Look What I Got For Christmas!

I love gadgets and apparently I’ve not kept that a secret from my friends and family. I’m still excited about these five new gadgets I got for Christmas—each one amazing and fun to use.

THE KNIT KIT. What a cool little gadget. It contains the nine essential knitting tools every knitter needs to have handy at all times—all of them excellent quality and cleverly tucked into this handy gadget. No more having to dig and search for a stitch counter, tape measure, crochet hook, yarn/thread cutter, stitch markers, point protectors, darning needle, needle gauge and collapsible scissors. All nine essentials are in there and part of The Knit Kit. What a brilliant and clever gadget. I love it so much I just can’t stop knitting. About $30.


OXO CLEANING TOOL SET. The Instant Pot seven-in-one workhorse (About $100) was one of the hottest gifts this year as evidenced by all of your rave reviews in my inbox and Facebook feed. What an amazing piece of kitchen magic. I’m in love with mine and use it nearly every day. If you have one, you know that keeping your Instant Pot clean (here’s an excellent tutorial) including the silicone sealing ring isn’t difficult. The only challenge for me is the recessed area of the housing unit where dried food accumulates. I’d been resorting to using a fork to shove a dishcloth in there to keep it clean. But no more! Thanks to my friend Sharon, I have the perfect set of tools to clean my Instant Pot and every other area of the kitchen, too. The loop brush in the OXO Cleaning Tool Set is the perfect shape and size to clean that recessed area. This really is the perfect set for giving your kitchen and appliances a deep, detailed cleaning.


CLEVER CUTTER. Every time I reach for my Clever Cutter (thanks, Marsha!), I wonder who invented this handy kitchen gadget. A genius, that’s for sure. Clever Cutter is a knife and cutting board in one, but looks like a pair of scissors. The razor sharp stainless steel blade easily slices and chops through veggies, fruit, meat, cheese and more. It’s just a great design and so much fun to use.

S’WELL DOUBLE WALLED STAINLESS WATER BOTTLE. Actually I have two of these and use them continuously where they sit on my desk—one to keep water cold and the other to keep coffee hot. Amazingly, these bottles keep drinks hot or cold for 24 hours. They do! Because they are vacuum sealed and double-walled, there’s no condensation. Even the hottest coffee inside does not make the bottle feel hot to the touch. So smart, beautiful too!

COFFEE VAULT. You know I am a coffee snob—so much that I import green beans from Costa Rica and roast it myself. Yes, to save money but more than that—there’s nothing like freshly roasted coffee. While there is some skill required in achieving the perfect roast, keeping coffee free from damaging CO2 gases that are a result of the roasting process is a real challenge. It’s all about the way the coffee is stored  (never in the fridge or freezer by the way). My kids gave me this perfectly designed Friis Coffee Vault and what a difference it makes! It provides airtight storage for 16 ounces of coffee (any coffee, whole bean or ground) making sure the coffee maintains rich, full flavor—never stale!—right to the last bit.


The Knit Kit

OXO Cleaning Tool Kit

Instant Pot 7-in-1

Clever Cutter

S’well Double Walled Stainless Water Bottle

Friis Coffee Vault


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    The Knit Kit Essential Knitting Tools Travel Set – Rose Pink or Sky Blue (Sky Blue)

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