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17 Things You’d Be Smart to Buy at a Dollar Store

At least a couple of times a week, someone will ask me what I miss most about living in California. That’s certainly understandable. After all, we lived there for 47 years before pulling up roots and relocating to Colorado.

My usual response is “Not much!” But, truth be told there are two things: Good pizza and 99 Cents Only Stores. While I’m still searching for a decent pizza, I’ve discovered other dollar stores near me to tide me over until 99 Cents gets smart and opens a store in my neighborhood!

A dollar store is the place I go when I need something to last just until the end of the party—or through the next holiday. Dollar stores are where I match quality with need. If I don’t need it for long (think: disposable), I sure don’t want to pay a lot for it.

Today I have 17 things you’d be smart to buy at a dollar store. Do you shop at dollar-type stores? Tell us in the comments!

Enjoy this beautiful day …

Love, Mary ☀️