My first Epson was out of warranty and they still took it back and sent me a new one, all at their expense. I purchased an upgrade several years later. It was a floor model in the store but still working. Something happened within a few weeks. I called Epson and actually spoke to someone within a few minutes. They sent me a brand new one and took the old one back, all at their expense again! Have upgraded for a 3rd time. No problems so far and do not expect any. Love them and the ink is soooo much cheaper!
    Hall of Shame nomination should go to HP. Have you ever tried getting through to them to talk about any product? I take care of several clients and let me tell you HP sucks! It took 8 calls to figure out about a computer problem with a brand new computer. A printer would not work once and it was a nightmare!!!! NO ONE understands you and you have to repeat the issues every time you call. Finally bought a new one. Was just easier. I steer all my clients to anyone but HP!!!! For anything!!!!!

    • pj27

      Did you just say you “finally bought a new (HP?) one?” Hope not.

    • Michelle

      I also had horrible customer service from HP regarding a printer that never once printed a proper page. I completely troubleshooted the issue using their online support, and when that didn’t work I called the company. They told me my model was no longer supported, so it would be an issue for technical support at $25, but there was no guarantee they could actually help me! On the other hand, they would be happy to sell me a new printer at a special price. No thanks, I have a brand new printer that you manufactured and are unable to support. After sending an email, I got a call from corporate, so I was pleasantly surprised when they assigned me a “case number”. When I called back, I went through the chain of command before being told I was going to be transferred to another area. I said, “If they are going to offer to sell me a new printer, please don’t transfer me.” Surprise, that’s exactly what I got. I finally brought the printer was brought to a company that recycles and repairs electronics. By then the (4) separate ink cartridges were dry, but he lifted the lid and showed me where to clean the print heads. According to him, this would have had a very good chance of fixing the problem. I couldn’t believe HP didn’t offer that advice from the beginning, and there was no documentation with the printer to indicate where the print heads were. No more HP for me.

  • Cindy from Missouri

    I agree with the Hall of Shame for!! They are never helpful!!!

  • Debbie Sowan

    I, wholeheartedly, nominate QVC for their customer service! I have never dealt with a company so eager to please their customers! They would turn themselves inside out to please you! They have a UNconditional 30 day money back guarentee and stand by it. I have shopped with them for 24 years with out ever a problem! Say what you want about shopping channels, but QVC is golden in my book!!

  • I nominate Tractor Supply Company for the worst customer service ever! When my husband tried to return an insecticide sprayer that had broken, the clerk told him to send it back to the company and gave him a phone number of the manufacturer. He called the manufacturer and they said Tractor Supply should provide another sprayer because they had shipped all that they had for the season. Back to TSC and the clerk still argued that she could not do a refund or exchange. She called the manufacturer while my husband was there and got angry with their rep as well as with my husband, the customer. The clerk also talked to her child who came to the store, interrupting the transaction. This was no only rude but very unprofessional. They were very handy for us to shop their store since they have one in our small town but they lost 2 good customers that day and probably more as we tell everyone we know about the incident.
    I love 6PM and also Boscov’s online store!

  • I absolutely agree with Mary’s hall of fame/shame. My husband and I went to HD several years ago to buy large appliances, etc. I couldn’t pry anyone lose to help us with a crowbar. I had to beg three times. If that wasn’t bad enough, we walked away from our cart for just one sec, came back and two grown men were emptying the stuff out to take our cart. I’ve never been back.
    Zappos is the pride and joy of Nevada. Those that are lucky enough to work there are truly blessed.

  • Western New York State

    HOME DEPOT …. DEFINITELY belongs in the Hall of SHAME.
    I ordered a wicker chair which was described online as “white”… arrived as a cream color. After notifying Home Depot, their response was “just return the chair if you don’t like it”……SERIOUSLY, it was false advertising and they knew it. I do alot of online ordering & have never had a problem such as a company being deceptive.

  • Elaine Ritterling

    Hall of Shame —- Blooms — 2nd order wasn’t at all as pictured and they promised me $8.12 refund on missing delivery date of lst order, which I never received. It isn’t a lot of money but do they they should keep their word.

  • Shirley

    Aldi’s is my nomination for the Hall of Fame. I fell outside their store in Minnetonka, MN and the manager was SO apologetic and helpful and sympathetic. He was a younger man, probably around 30 and he could NOT have been nicer and more helpful. I am 56 and have found this kind of compassion to be extremely rare in young managers that need to deal with the public.

  • Jerry

    I have had excellent service with 10 different Home Depot stores in my area.

  • FloridaGirl

    When pricing new a new roof for our home, the Home Depot price was DOUBLE what the other estimates we got from independent dealers. Not cool! Needless to say we didn’t go with the Home Depot.

    • Sharon

      The exact same experience happened to us!!! What scam DIY store.

  • Jerry

    For Hall of Shame I nominate Ford Motor Company. I had 3 lemons in a row. First one (Escort) suspension problems, second (F-150) a vibration they could not locate and the third one (F-150) suspension problems. After being in the shop 16 times in 9 months they told me I was on my own and good luck with that.

  • Napo

    A Hall of Shame nomination goes out to VERIZON. They can’t seem to get all of their representatives on the same page, which caused me to buy a phone I didn’t want during their recent service changes to avoid what 3 agents (1 phone rep, 2 store reps) told me would otherwise be a large increase. (Share Everything? Don’t they just mean share an increased bill?) And when a supervisor called me to straighten out the problem, I asked her to put her offer in writing, and she refused!. They also raised my son’s $5 texting plan to $10 ~WITHOUT~ consulting us. Just snuck it in there. Shame!

