The Best $10 Gifts

Check the calendar. We’re moving into “Crunch Time”—those three months before Christmas when some of us have a tendency to panic over gifts. This condition can easily lead to frantic overspending or worse—grabbing a bunch of $25 gift cards, putting them on an already overloaded credit card and just calling it a day. Anything to just check a bunch of names off a list.

But wait! You have time to come up with a plan to not go into debt and still give thoughtful gifts to those you love.


Let’s say you are committed to a $10-per-gift limit. There is no doubt that you will need to use your imagination to stick to that budget, but I know you can do it. There’s lots you can do with ten bucks! And you still have plenty of time to do it.

Have no idea where to begin? Let me help. Here are 16 of my favorite $10 gifts for kids, babies, men and women.


1) While these gifts are available in various stores, for your convenience I am linking them to Amazon. Most of these gifts qualify for Prime Shipping, which is Amazon’s membership that includes free shipping. Hint: If you don’t have Prime membership, sign up for Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial and you’ll qualify for free priority shipping now on most of these items.

2) Please understand that prices can change anytime on Amazon, however at writing the prices were right around $10-$15.



1. HedBanz
$13.99, Prime Shipping available

What kids don’t love a GREAT board game, especially when they can get a grown-up to play it with them? HedBanz prompts kids of all ages to use their heads in more ways than one, while asking yes or no questions about who they are. This is the classic game of “Who Am I?” For kids 7 and up.

2. Transformers Blades the Copter-Bot
$14.99, Prime Shipping available

You can be sure that any little boy age 3 and up is going to flip out over this Playskool hero that measure a generous 7″ x 11.”  Blades transforms from robot mode to vehicle mode and what a cute ‘copter he becomes! Such a great toy for that special little boy on your gift list.

3. Whoopee Cushion
$5.38, Prime Shipping available

What would childhood be without all the hilarity of a whoopee cushion?

4. The Girls’ Book and The Boys’ Book
$8.71 each, Prime Shipping available

Two spiffy guides to anything and everything a boy and a girl needs to know! These books are priceless. Filled with how to do just about anything and how to be the best at everything, these books will keep your favorite young lady and young man intrigued and even laughing for hours on end. These really are fabulous books that any girl or boy age 10 and up will cherish and read over and over again.



5. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes
$7.99, Prime Shipping available 

I have to say I love this toy that plays seven baby classical melodies. It is the best ten bucks you’ll ever pay for a baby toy for newborn to 24 months. Not only is this a colorful toy, it promotes auditory development and early music appreciation. And yes, I think that every baby in the land needs this toy for his or her proper development. It is a lovely invention that allows a baby to operate it while it also soothes and calms the way that only classical music can. LOVE this toy. (Did I already say that?)

6. Play & Grow Take Along Firefly
$10.20, Prime Shipping available

This adorable plush animal offers massive entertainment for babies. Colorful, with a soft velour body, this winged insect has every kind of texture to stimulate baby’s tactile development. Includes a squeaker and peek-a-boo mirror. What a great gift for that special baby in your life.

7. Cloth Books
$13.46 each, Prime Shipping available

Choose from six different soft books for your tiny munchkin. Books have crinkly pages, peek-a-book ribbons and stimulating bright colors. The textures are fabulous and each of these books is very entertaining for baby.

8. Musical Inchworm
$14.99, Prime Shipping available

Remember the lyric and tune, “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands?” Yep, that’s the music this inchworm delivers, which means that will be one of baby’s first recognizable songs. So cute and colorful, this inchworm also delivers rattles, squeaks, crinkles and jingles and wonderful stimulation for baby’s auditory and visual development. Ideal for babies from newborn to 18 months.




9. Hanging Tear Drop Oil Warmer
5.95, Prime shipping available

Such a pretty addition to any home’s decor. Add fragrance oil and  a tea candle to fill any area with a pleasant aroma. Made of metal and porcelain, this little piece of folk art sits on a shelf, table or mantel and comes in a choice of four colors.

10. Jewelry Stand
$8.99, Prime shipping available

What a great alternative to a jewelry box. My box is a mess because everything gets all jumbled up and tangled. This stand displays jewelry so you can see exactly what you have and where it is—beautifully organized! Standing just 12.5 inches high, this stand  comes in a choice of four finishes and holds dozens of pair of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

11. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Gift Set
$9.99, Free shipping

Assorted Fruit Mix, contains four lip balms plus a keyring lip balm holder! What a great idea to make sure she always knows where her favorite lip balm is.

