A Homemade Gift You’d Actually Love to Receive

Gifting friends, family, co-workers teachers and others with a jar of your own signature luxury hand and body lotion will definitely put you on the map. It’s that good. And what better time than this weekend to get a head start on Christmas gifts.



Not particularly crafty? No worries. If you can assemble, empty, stir and mix well, you’ve got what it takes to make dozens of these gifts start to finish in a single evening. And the best part? About $3.50 per gift, depending on where you buy the ingredients and containers.



Here’s the routine: Purchase the specific ingredients, mix them together, divide between your choice of small containers, apply a label or gift tag, embellish with a ribbon and there you go. Done and in no time flat.

To make this lovely hand and body lotion you’ll need:
















  • Large mixing bowl
  • Electric mixer or hand whisk
  • Gallon-size zip-type or another plastic bag



1. Empty the five ingredients into the large mixing bowl.



2. Using an electric hand mixer or whisk, whip together until well incorporated, about five minutes.



3. Fill a large zip-type bag with the whipped lotion. Close the top. Using scissors, snip off a small portion of one of the bottom corners  to create a simple “piping” bag.



4. Fill jars or containers of choice by gently squeezing the bag so the lotion extrudes from the snipped corner. I use these  4-oz. plastic jars in cobalt blue with black lids.


5. Give your signature lotion a name. Create small labels or tags with your message of choice.

6. Embellish as desired.

That’s it. Beautiful, homemade gifts that will be so well-received because you have just created a very high-quality lotion. Because all of the ingredients except for the shea body cream are unscented or nearly so, your lotion will have a very light, subtle scent—certainly not overpowering or offensive. Simply lovely.

This recipe as stated, yields about 16 4-oz. jars of fine hand and body lotion. Your mileage may vary depending on how long and vigorously you whip the lotion. Be careful to not make it too fluffy. I find that no more than five minutes is ideal.


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9 replies
  1. Suzy Halter
    Suzy Halter says:

    Wow! I can’t believe all of the alarmists out there slamming this idea!! Obviously, if it doesn’t appeal to you, don’t make it and give it out. I appreciate that Mary gives us great ideas to make and give gifts from the heart. I am sure people know of any family and friends who are allergic or have skin problems, and won’t give this as a gift. This isn’t something you just hand out randomly, it is a gift from the heart, and will only be given to those who can use it. Lighten up people! Jeez!!!

  2. pawandclawdesigns
    pawandclawdesigns says:

    Oh my goodness, this is making my spidey-sense scream in all the bad ways. How is a lotion like this preserved, to prevent water borne bacteria, yeasts and other bad for us things from forming when dipping wet fingers into the tub?

    You say you’re doing this ‘again’ this year. Has anyone reported changes in the end product? Has it been challenge lab tested? Not to be a downer, but the last thing I’d want to give my loved ones is a staph infection. 🙁

    • Judy
      Judy says:

      Please note that maufacturers of the purchased items that go into this lotion have undoubtedly resolved your concerns. However instead of dipping your fingers you might try using a small makeup stick to remove lotion from container.

      • Ya But Queen
        Ya But Queen says:

        Way back in the early 1970’s, I was introduced to Jafra cosmetics. They were out of CA and came about to protect skin from pollution. The Jafra rep told me you NEVER put your fingers into anything as it contaminates it. I have been using little spatulas forever and dont understand why they arent given with high-end cosmetic purchases.

  3. Deb
    Deb says:

    Hi Mary… I have followed your site for years and appreciate all that you share with us… I am hoping you would be willing to offer a LOTION RECIPE that is CHEAPER and NON-TOXIC. I have never left a comment before but this time I feel compelled to do so. Through years of research for what cause health issues I discovered that ‘chemicals we put on our skin COLLECTS in our LIVER’. These chemicals can cause a myriad of health issues! … A simple CHEAP recipe below that one can add any FRAGRANCE to… This body butter costs pennies, ($3/16 oz) when ingredients are purchased in bulk.. I use EBAY for alot of my ingredients but Amazon has them too… Be sure to use ORGANIC to avoid pesticides… Just thought the health minded might like this recipe…. Thanks Mary, for ALL you do!

    • Holly Petrie
      Holly Petrie says:

      I totally agree! The ingredients in these “ingredients” are are scary and I would never gift such toxic stuff.

    • Honeywest
      Honeywest says:

      Can’t agree more. The chemicals in standard lotions are in your bloodstream in under 10 minutes. Many of these products contain chemicals that are cancer causing.

  4. erica seelig
    erica seelig says:



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