19 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Mom

Since Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away and since I have a feeling you’re as surprised by that as I am and since I’m a mom and most of you are moms or know a mom or have a mother figure in your life–I’ve taken the liberty of assuming you might appreciate some help with coming up with an awesome Mother’s Day gift or two. 


I wouldn’t say I am the quintessential expert when it comes to selecting perfect Mother’s Day gifts, but I know what I like and think I may not be too far off from what most moms would also enjoy.


First, I love to cook so anything for my kitchen like a new gadget or improved implement like a shiny new whisk would delight me no end. Next, I enjoy technology, electronic devices and all the accessories that go along with them. I love fine fragrances and cool hair products. Ditto for quality makeup and fashion wear. 

And so, with myself in mind, I’ve come up with 19 great gift ideas ranging in price from $6 to $480. I would be tickled to open up any one of these item on Mother’s Day.

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1. Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball – $6. You know those times when you need to blend something in a hurry and you don’t want to get the big blender dirty because that just means having to take it apart to clean it? That’s when you want BlenderBottle handy. This thing is just amazing due to its Blenderball. Just pour in the ingredients (hot or cold), apply the lid and shake it. That Blenderball does all the work. You can mix, pour and store all in one container. It is dishwasher safe and comes in a choice of eight colors.

2. Scarf Holder  – $8. This scarf holder is beautiful all by itself! The polished chrome finish with seamless loops (no rough connections to snag delicate fabrics) is spectacular, and hangs from the closet rod. With loops for 18 scarves, it keeps everything visible and organized. I hope someone in my family is reading this.

3. Infinity Scarf – $9. This fashion accessory is all the rage, and this particular scarf (comes in 25 colors), is just perfect. The fine, drapey fabric falls exactly right to provide warmth and striking fashion. 

4. Leopard Print Camera Strap – $9. This awesome camera strap is just what your mom will love and adore, should she be fortunate to own a serious camera worthy of such a beautiful strap. The leopard print is cutting edge cool and the strap adjusts with buckles for perfect length. 

5. Proctor-Silex Electric Kettle – $9. Popular in every room in the hotels, B&Bs and Inns in all of the UK, electric kettles are such a great invention! This one is not only practical, it’s pretty, too. An electric kettle is perfect for quickly preparing water for tea, soup or anything thing that calls for that. Mom will wonder how she ever got along without her electric kettle.


6. Measuring Beakers – $10. Are these just adorable or what? Between the four of them, mom will have measurement for amounts as small as teaspoons up to cups. These beakers are well graduated and clearly marked. And they nest for storage to take up very little room. The bright colors will make her smile every time she pulls them out and remembers you.

7. Tornado Whisk – $20. What will they think of next? This odd looking 10-inch whisk from Kuhn Rikon is not only bright and beautiful, it makes traditional whisks look like slackers. That odd shape keeps liquids and sauces from scalding on the bottom. And this little tornado will saves mom’s energy by doing more work with each stroke of the whisk. Truly, this is an amazing piece of culinary engineering.

8. Bath and Body Works Candles – around $20. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful candle from Bath and Body Works collection. The fragrances are simply amazing. These candles burn evenly and for a long time. 

9. Deep Hair Waver – $26. You know that wavy hair styles are all the rage these days. And every cool mom wants to keep up with the styles. With this Deep Hair Waver (works similarly to a flat iron), she can, and with great ease.

10. They’re Real! Mascara – $29. Here’s the mascara to end all, and the product mom is sure to enjoy. Nothing fake about her eyelashes once she uses this particular mascara. And yes it is highly priced for mascara! But it’s not just any old mascara. It’s getting rave reviews and will give your mom the lashes she’s always dreamed of.


11. Leather Phone Super Case Wristlet Wallet – $33. I don’t know how I could get along without my phone case wristlet. With room for money, ID, etc., too, I can slip this over my wrist, feel secure and leave my purse behind. How handy is that? I love the bright color combinations. And it’s genuine leather to boot!

12. Paderno Vegetable Slicer – $36. Meanwhile back in the kitchen, this new fangled slicing gadget is just to die for. Safer than a mandoline slicer, this Paderno slicer is really versatile. It peels, slices, makes ribbons and spirals, too. It shreds and cuts fruits and vegetables. What a fun new piece of equipment that simple to use and cleans up easily.

13. Kai Pure Komachi Knives – $38. I’ve had this set of knives for about a year now so I feel well qualified to speak to just how fabulous they are. In fact, I have gotten rid of all other knives because I no longer need them. These knives are sharp and remain sharp because of their individual sheaths. Not a nick or chip even on the blades. They’ve never been in the dishwasher because I can’t help myself from cleaning them quickly to re-sheath them. And look at those colors! They’re solid, not a scratch in the paint and they’ve been used heavily! Love. These. Knives. 

14. Ninja Master Prep – $40. Here you go–a powerful, palm sized blender with a powerful blade to make smoothies and shakes. It chops ice in a flash, too. What a cutie that can do the work, for a fraction of the cost of the pricier options.

15. Fit-Flop Sandals – $42. Just take a look at this great flip-flops from the folks at Fit-Flop. Finally you mom will have the arch support, comfort and heel height she loves without an orthopedic look. 


16. Fossil Key-Per Tote Bag – $70. Oh my, could you find a prettier, more practical handbag for mom than this lovely specimen from Fossil? She’ll love the brand and the product–vinyl coated canvas in your choice of colors and patterns. And this Key-Per has one zip pocket and 2 slip pockets with a zip-top closure. For fashion and practicality, this is it.

17. Samsonite Luggage – $150. In the past 23 years I’ve flown nearly 1.5 million miles. I’ve owned and worn out so many pieces of luggage, it’s more than I can recall. I have experience with luggage. I got this Samsonite about a year ago, a brilliant move than has changed my traveling life. First the piece is hard-sided so it is very easy to pack and it keeps my clothes straight and well organized. It has expansion capability, which I use often. It also has spinner wheels, which I love because they glide–no pulling or pushing required! And contrary to what you might think from looking at it, the piece is extremely lightweight. If your mom has any summer travel plans, she will love and adore you for getting her a new Samsonite.

18. Le Creuset French Oven 7 1/4 Quart – $330. If you’re feeling particularly sentimental this year, springing the big bucks for a piece of Le Creuset will come back to bless you. That’s because this cook wear is enduring–to be passed down from one generation to the next. It will never wear out, will never scratch or crack, or get discolored and dented. The handles will not fall off. Le Creuset is where it is and this French oven piece in the collection is just an amazing thing. Check out all the colors. 

19. Vitamix – $480. How many blenders would you say your mom has owned over the years? Add up the cost. Wow. That’s sad, isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be nice if she had one that will outlast her, and possibly outlast you as well? That would be a Vitamix. It does so much and does it all so well. It’s almost insulting to call it a blender. 

If you’ve hated every gift idea I’ve posted above–and can still not think of a great gift for your mom–drop me an email. I’ll give it one more shot.

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