    • pj27

      I do not have a text plan w/Verizon. I even specify text blocking on my contract. Nonetheless, they continue to bill me astronomical amounts for texts they insist I made or received. Had to call my public utilities commission to resolve this. They obviously believe you will go away if they ignore you!

  • Jenn, Pint-sized Pioneering

    Both Oster and Hamilton Beach are in my Hall of Fame.
    Three years ago my husband and I received an Oster blender as a wedding gift. It came with a free food processor attachment, which we put away for 2+ years. We only started using it recently to make baby food (yay!). My husband dropped it and broke the handle off of it. I contacted Oster and they sent us a replacement, free of charge, within a week.
    I received a Hamilton Beach slow cooker from my mom many years ago. The crock crazed and grew mold. No matter what I did – bleach, sun, airing out, scrubbing – the mold kept returning. Hamilton Beach sent me a replacement crock without even blinking.

  • Lolly

    Hall of Shame: Home Depot. Two years ago we were remodeling and purchased double French doors with glass panels that had the mini-blinds encased between the two panes of glass. The contractor picked up the doors and installed them while we were out of town. Only later did we discover the blinds in one of the panels didn’t work. Home Depot said it was the manufacturer’s responsibility to replace them. Manufacturer said it was Home Depot’s. Back and forth forever. Finally HD ordered the glass panel insert but would not remove the old one and install the new one. Well, thanks for nothing, Home Depot. Will never shop there again. Hello, Lowes.

    • NeverGoToLowes

      I wouldn’t go to Lowe’s either, had the WORST experience with them I have ever had with a company. They were rude, sloppy and unprofessional. I had a carpet installed and it wasn’t done properly on the steps. Scheduled an appointment for a “manager” to come take a look, she was over an hour late and I had somewhere to be so I left. I had also ordered a dryer from them, which they came to deliver the next day. You can access my laundry room through my garage, so I let him in that way and left the garage door open. About ten minutes after I let him in, a woman walks into my kitchen (from the garage), introduces herself as the manager for my carpet (that was late the day before) and asks (with annoyance in her voice) why I wasn’t here the day before. As I kicked her out of my house and told her how rude and inappropriate she was for just walking in uninvited and for being over an hour late for her appointment the day before, she said she was there to “supervise” my dryer installation. Ive never heard of that…it seems she stopped by just to scold me for not being home the day before. Anyway, she left and the guy finished installing the dryer and left. The next day my mother arrived to get my old dryer which was perfectly fine, I just wanted a matching set, and it was gone. I assumed the guy left it in my garage, but apparently he took it with him. I called Lowe’s and after speaking with 2 very rude people they basically said there was nothing they could do, it was already sent out to be thrown away. I never told them to take the dryer and they never bothered to ask. I got no apology, instead I was told that it was basically my fault because I didn’t tell them not to take it. As for the carpet, they charged me more money to wrap my steps the way I DIDN’T want it done…there’s more but no need to get into it…and after what I went through above, I just left it alone, didnt feel like dealing with them but I will NEVER buy anything from them again.

  • Karen

    I’ve been looking for a place to post this. Avoid Living Social! About a month ago I ordered sheets from them online, noticed immediately I had made an error, looked for a place to cancel and couldn’t find one. I tried calling, could not get through (due to unusually high call volume etc.), then they were closed. Sent an email which they answered the next day, declining to cancel but saying I could return the sheets but would be charged $7.95, this on top of the $4.95 I would be charged for sending the sheets to me. I also tried calling that next day and could not get through (due to unusually high call volume). I buy online all the time and this is the first time I have not been able to reach customer service and not able to fix an error, It’s a scam, in my opinion. I called American Express, my credit card company, and told them I would not pay this charge and received an letter from them yesterday saying that they would credit my account because they Living Social did not respond to their request for an explanation. Also I should say that, by email, I offered to return the sheets if they would pay the postage. I thought this was a generous offer as I don’t have an car and this involves a bus trip. They declined. As far as I can tell, they have customer service by email only, slow to respond at that and you are just stuck with any problem. Thanks, Mary for the work you do. Karen

  • ecgirl1

    For the Customer Service Hall of Fame, I unequivocally nominate Bed, Bath and Beyond. They will go out of their way to find things for you. If it’s not in their BB&B store, they will find it in another BB&B location and have it shipped directly to your doorstep free of shipping charges. They have what I consider sufficient staffing. They are polite and enthusiastic and truly seem to care. And best of all for me, they have a very reasonable if not liberal return policy.

    As for Hall of Shame, I nominate Band of America. STAY AWAY FROM THAT BANK!!!! They are far “too big for their britches”. In my experience, each time I have attempted to reach them via phone, their automated MAZE is infuriating to navigate and they did not offer the option to just dial “0” for a live representative. I never waited less than 30 minutes, frequently waited an hour or more only to be mysteriously dropped!!! When i finally got a representative and patiently explained the frustration, nobody even apologized. And I won’t even broach the problem resolution issue. RIDICULOUS. Suffice it to say, I have long since left that bank and am only to happy to warn others every chance I get. Oh, and did I mention?…STAY AWAY FROM THAT BANK!!!!

