family, holidays, generation, christmas and people concept - smiling grandparents and grandchildren with gift box sitting on couch at home

Stuff Grandparents Need

As people age, certain activities of normal day-to-day life can become challenging, not that I know anything about this from personal experience or anything. I’ve only heard, got it?

 family, holidays, generation, christmas and people concept - smiling grandparents and grandchildren with gift box sitting on couch at home

Take ordinary floor cleaning for example, known to many as “mopping.” Or how about your basic can opening. Both can become challenging for grandparents and other seniors, so I’ve been told.

I’m pretty excited to let you know about some solutions to these and other similar dilemmas and when I say solutions, I’m also referring to gift ideas. Do not assume that your grandparents would be anything but overjoyed  with any of the following.


1. SPIN & GO PRO. Months ago I ordered this spin bucket, mop handle and microfiber mop head so that I could test it. I’ll admit I was skeptical because the hype was pretty much over the the top, so there it sat unopened. As luck would have it, a couple of weeks ago I opened the fridge and somehow, a new glass bottle of heavy whipping cream bolted out onto the floor and smashed to pieces sending thick, cream all over the kitchen floor. Also filling my shoes. What a mess but perfect opportunity to test Spin & Go Pro. What can I say other than, “Wow! this thing is amazing!” It works better than I could have imagined and lives up to and beyond the hype. My mess was cleaned up quickly and my hands stayed completely dry. I didn’t have to bend, stoop or touch the mop head. That spinning thing in the bucket is truly amazing. But the best part? It was fun. I love SPIN & GO PRO and will go so far as to say every home needs one of these.

2. COFFEE MUG. The is adorable and your gramps (or anyone born in the 1940s) will love it. The big easy grip handle plus 11-oz capacity will make BUILT IN THE FORTIES COFFEE MUG a cherished gift for years to come.

3. BIG CLOCK. This is a fabulous digital wall clock that shows the time plus spells out the current day and date on an 8-inch screen! I believe I would love one of these in every room of my home? The thing is programmable too, to include specific reminders like “Take Your Morning Medication.” Also works as a digital photo frame, video and mp3 player. Your recipient will be able to look at favorite photos or videos in HD and listen to music, too. DALTON DIGITAL CLOCK.

4, JAR & BOTTLE OPENER. Still the best of its kind on the market. This manual jar opener installs easily under cabinet so it’s out of the way, always handy and not batteries required. Fits any size jar or bottle from fingernail polish size up to 6-inch lid. And it works like a charm! Sure, grandma needs EZ Off Jar Opener, and I’ll bet you do, too. Just saying’.

5, CHROMEBOOK. Perfect for the grandparent (or anyone for that matter) who wants a computer for emailing, surfing the Internet, managing photos of the kids and grandkids and listening to his or her favorite music. Chromebook is taking the senior demographic by storm! This ACER CHROMEBOOK 14 is a really beauty; simple to use (just plug and play—it comes all set up and ready to go) plus it has 4GB of memory, a 32GB hard drive and weighs in at 3.42 lbs.

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5 replies
  1. Shirley
    Shirley says:

    First let me say how much I enjoy getting your emails every day and continually learn new things. I just went to Amazon to order the Spin Mop and it is not available and they don’t know when or if it will be available again. I am 81 and have arthritis so to wring out a regular mop is not feasible. I have a volunteer helper who comes every other week and she CHOOSES to do the floors on her hands and knees (definitely not an opton for me.) She will not be able to help me for awhile as she is having surgery this week. Any other suggestions on what I can purchase? Thank you, Mary. Shirley near Seattle

  2. lisette
    lisette says:

    Jitterbug cell phones are a great gift for grands. Simple to use and very reliable. The best gift is ….give them the phone and then call them on it regularly. Do some house chores for them. Give them a collection of their favorite old shows on DVD and then bring them snacks and sit and watch with them.

  3. Pat S
    Pat S says:

    The best gift I gave my mother (age 90) for Christmas was “Flavor of the Month”. Every month I delivered to her a carton if her favorite brand if ice cream. It was the gift that kept on giving because it had to be delivered personally. When she was in a Senior apartment, so she had a full sized freezer and I could buy a half gallon. When she moved to assisted living, a pint size container of the same brand still fit in her small freezer compartment. She and I both enjoyed that gift.


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