12. Manicure Set

$8, Prime shipping available

This lovely little set includes 12 professional manicure items in a travel kit. Simple and elegant, these are tools every well-groomed woman will love and adore. This kit has it all!



13. Micro-Max 19-in-1 Multi-Function Pocket Tool
$9.49, Prime Shipping available

This compact, easily transportable pocket tool has it all from screwdrivers (Hex, flat and Phillips) to pliers, wire cutter, stripper and crimper, to nail file, bottle opener, hand drill and ruler. And it all folds up cleverly to fit on a keyring. Quite amazing as well as useful.

14. The Prescription Coffee Mug
$9.99, Prime Shipping available

A great gift for coffee lovers, and coffee addicts. This hilarious ceramic coffee mug looks like a perscription medicine bottle, and the label is filled with funny puns about coffee.

15. Mini LED Flashlight
$8.88, Prime Shipping available

Every male needs one of these in his pocket at all times. This super minature LED Flashlight is like a mini torch, that’s just how bright it is. Battery and LED bulb included as well as snap hook. For the price it can’t be beat.

16. Magnetic Stud Finder
$8.99, Prime Shipping available

I know what you’re thinking: They don’t work. And normally I would agree, but finally someone known as CH Hanson has broken the code. This Magnetic Stud Finder is amazingly reliable and accurate. If a man in your life has ever made 57 holes in the wall before actually locating a stud, he wasn’t trying to annoy you. He just didn’t have one of these! This is every handyman’s dream come true. And a bargain to boot.

There you go … 16 ways to not break the bank over the next two months. Keep focused and stay strong! Come Dec. 26, you’ll be so glad you did.


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  • Jade Black

    I just have to say this, I love when people put out list for gift idea’s, but if it’s supposed to be 10.00 or under make it under 10.00. The kids gift list and the babies both at at least 2 item’s over 10.00 and we are not talking 10.95, they are 13.99 and 15.00, so the list should be gifts under 15.00. If you are truly on a budget those extra 5.00 means a lot.

    • maxhalberg

      Hi Jade,

      When this list was compiled the items were all under $11. As of posting some of the prices had changed so we updated the few that had changed significantly to reflect more accurately.

  • RR

    Your title shows that you can’t either stick to a budget. You list gifts at $1 0 & under, yet some of these suggestions are more. Coming from the one who is supposed to teach us about firmly sticking to a budget, especially with the intro about sticking to a budget, I find that this seriously undermines your reputation.

  • Kathy

    I love these kind of gift ideas, but have only 1 thing to suggest…….check for country of origin and try to make a choice that says Made in USA……..for health/ safety reasons as well as benefitting the economy.

  • Katybee

    Best place for kid gifts is 5Below. I normally give $10 gift cards to this place for any kid birthday presents, oh the possibilities on finding just the perfect something!

  • ABC

    # 7, the little peek-a-boo book, just set me back $20.47 on Amazon, but I got it anyway as a gift for my newest grand-nephew because it’s SO cute. Had it sent straight to my niece’s address and saved myself some trouble.

  • Portia

    Thank you for these suggestions. Please keep them coming as the holidays get closer. Men are especially hard to buy for. If you could do an updated version of your Father’s Day list that would be awesome.

  • Mishelley

    How about a list for teens?

  • Janet

    Recently I purchased 10 Christmas latte mugs from for $5.00 each. When a gift need arises, I will use some tulle (left over from my daughter’s wedding) and drop in mini bags of candy, hot chocolate packets, ink pens, flavored coffee stirrers, etc., and have a fabulous, inexpensive gift.

  • Linda

    I looked at the coffee mug but the Amazon
    reviews are terrible. Sounds as though
    Quality & finish are well below $10 value.
    Not a frugal choice at all — highly likely to
    Contribute to your loved ones clutter.
    A quality jar filled with their favourite snack
    Would be far better.

  • skizzatt

    How can they be $10 gifts when they cost over $10? One of the toys was $14.99.

  • ElectricNana

    The mini flashlight suggestion should not be just for men. I was given one a couple of years ago and I love it. I put it in my pocket when I walk my dog after dark and use it to pick up her poops.

  • lisette

    Late in joining this thread but…. check out greater good stores onlin line you can access via, all proceeds benefit charities. You can choose to buy from portions of the sit that benefit food programs for the hungry, or animal rescue, rainforest and wildlife preservation, alzheimers research, breast cancer treatment, help for homeless veterans, or literacy programs. The products are high quality, fair trade items and there are many many items under ten bucks.