What would you pay for a good night’s sleep? I just read about a soccer club in England that spent £150,000 on special mattresses and pillows for the 80 luxury bedrooms at the club’s £200 million soccer training base where players sleep the night before home matches.

The rooms even have wallpaper with a special sleep-inducing pattern. I think it’s pretty safe to say these people think good sleep is important!


So how are your sleeping conditions? Getting a good night’s sleep, we’re learning, is not only a lovely thing, it’s mandatory for good health and a productive life.

Even if your mattress is lumpy, bumpy and in the fast lane to saggy, there are a few things you can do it get it back to comfy with a minimal investment. The best part? This could buy a few more years, giving you the time you need to save up for a new bed.

Topper. A memory foam mattress topper can turn a tired, worn mattress into a thing of comfort. With the right density and thickness, it can camouflage the lumps and bumps underneath, and give your mattress a new life. It even adds a couple of inches to the bed’s height, which takes care of that weighed down, saggy appearance.

Memory foam comes in a variety of densities and thicknesses. And prices. Wow, these things can get expensive. When I saw the price on this queen-size  3-inch, 4-pound density, memory foam topper and thousands of excellent reviews, I had to blink twice. I even rebooted my computer just to make sure. It’s true and also comes with prime shipping.   

Mattress pad. A mattress pad on top of a topper, anchors it to the mattress to keep it from shifting around. Let me tell you about this mattress pad. It has all these little pillow-like sections that are overfilled with micro plush filling. Feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. It is very stretchy, so even if your mattress is thick and the topper adds a few more inches, this thing goes on top, then pulls everything together into a snuggly bit of heaven.

Bed bands. Not even the best mattress, topper, pad or bedsheets can overcome the problem of sheet tangling. Whether your sheets are too tight at the corners and they keep popping off, or they’re too big so they don’t stay put—there’s nothing like a night of getting your feet tangled up in errant sheeting to rob you of a good night’s sleep.

You can use safety pins and lengths of elastic to fix this problem, but it’s tedious. Perhaps a better idea: Bed Bands. So clever, these gadgets have cord lock buttons that allow you to create the exact tension needed to put everything in place so it stays that way.

Sheets. Am I the only one who’s fussy about sheets? For me, they have to be smooth and velvety to the touch and very cozy. Yeah, I’m one of those. High-quality bed sheets can get pricey. Or you can be clever enough to find high-quality at budget prices.  

If you’re a sheet snob like me, these 100% cotton flannel sheets by JCPenney will send you to the moon. I have two sets of these sheets. After dozens of washings, \they are now softer and more lovely than they were on day one. We use them year-round, too.

I can’t help but wonder about that wallpaper at the soccer club. If there’s a pattern that makes players sleepy to induce a great night’s sleep, I wonder if they could come up with one to keep me awake during those times I have a short deadline and a long assignment. Or how about one that induces the urge to clean out the refrigerator?

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone’s working on that right now.

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