    • jimmel

      I second the Hall of Shame nomination for BofA. Last year they sent my husband (my surviving spouse) a letter, received on a Friday, reporting that since I was deceased…. Huh??? Since when did I die? In a panic I tried to call them to assure I was very much alive and well…..could not deal with their automation and went to their bank the following Monday. It was an ordeal to get that straightened out and to insist a retraction was made in regard to my “death” such as to the Social Security administration! They had a difficult time with this request stating something along the lines of “We have no such letter we can use in our form letter file.” It took a determination and speaking with various “corporate heads” to resolve this and a couple hours of my time. Bad news, that B of A !

      • pj27

        My boyfriend needed to refinance under the government program created to help homeowners remain in their homes. After 17 phone calls, 5 certified letters, 11 faxes and 13 email messages, he was told he had never applied for the program.

  • Rich

    As far as grocery stores go, Stater Bros. has it together. They go out of their way to get what I want to purchase at a fair price. I actually get greeted by name when I enter the store. I wrote a commendation about their customer service and the CEO, Mr. Jack Brown actually called me to thank me for the compliment. WOW. They have a guarantee that if the product is not right, they will replace it or refund the cost.

  • Pamela P.

    Hall of Shame: Best Buy! I tell relatives at Christmastime, “Don’t buy ANYTHING at Best Buy!” Why? NO returns, with or without a receipt, even if
    their salesperson made a mistake, even if you haven’t opened it! You’re stuck for life with it-terrible return policy.
    Hall of Fame: Nordstrom! OK, yes they are “upscale”, but so are a lot of other stores in the mall, but only Nordstrom customer service reigns supreme! They have worked hard to build a reputation of providing professional, courteous, generous customer service!

  • Bryan

    Hall of Shame: Goody’s Store Card/Comenity: Talking to their customer no-service representatives is like talking to a box of rocks. You get absolutely no where and you can tell that they are on a script and will not vary from it at all.

    I wanted to pay the bill and the representative told me that it would cost $15 over the phone. I told him that I did not have the card number so I could not pay online and I couldn’t mail the payment without the card. He simply told me that I was correct, it would need to be on the phone and it would still cost me $15. So I gave him the information to pay the bill and from there it was inputted wrong and of course, the bank rejected the payment because the account didn’t exist.

    I called back and was told that it wasn’t their problem and that I’ll need to pay fees incurred and another $15 if I wanted to pay on the phone (in the meantime, a bill was sent to me so I had the card number). I opted to pay online like she advised but when I went online, it wouldn’t accept my information.

    I called back again and talked to a young lady who was more than proper in helping me and explained my options to me. I explained what had happened on the two other phone calls and she apologized and said she would launch an investigation into my last two phone calls and if indeed, they put in the wrong checking information, they would credit my account.

    About a month later, I received a letter stating that the excess charges have been removed from my account and I only owed the initial charge. I went back online to pay the bill and I was about to create an account online but it kept telling me that I couldn’t pay online. So I called back and got this person who said that because the same account number was being used that I was forever banned from paying online. I told her that wasn’t my fault and Goody’s had acknowledged that – she said it didn’t matter. I told her that I was glad I closed the account and would never do business with them again. She asked me if there was anything else she could do for me. I told her since she hadn’t actually done anything for me to start with – how could she possibly do anything else.

    In the end, the bill is paid, card is closed and I’ll never set foot in their stores for any reason again.

  • Carolyn

    My nomination for the Hall of Fame is a car dealership in Chattanooga, TN (where I live) called Hunt Nissan. After receiving great customer service with purchasing a brand new car, I had horrible misfortune with it. I had not owned it for an hour before the engine literally blew up in it. I was broken down on the side of the road on a hot day and I had just signed the papers on a (bad) new car that I feared I would have to pay on for years to come. The dealership came and picked me up, gave me a new loaner until the next day and then put me in another new car with more options than the first one. They did everything possible to make everything right for me. I am very happy with my second new car.

    • Happy to hear that dealership is doing right by the name … Hunt.

  • LisaM

    I nominate American Express for the Hall of Fame, their customer service is unequalled for a credit card company. While skiing in France my wallet was stolen with a variety of credit cards and cash. Luckily, the first call I made was to American Express who offered a service where they call all credit cards you own and cancel them. the service was reasonably priced and only has to be initiated once you’ve lost your wallet. Since we were out of the country, it made this process so much easier. They also expedited a card to me and offered to arrange cash. For normal buisness their customer service reps are always knowledgeable and polite. I wil never be without an American Express card ifn my wallet for piece of mind.

  • Linda

    Hall of Shame prize goes to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We braved the shoe department (where there is rarely anyone available to help) and managed to find a pair of cleats for my daughter that were reasonably priced. There was no price in the display shoe or on the box so we relied on the price displayed on the shelf it sat on that listed the price for this brand and model at $34.99. When I got to the register I discovered the price was actually $89.99. I immediately called the manager to the front and after long and painful discussions was told that this was a different model (one number different) and it wasn’t his fault since customers move the shoes around. The most frustrating part of this whole experience was the manager’s complete refusal to take any ownership of the situation or to offer anything that might make me want to return as a customer. So I won’t.

  • Joan

    SHAME~ BIG TIME SHAME- Verizon wireless . I am being charged $600 for a phone that was returned, repaired and issued to another customer. That is admitted by Verizon, YET, they are charging me for the phone. I have repeatedly called and explained the problem, providing the tracking number. Now they are admitting the mistake and will “credit” my account. I have paid the full amount using automatic payment with a credit card. Verizon can not issue me a check or contact my credit card company. Their process is to credit my account. I have the bundle package and that creates bookkeeping problems. It will take several months to straighten this out and I probably will not get the full refund. I want to call the headquarters but there is no way to contact them by phone. They do not want to hear from customers. If anyone has a phone number for headquarters, please share.

