2018 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3—Best Gifts for Teens


Finding the perfect gift for teen boys and girls is almost impossible. So forget trying to be perfect and concentrate on this: Teenagers like what they like. Funny thing. I’m kinda’ the same way. So what do teens like? Here are twelve gifts for teens that are sure to delight both you and your young recipient.

This Gift Guide for Teens is nothing if not a lot of fun, no matter your age. Oh, and one more thing: At writing, all of these gifts as linked to Amazon, were priced under $20. Make sure to check because prices can and do change.


1. Window Breaker, Seatbelt Cutter

Regardless of how reliable, responsible and confident your teen driver is, a lack of experience makes him or her more prone to accidents. An all-in-one emergency rescue tool has enough cool factor to get any driver’s attention, making this a dandy gift for all the drivers on your list regardless of age. This one tool is a steel hammer to easily smash car windows in case of a dire emergency and a seatbelt cutter to slice through seat belts fast.

2. Portable Compact Charger

Your teen’s phone or another device will never run out of power again once he or she is carrying this sweet Anker Portable Charger, which is the size of a candy bar. But don’t let that fool you. It’s powerful with high capacity and delivers a fast charge. Includes USB and Micro USB ports and cables for both. Lightning cable for iPhone or iPad sold separately. 

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3. Digital Sports Watch

This men’s digital sports watch has multiple functions: Stopwatch, alarm, chronograph, standard and military time modes, hour/week/date display, LED backlight, and easy to read displays. This watch is water resistant to 50 meters, and there is no need to worry about damaging it while washing hands, showering or light swimming. Band made of silicone rubber and adjusts from 9 inches down to 6.5 inches—which makes it a very cool gift for that young man on your list. This is not a timepiece to last a lifetime, but a reliable watch that is light in weight for its size, and comes at a very good price.

4. Hair Chalk

It’s all the rage, and so much fun for teens to sport a streak or two (or 20?) of bright color in their hair. A gift of hair chalk might make you just about the coolest person out there in their book, too. This hair chalk kit comes with 12 colors which can be used individually or mixed to create even more colors. It’s safe a durable, non-toxic, non-allergenic, water-soluble and lasts for up to 3 days. Temporary hair chalks make it quick and easy to apply. Super easy to wash out, too.

5. Wireless Beanie

It’s a beanie hat and touchscreen gloves set—that has headphones and Bluetooth capability built into the beanie. Just charge it up (easy) and you’re ready to go no matter how cold it is. Pairs with any device including iPhone, Samsung, tablets, MP3 players. The unique gloves let you answer calls and carry out screen conversations without having to remove your gloves. Choice of red or black beanie.

6. Wall Decal

You need to click through to see how BIG this is, which makes it perfect for above a headboard or other large area. This wall decal (set of stickers) delivers a lot of sparkle for your teen girl’s room, and a lovely message as well. Easily applied; fully repositionable and easily removed, too. Just peel and stick! Includes four phrases and 32 gold dots. A bit tedious to apply, so your teen may need some adult assistance.

7. Teen Cook

Teens like what they like and mostly only eat what they like, too. With this fabulous cookbook, Teens Cook, your teen can learn to cook those foods he or she likes to eat. What a concept. With more than 75 recipes for what kids like including breakfast, snacks, sides, dinners, and desserts—this is the perfect cookbook to inspire young adults to take interest in their diets by giving them a tasty hobby. 

8. Detangling Hair Brush

This detangling hairbrush is as useful as it is beautiful—and an Official Productducg of the Kid’s Choice Awards Swag Bag. Did you know there was such a thing? And tell me, when was the last time you knew of a hairbrush to garner 3,917 5-star reviews? This hair brush is that great. Whether your teen girls have long hair or short, this brush will make them very happy. Trust me on that.

9. Guide to World Domination

Don’t worry. This is not some weird cult handbook. This is a great book that will inspire your teen to make good life choices—and laugh out loud, too. Drawing from his own experiences as a troubled youth, plus nearly a decade of motivational speaking to teen audiences, author Josh Shipp offers an unusually stimulating approach to making life decisions, rejecting bad choices, and nurturing a sense of self-identity. Read the 119 5-star reviews and you may just decide to get The Teen’s Guide to World Domination: Advice on Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesomeness for every teen in your life. 

10. Digital Rubber Watch with Multi-Color Band

So adorable I mean cool for both boys and girls—kid to adult. Don’t assume this is a high-end Lego-branded timepiece, it only looks like it! This great sports watch also is an alarm clock with chronograph functions and a nightlight. And that band—look at all the colors! This is not a watch to last a lifetime—it’s a super fun gift that will last long enough. For the money (we’re talking about 7 bucks here), what a great gift.

11. Peel Off Nail Art Set

Oh, the hours of fun your teen girl will have with this super fun nail polish art set. It’s a rainbow in a box with a color for every occasion, holiday and mood. Comes with 11 shades plus a high-shine top coat, nail file, nail art stamper and nail stickers. Here’s the best part—it all peels off, no fingernail polish remover required. Completely non-toxic and formaldehyde-free. Odorless, too. This just might be her favorite gift ever!

12. Shower Speaker

Yes, in the shower, out in the rain, in the pool, too. It is totally safe—100% waterproof and also Bluetooth and portable with built-in mic. Don’t worry. And that Shower Speaker delivers impressively clear crisp sound. Up to 12 hours runtime on a single charge. Comes in several colors each with 7 changing lights. Teens know about speakers and Bluetooth and all of that. They know cool and this shower speaker is … cool!

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