Over the past several months, I’ve received more requests for the best inexpensive stick vacuum than all other such requests combined. And I get it. I’ve been looking for my ideal stick vacuum for so long, I’d just about come to the conclusion that my expectations are completely unreasonable—my perfect stick vacuum doesn’t exist.

For me, a stick vacuum is not a substitute for a good, powerful household vacuum that can pull dirt, dust and debris from deep within the pile of a carpet. Just so you know, I am not looking to get rid of my beloved Sharky. Never! A stick vacuum has a different purpose altogether.

It’s a simple tool designed for quick pick-ups; to clean up spills in the kitchen, tracked in sand, dirt, pet hair, cat litter, dust, and loose debris when you don’t have the time or inclination to haul out a full size vacuum cleaner for such a small task.

A good way to think of a stick vacuum is that it’s an electric broom and dustpan in one. It “sweeps” up and then vacuums away debris in a single pass without the need for the user to bend over or get down on the floor.

My dream stick vacuum would be cordless with a run time of at least 20 minutes and able to stand alone. In my dreams this stick vacuum is so lightweight I can easily carry it up and down stairs in one hand while carrying a load in the other. It must have an on/off switch so that I don’t have to continuously hold down a trigger during operation.

It needs a generous size dirt and debris cup that is easy to empty and also washable because I like my appliances to be nice and clean. This dreamy stick vacuum would be quiet in operation and able hold a charge while not in use so I could have the option to store it in a closet away from the charger knowing it’s ready to go when needed.

I’ll admit that’s a lot of must-haves, but if I could ask for just one more feature, I would want it to be nice looking in a subtle way so that if I were to ever leave it out, it would add a little beauty to the place, not stand out like a sore thumb.

By now you’ve guessed that my dream stick vacuum does exist—I found it. And to my surprise, it has features I’d never thought about like headlights and a swivel head that pivots around table legs and slides under furniture. I’ve been using my new Eufy HomeVac Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner (I call it a stick vac) for about month now and I’m in love.

Eufy weighs about 5 pounds—half the weight of most competitors. And it’s whisper quiet when in operation. Eufy is perfectly balanced to stand alone and a powerhouse of suction with its 28.8 volts of power—far more powerful than other stick vacs out there

This Eufy has a large 2200 mAh Li-ion (lithium) battery and boy does it deliver! We’re talking cordless performance for up to 50 minutes of vacuuming on a single charge when used in economy mode. I can use it in full power mode (it has two speeds) for nearly 30 minutes—and no trigger to hold down because it has an on/off button. I’m learning the beauty of a Li-ion battery is that once charged, it holds that charge for months—losing only 5% a month when not in use. Eufy even has a “fuel gauge” that tells me how much charge remains. It’s amazing how it just keeps going and going … and going!

Speaking of charging, the way I charge Eufy reminds me of the way I charge my mobile phone. It comes with a simple charger that plugs into the back and I can use it with any electrical outlet. It doesn’t have to sit in a “dock.” It can stand on its own while being charged, or hung on a wall via the wall mount accessory. And if all this is not enough, this Eufy comes with a 15-month warranty from the manufacturer.

This Eufy stick vac has a big dirt cup that is easily removed to be emptied and can be washed in the sink. Eufy has a rolling brush that is also easily removed to be cleaned. This stick vac is completely self-contained with nothing complicated to deal with or keep track of—no attachments, wands, or hoses. It’s beautiful too—black and very sleek.

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