  • MH St Paul MN

    Hall of Shame – PacSafe (antitheft travel gear company)
    Unlike the previous poster’s experience with LL BEAN (‘My daughter had a nice classic bookbag all through grade school. When its zipper finally broke, I called to see if they offered repairs. Instead, they replaced it with a brand new one and paid me back for the shipping to get it to them!) I have a similar issue with a 3 year old backpack that I purchased from Pacsafe for $200 bucks. They do not do repairs and offered a lousy 60% refund the purchase price of a new backpack. Their email response to inquiries is horrifically slow – they are probably hoping I will give up. I bet the kid used the backpack many more times than I did, was a lot harder on the zipper, and paid about 25% of what I did. Ironic that Pacsafe claim anti theft capabilities – they need to add if our zipper doesn’t break. Shame on Pacsafe!

  • Cindy

    Hall of Fame……….The Container Store. ABSOLUTELY the best customer service that I have ever seen in a retail store. I worked there several years ago. One of the reasons I applied was because of their customer service. I wanted to work at a place that valued their customers. Their training is fantastic….definitely customer service driven. If you have a few minutes to spare, (even if you’re not in the market for anything) check out the store………….you’ll be feeling great for the rest of the day due to the way you’re treated!!! Unfortunately, I left their employment after I found a job that offered more hours. What a mistake………..should have stayed!

  • Joy

    As much as I hate to say it, I have to nominate Lodge cast iron for the hall of shame. Sad. I love cast iron pans. I had a lovely enamel dutch oven from them that started having problems. I when to the web site and followed the directions for dealing with the problem without any success. I called and get recommendations which I followed and the pan got worse. Decided to ask them to replace it since it had a lifetime warranty. I called, emailed and gave them all the information they asked for. Nothing. I waited and emailed again. No response, ever. I am not sure that I can ever buy from them again which is a problem since I love cooking with cast iron. I guess I will be finding anything else I need at estate sales.

  • Tammy N

    For the Hall of Fame, we love our local Lowes; every single employee in the store can direct you to what you’re looking for and is willing to walk you over there to help you find it. We’ve had a couple of issues with purchases in the past and they have always replaced it or made it right. We also give two thumbs up to Amazon & Kohl’s; can’t beat their sales, prices, and service.

  • Norma

    I too had a bad experience with Home Depot and and installation of a water heater. The crew was expected between 8am and noon and after my calling Home Depot repeatedly, finally calling them to cancel the purchase and installation at 5pm, the company showed up shortly after, the young woman obviously wearing a swim suit top beneath her t-shirt. The installation went fine, but they asked me to sign that they’d done the job, and I did. Before they got their truck loaded I checked the room they’d been in and the floor was a mess! I called them back in and told them to clean it up. They tried to excuse their behavior with driving a different truck, don’t have any rags to clean up, etc. I handed them a stack of old towels and told them to get busy! Home Depot heard from me and we’ve never done business of that type with them again.

  • vicki

    I want to nominate Publix for the Hall of Fame. The store is clean, well lit, and has uncluttered aisles. The store personnel are always friendly and the best thing is there express check out is always open, unlike most other grocery stores. It may cost a little more but it is much less stressful and faster than other grocery stores.

  • Like many, I nominate for the Hall of Shame – Walmart’s online Customer service department. I went online to purchase a pack and play for my daughter. I was actually looking for the price…I found one for $44.95 that would take two weeks to deliver while the exact same model was available in the store for the same price. The ad mentioned an e-card worth $10 but no mention of it having to be purchased online. We purchased it in the store. No mention of the e-card so I purchased it since it was needed right way. I then returned home and contacted their online customer service. They told me that it had to be purchased online – even though it is not mentioned on the site and I told them the same thing. They then wrote back saying that it was not the same pack and play. I wrote back saying it was the exact same pack and play and wanted someone to contact me to rectify the situation. I hate being blatantly and obviously lied to. They wrote back with the exact same original email. I wrote back stating that we had already been though this, went over it again and it was obvious they did not want to help. I did not hear from them for several weeks and then recently I got that same email again – for the 3rd time. I mean…really? I gave up. I tried calling them but no one would help. So, the only thing I can do is tell people – in emails, in person, and on Facebook. And, if I can help it, I will no longer shop there.

  • Becky Ramsay

    I love the comments on Land’s End and QVC…their customer service is far superior to any I have otherwise experienced. The Hall of Shame would have to go to any American business that does not have the technical assistance department and/or customer service department in the US! Language is often a barrier and those are real jobs that Americans could fill and ease the economic crunch but are shipped over seas to save a few bucks! Shameful…when I find I usually have to get to a supervisor anyway to help me and the supervisor is somehow magically always in the US!

  • Sherry

    Hall of Shame: Coldwater Creek!
    Strike 1: I received an order that was not mine. I called the company explaining that I received an order for someone in New York. They asked me to return it. According to UPS tracking, it was received/signed for by Coldwater Creek on a Monday. That Friday, customer service called me and wanted to know why I hadn’t returned the order as the lady in New York was anxiously awaiting for her dress. Um, check with your warehouse!
    Strike 2: I placed 4 different orders online. After receiving the items, I decided I didn’t like any of the items, so I returned it to a local store to save on shipping costs . The store manager told me because of the number of items, she could not credit my credit card, but, rather, she had to ship it back to their warehouse in West Virginia who would then credit me. It’s been close to 30 days, and they still haven’t credited my credit card. When I called to inquire, they stated they only received a few of the items back and would eventually credit $213, not the $800+ dollars I spent (but had returned). I saw the store manager pack the box, tape it shut, and put on the shipping label, so why only a few of the items were in there I don’t know. They were to call me after they talked with the store manager, and three weeks later, I’m still waiting for that call, and the credit on my credit card!!!
    I’m not giving them a chance for a Strike 3. I’m so done with them!

  • Cindy

    Walgreens for Hall of Fame! I have been to 3 different locations, never dealt with anyone that didnt meet me with a smile and kind word, no grumpy workers allowed!

  • Jane

    I wanted to do a faux paint treatment on my bedroom walls but the Behr paint I purchased at Home Depot wasn’t covering the old paint. I spent over 200 dollars and 2 weeks of my life trying to get it right with tons of advise from several different Home Depot paint experts. I finally called Behr. They told me how to do it right. I had to buy a few more items, but they told me to send ALL my receipts. I was reimbursed in less than a week for everything I had spent doing it wrong and doing it right. Entire paint job was FREE!

  • Jean Line

    right there with you on the hall of shame HOME DEPOT. what a nightmare trying to get a water heater. OOOOY 3rd party installers. What a joke.

  • Wilma

    Edgepark a company that provides ostomy supplies.
    I spent almost 3 hrs (over a period of several days) on hold to question a
    bill for products that were returned (and they acknowledged reciept of them
    at the time.
    After awhile they give you the option of leaving a voice mail. I left several,
    none were returned.
    I finally wrote on the bill and mailed it 2 or 3 weeks ago. I asked to be contacted
    but have not heard from them.
    Definetly a Hall of Shame comany.

  • Angela

    Mary, this was a great article. You will no doubt be receiving many Hall of Shame emails. I would like UNITED AIRLINES be on the top of that list. To tell you what I experienced would take page after page for you to read. On the short side: one of the most frustrating things I encountered was lack of English speaking customer service reps. Took me 5 hours on 2 phones to try and get someone to correct my flights, they doubled booked and charged me for my flights. I had to go directly to my airport to have an adjustment made. This too did not work out, when I boarded my flight I had to pay an extra $200.00 to sit next to my husband. After all this, when I received my credit card bill, there it was I was still being charged for 4 flights, 2 going to my destination and 2 returning home both on the same day. Well, I said I was going to cut this short, so I will end my tale of horror. Thank you for listening.

    • pj27

      and United Breaks guitars.

  • suekay3

    Do NOT buy anything from Bosch! I love most of their products, but my oven is a lemon and their customer service stinks! After months of phone calls, emails, and service calls to my home Bosch kept saying that my oven was working …even though it would not hold a temperature, nor did the preheat signal work (ring when desired temp. is reached). Then they had the nerve to tell me that ‘high end ovens don’t always work’! Can you believe that??? My oven never did get fixed!

  • Nelda Mattox

    I definitely agree with the comments for the Hall of Fame. Now on to the Hall of Shame – Maytag Corporation. They are making shoddy products now. My 13 and 1/2 month old Maytag washer had a control panel go out. They refused to help with repair expenses of $248. Must buy their insurance plan. When yuou cannot make products that hold up for longer than this it is shameful. My son’s 3 year old Maytag dishwasher is on the blink – also a control panel problem. You notice the bored Maytag repairman commerical doesn’t play anymore.

  • jdinstlouis

    at&t has the worst possible customer service. i have their products and ‘services’ at my home (1 land line, DSL, FIVE cell phones) and office (4 land lines and DSL). they get about $1000/month from me for the above – and they don’t care that i’m leaving them (and suing them in small claims court) for ongoing media usage fees ($30/month) after they LIED when we bought that phone (like a blackberry) but at the time said we wouldn’t need the internet on it and have NEVER used that service. when i call them, they say they will credit me that amount and remove the fee – but they NEVER do remove the fee. i’ve had it with them and will use a soup can or smoke signals rather than remain with them. switching to charter cable – the only other game in town – where the customer service is not considered excellent, but i have a nephew who hires for them and assures me he will take care of us. we’ll see. but i’m gonna get my money back from at&t – and not in the form of a credit!
    jd in st louis

  • zoehousewife

    Hall of Shame….K-mart stores. When you purchase a sale item (whether it is advertised in the paper or the price is on the shelf) 50% of the time it does not ring up properly. When you call this to the attention of the cashier, they act like you are making it up. When they call an actual person on the sales floor to confirm the price, the whole process takes forever! The registers are slanted so that the customer cannot see them well to see what they are being charged. I wonder if this is not on purpose. After many calls and emails to the higher ups, things have not changed. I refuse to shop there anymore!

  • LYNN

    KOHLS’ is simply..fantastic concerning customer service 🙂 I read the previous entires. Home Depot is good in my area, if you DISREGARD the occasional CLERK who thinks a DISCOUNT is paid from her OWN purse 🙁 My BF is a veteran, entitled to a 10% discount there. CLERKS do NOT pay for it from their OWN pockets..GEE WHIZ… LOSE the GRUMPY attitude girls 🙁 My ‘SHAME’ entry is ALLSTATE insurance company. My BF had a HORRIBLE time dealing with them and THEIR POLICYHOLDER was 100% AT FAULT in a car accident. He went to the ER and his car was totalled by THEIR SLEEPING policyholder (at 55 mph 🙁 Their reputation is SO BAD, an attorney friend said..just take their offer and move along. They WILL drag you through court for YEARS…. 🙁 EVEN if you are INNOCENT 🙁 ALLSTATE=NOT the ‘good hands’ people 🙁 ALL they did was give him $ for his car and pay his medical bills… ZERO EXTRA for the pain-in-the-rear of NOT having a car and going back and forth to medical appointments AND lost wages 🙁 Their attitude..TAKE US TO COURT for all of that 🙁

  • Dorothy

    Lands End should be in the Hall of Fame. I find they go way above and beyond when it comes to customer service. I once tweeted in despair because my daughter’s favorite Lands End bathing suit had been accidentally destroyed (through no fault of the design or construction of the suit). I didn’t direct my tweet to them. They did nothing wrong. I just posted it on twitter because I wanted to vent. I didn’t think they’d even see it. I just wanted to let off steam.

    The next day, I found a direct message from someone at Lands End offering to send us a brand new bathing suit of my choosing for my daughter at absolutely no cost. They let me pick out what I wanted and then rushed it to me. I was so amazingly impressed. I really didn’t shop there all that often before that, but now I do. That experience sold me.

  • Joan

    I also nominate Kohls and Amazon … have only had wonderful customer service experiences.
    Want to also nominate (for audio books) and (a yarn company) both with terrific customer service and very friendly REAL people to talk to when you have a question or a problem!!

  • Dorothy

    Oh and for the Hall of Shame: US Bank. When we bought a new home, we tried to get the paperwork worded so that our new mortgage could NOT be sold to them.

    I’ll try to shorten the very long story. We were once kept out of our water damaged home for 4 and 1/2 monthsbecause U.S. Bank’s customer service was so miserable. They held our mortgage at the time and they had SO many hoops to jump through. The company doing our repairs said they’d never dealt with a more complicated mortgage company. To make matters worse, every time I spoke to someone at U.S. Bank, they changed the requirements. I kept detailed notes of every phone conversation complete with dates, times, exact quotations, and names of CSRs who spoke to me, but that didn’t matter. No matter what paperwork we sent in, either they lost it or we had to send even more.

    Five times, I was put through to the manager, Ashley Morgan’s, voice mail (even when they told me she was in the building, she was never available to take my calls) and never once did she return my calls. I was told their policy was that she must within 48 business hours.

    They didn’t release the final check until TWO YEARS after the work was completed. In the meantime, the repair company repeatedly threatened to sue us and send us to collections to get their money (which U.S. Bank was holding).

    It was an absolutely miserable experience. One of the best parts of selling that house was finally being able to wipe our hands of U.S. Bank.

  • B

    You absolutely nailed Home Depot. We had the same experience with a kitchen. Keep up the good work.

  • Kacy

    Even though I am all about getting a good deal, I am learning as I get older that I would much rather pay a little more to get customer service I can trust. I can’t stand spending my hard earned money and not being treated well (or even being treated badly!)

  • Elle

    My family would definitely put Straight Talk wireless service in the Hall of Shame. Due to the way we use our mobile phones, we don’t need contracts or expensive phones/plans. So we decided to try Straight Talk. We’ve had trouble with approximately half the products we’ve purchased from them, I literally have to call customer service EVERY SINGLE MONTH because there is always some complication when trying to add minutes to my phone, and even some of their high level reresentatives speak such heavily accented English that it’s very difficult to understand them. Also, it’s quite obvious they are speaking from a script and will not/cannot vary from it at all to answer any questions you may have. If anyone has any suggestions as to a better way to get reasonably priced, no-contract cell service, I’d appreciate hearing them.

    • Joyce

      kajeet, t-mobile, tracfone

  • Mary

    I would like to nominate Sauder – the furniture company. I have a piece of this company’s furniture in my kitchen holding my microwave. When the brackets to the drawer broke (overused by young children) they sent replacements at no charge! And they sent exras. I spoke with a great customer service rep!

  • Ann Haynes

    Need a copy of an article that Mary had bought a new automatic wash machine. I think it is the one that has no wringer in it. Thanks, Ann

  • Melanie

    Hall of Fame, I made a purchase online and somehow didn’t update my shipping address correctly, and my $120 purchase was lost in the mix, I never got a hold of the new homeowner at my old address, the shipping company couldn’t help me, so Old Navy offered to replace my order but some items were by then out of stock, so they refunded the Total Purchase Price! I couldn’t believe it, I was so impressed!

  • Ann

    Am looking for a copy of the article that was in the Home and Family column by Mary Hunt that was posted in th Times Record Newspaper 2-3 weeks ago it was about the new washing machine she had purchased. Thanks

  • Heather in Kansas

    Hall of Fame- I would put Rolox windows. They were such a pleasure to deal with. Even though their windows were more expensive, so I only could do 4 of our gigantic window, I will be calling them again to do more. Plus they call every 6 months to make sure I am not having any difficulties with their product.
    Hall of Shame-Sears installation and repair. It is such an inconvenience to be told a repair person will be out sometime between 8am and 5pm. Half the time they don’t show up until 4pm and you have wasted a whole day.

  • Theresa M.

    I nominate the customer service department at the Disney Parks stores. Just this week after returning from a trip to Disney World in FL with our family, I unwrapped 2 ornaments that I had purchased in Downtown Disney right before we left. I noticed that one of the ornaments was broken, and after checking the wrapping and not finding the broken piece, I figured I had purchased it broken without knowig it. I called the Disney store in Downtown Disney and spoke with a cast member who, after hearing my story, asked me for my name and address. He said that they would ship out a replacement ornament for me. I didn’t have to beg or plead or anything.
    Now that’s customer service!
    And thank you Disney…..we had a magical trip!

  • Laura

    Hall of Fame:, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End, Vermont Country Store–all of them have great service and easy returns!

  • Michelle

    Hall of Fame – Holmes/Bionaire. I had an inexpensive tower fan that broke. I was willing to take it apart and fix it if they would sell me a replacement piece. The rep asked me when I bought it, which I couldn’t remember. They suggested to look at the plug as the date of manufacture would be stamped on it. The fan wasn’t something I expected to be under warranty, but they didn’t sell replacement parts and explained that it should not have broken. They offered to replace the fan at no charge. Imagine my surprise when a very nice upgrade arrived with a base value of over $70.

  • K Skousen

    Hall of Fame: Publix Grocer in the southern states (I now live in the West.) Their motto is “Where Shopping is a Pleasure,” but as a former employee, our motto was, “Where Service is a Pleasure.” Talk about jumping through hoops! We were taught, no matter what, the customer is always right.” Now, years later, I strive to do business only where this same ethic is displayed and avoid all others like the plague. There is no purpose for business who do not need their customers.

  • DJRC24

    For the “Hall of Shame”: Bank of America for taking nearly 10 months to send the Letter of Satisfaction after paying off our loan! For the “Hall of Fame”: Fairless Credit Union for following up and not backing down until it was sent. Our new loan officer went above and beyond!! How rare is that these days?!

  • Crafty7688

    Hall of Shame? how about the Kraft Corporation? I recently purchased a box of Jello and actually read the directions. The directions for adding fruit are in Spanish but not in English. I know you can’t add fresh pineapple to Jello, but there were several other fruits listed that I couldn’t translate. I emailed them and they said they would look into my complaint. It’s been 2 months and no additional correspondence from Kraft. I support “buy in America” but I also support “read in English” in the US.

  • OnTask

    Hall of Fame – GEICO Insurance – In the 17 years we’ve subscribed, their customer service is consistent from diligent evaluation of insurance needs to roadside assistance. Most impressive is suggestions provided to save on premiums. Also, minor windshield chips are fixed at no charge. Insurance companies are generally known for profiteering, but GEICO makes unsolicited suggestions oh how to save. This is one of the reasons we continue subscribing. Yay, GEICO!

    Hall of Fame – Also, Land’s End gets a vote for supporting their products. A swimsuit top didn’t work out and I didn’t get around to returning it months later. It was accepted back, no questions asked, for full refund. They stand by their products.

    Hall of Shame – Equifax offers a 7-day trial for $1. There’s a window that pops up asking if you want all three credit reports and if you click it, you are charged $31.95. That feature needs a major programming-revisit for user clarity and merchant accountability. You have to read all the verbiage, so if you’re trying to fly by the page, and click ‘Yes’, you’ve bought yourself 3 credit reports IN ADDITION to the monthly fee ($17.95) for the other credit reporting services. There needs to be a verification pop-up asking if you’re sure you want this AND the method of delivery – to view online or to receive by email. The ‘No Thanks’ option wasn’t clear to me. When I had to look all around the screen to get where I wanted to go, clicking ‘Yes’ brought me to the screen I wanted, just MORE than I wanted. Customer Service says I viewed them because of clicking on the tabs. It wasn’t easy to see what happens when clicking on the tabs (one for each of 3 major credit reporting agencies). I don’t have the reports, by the way because I only wanted one in particular – the one offered when I signed up for the 7-day dollar deal. Anyway, a fews phone calls later and talking to a supervisor got one of the charges removed, but the other two only half off. Learn from this – take the time to read and understand. If something is not clear to you, back-button and call. I only wanted one report (1 each for 2 of us) to verify an activity and ended up spending LOTS more.

    • OnTask

      Please excuse: The above Hall of Shame comment was for EXPERiAN, not Equifax.

  • Granton5

    My nomination for the hall of shame is Target. I was waiting for the 42″ TV I wanted to go on sale this xmas season. It went on sale simultaneously at Target, Walmart, and Amazon for the same price. I hate Walmart, so I went to my local Target. They said the model number didn’t help them, they needed the stock number to find the TV. They didn’t have a TV that size in the store for that price, even though the website said on sale in store and online, and they told me it is always cheaper online. I tried. I went home to order it online to find they wanted $51 in shipping. The other two sellers were free shipping. I figured, this would be easy to fix, and I called the 800 number. They told me some things are free shipping and some are not. The TV is not. I explained that both of their competitors are free shipping and was told, nicely, too bad. I thought I would try one more time in the store. I went back and looked at all the TVs in the store. No luck. The clerk told me that it would be free shipping if I had a Target card. So I went to the service counter and signed up for the card. When they were done they gave me a register slip with a UPC label on it. ‘This is your temporary card until the actual card comes’. Huh. How do I order something online with this? ‘You can’t do that’. What a lump of coal.
    I went home, ordered it from Amazon, and had it hanging on my wall within 5 days. Target, I tried really hard. You didn’t even meet me halfway. You didn’t even get off your chair. F

  • Angi Roper Lovejoy

    My son’s Crocs had a broken strap. I went online to buy another strap, as I have done in years past. I couldn’t find the strap, so I entered an online chat with Custom Service. The lady told me immediately that the straps weren’t available for purchase and then asked me to hold on to chat someone in another department. A guy very quickly came onto the chat. I was irritated at first, thinking they were wasting my time. But, to my surprise, this rep told me that they would ship me a new pair of Crocs for free. He asked how old my son was (10) and if we would need the next size up since his feet were growing. Four days later, brand new shoes arrived. I’m amazed at this level of customer service. I didn’t have to ASK for this to be resolved. Crocs exceeded my expectations! Crocs Rocks!

  • CH

    For the Customer Service Hall of Fame, I nominate Foot Locker. I can’t comment on their store customer service, but their online customer service is fabulous! I never really thought much of this company one way or another until one day when I was buying a pair of shoes for my daughter who is in college in another state. Near the end of my purchase, I realized they have a military discount for not only active military, but all veterans and reservists (pretty much anyone who has ever served at all!) as well. But, then, looking at it, I thought I would not be able to use it on this purchase, which very much disappointed me because it was 20%!! It was late at night, but I called customer service anyway, and was most surprised to find they are a 24/7 operation, and the person I spoke to told me if I just had something that proved my, or husband’s service, I could scan and e-mail it to such and such e-mail and it would be verified. I had no idea how fast it would be, butdecided I didn’t have anything to lose, so I scanned my dependent ID per the instructions to the e-mail I was given, and what do you know, it took less time for a customer service representative to e-mail me that I’d been
    verified and could use the discount than it did for me to scan my ID in to them!!! From there, I went
    to the shopping website, put in my military info in, and received the discount without a hitch!! I’d never thought about Foot Locker before, but I certainly will in the future!!

    For the Hall of Shame, maybe they will redeem themselves, but as of right now, I nominate Electrolux vacuum company. I bought a Nimble brush roll vacuum in late July after much research because I just couldn’t pay the price of the brand I really wanted. I had used it maybe 10 times, and less than 6 weeks later, it stopped working. I checked to make sure nothing was clogging it, etc, and after I was sure of that, I called them. Mind you, every representative I have spoken to has been “nice”, however, they are anything but efficient. I spoke to 6 people in the span of 2 weeks before I finally received full information about the fed ex label that was coming in USPS for me to send in the vacuum for repair. The second one I spoke to (twice, he called me once) told me he got my call pay (repair at a facility further than 50 miles from me) approved, I now needed to box up my vacuum and then call Customer service back after it was boxed to receive my Fed ex label. I wondered “why can’t you send me the label now since you know I need it? Why do I have to have the vacuum boxed up first?”. So, I called when I got it boxed up, now a week after my first call because they are only open M-F, 9-6 EST, to request my fed ex label. And there started the miscommunication that lasted the next week and a half and 4 customer service representatives…
    I asked this one: Will I get the label today? (because silly me, I thought I would get it via e-mail!)
    He said “possibly, but probably not, they say to expect 24-48 hrs”. So, after 2 days, and no label,
    I called back…and was told “oh, they didn’t send it yet. I’m sorry. We’ll send it out in the next 20-30 minutes. If you don’t get it, call back”. Still sounds like it’s going to my e-mail, right? That’s what I thought!! So, after 3 hours, I called back…Mind you, I’d been without my vacuum for a week and a half!! This time, the lady told me “Well, you wouldn’t have it yet, it was just requested today! And I told her, “but the last person I talked to said it would be sent out in 20-30 minutes, so I was calling to check if you have my correct e-mail address!” And THEN she told me “Oh, no, it goes out in the regular mail! It will take a couple of days!” So, when I still didn’t have it after a couple of days, I AGAIN called back. And was told that time, “Oh, well, it’s the mail! It takes 7-10 days!” First of all that’s HORRIBLY inefficient, second, TERRIBLE communication! Why wasn’t I told that in the first place?? So, I finally did get the label, 2 weeks after my vacuum quit working. I think they should just give me a new one. Now I have to wait who knows how long for them to repair this one…if they even do. I have lost faith in this company.

  • Heather P

    I highly recommend Mary Kay as a Hall of Fame company. They stand behind their products 100%, even if it is used.


    I nominate AT&T as a Hall of Famer. I know, I know, who would have even one good thing to say about one of the giant, faceless tech companies, but they went out of their way when I had a problem with a promotional offer. I purchased a mobile hotspot device from an electronics store with service through AT&T. I believed the promotional offer included a free month of service and when it didn’t show on my bill, I complained to customer service. The rep couldn’t have been nicer and more patient, even when, to my embarrassment, it seemed I had misunderstood the offer–there was no freebie month. I have never had an account with AT&T for any device, so I couldn’t plead customer loyalty or longevity, or anything but another of my senior moments, but would you believe the rep gave me a free month of service anyway, even though I wasn’t entitled to it? He called it a “welcome to AT&T thank you bonus.” $50 may not mean much to AT&T, but it did to me and I will definitely make a point to purchase from them again.


    Can’t agree more with the other comments about Lands End–stellar customer service. They once sent me one single shower curtain ring because I insisted the curtain set I received came one short. Of course, I soon found the missing ring and begged stupidity. I wanted to pay for the it, or return it(!) but they wouldn’t hear of it. Apparently even a dumb customer is no problem for Lands End–gracious to a fault. Loved them even more before their sale to Sears, but that’s another story…

  • Russell Mohr

    my hall of shame is menards in council bluffs iowa…i returned some shingles for a guy who said i could take them back there and get store credit since he lost the receipt
    . i explained the situation and they said no problem…well the next day te stopped the store credit and now wont even give me my shingles back!!!