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Travel is not what it used to be. Having flown 1.5 million miles in the past 20 years, I’ve seen things go from enjoyable to downright challenging. I’ve had to learn a few lessons the hard way, but learn them I have.

Because of the things I’ve witnessed on airplanes, in airports, taxis, subways and hotels, I’ve gone from being a passive passenger to a purpose-driven traveler. 


My purpose is to arrive at my destination safe, healthy and happy. That’s why I always travel with an assistant—a travel buddy. My Buddy Nok-Out weighs just 4 ounces and travels in my handbag*. Buddy is with me wherever I go.

I have come to assume that my space on any airplane is a germ pit, due to what I have observed over the years. I have seen people change dirty diapers on the pull-down tray table. I’ve seen sick children sneeze and smear all manner of bodily debris on the seat, armrests, and table.

I’ve seen people clip their toenails, gather up the bits and deposit them into the seat pocket. I’ve observed a seatmate using that throw-up bag for the purpose it was created, then stuffing it back into the seat pocket. Do I have your attention yet? Gross, disgusting! I’ve learned to never assume that a plane is cleaned and sanitized between flights. Never.

Because of these things I know to be true, here’s my plane routine:

  1. Locate my seat.
  2. Take Buddy from my handbag.
  3. Quickly spray down all of my surfaces.
  4. Take my seat and wait about 10 minutes to allow everyone around me to get into their seats and stow their luggage and for Nok-Out to fully engage.
  5. Wipe all surfaces dry with the paper towel I bring with me. (I consider that seat back pocket to be 100% off limits. I don’t touch it, use it or any of the magazines in it.)

Here are the simple reasons I use Nok-Out and not another kind of antibacterial spray or wipes. I trust Nok-Out. I’ve done the research.

Nok-Out is non-toxic. It is totally harmless to me and anyone sitting close by. It has no fumes, perfume or fragrance. You’d think I was spritzing water on my tray table. But it’s not water! Nok-Out is powerful against all manner of ick.

In its SNiPER form, it is antibiotic and antiviral. It kills H1N1, cold and flu viruses, measles and MRSA. It is stable, which means it has a long shelf-life, and it’s liquid so when I wipe it off, I can quickly remove boogies, smudges, smears, and spills. 

I plan and program myself in such a way as to avoid airplane restrooms at all costs. However, I am not always successful. You can be sure I bring Buddy with me. And trust me when I say that I leave that restroom in better condition than I found it. Everything I may need to touch gets a spritz and wipe down of Nok-Out.

On to the hotel. ABCNews reported on a University of Houston study that concluded television remotes in hotel rooms are one of the most heavily contaminated with bacteria (I really don’t want to go into detail here), second only to the hotel housekeeping carts, which are veritable cross-contaminating trolleys for germs. So you guessed it: The first thing I do when I walk into my hotel room is to give that remote a nice disinfecting with Nok-Out. It’s Buddy to the rescue.

There have been trips when I’ve used the entire 4 ounces before arriving home. And no, I am not a nutcase. I’m informed about super-bugs, communicable diseases and how they are transmitted. I choose to be proactive, which means I refill that bottle quite often.

In all the years I have been traveling with my Buddy, I have not gotten sick on a trip. Despite all of the quirky things that have happened to me, I’ve eventually arrived at my destination, participated fully in the planned event and returned home safe and healthy.

I believe that I owe my excellent travel health to Nok-Out and my willingness to keep my  Buddy busy. Honestly, I won’t travel without it. Wait, I won’t live without it. That’s how much I believe in and trust Nok-Out.

Everybody needs a Buddy

*Even though my Buddy is clearly marked 4 oz., I have never been questioned at security in all these years because of the 3,4 oz. TSA limitation. I always take the bottle out of my bag and put it in a clear plastic bag with other small gels and liquids I carry. However, I recommend that to be on the safe side, you pour Nok Out into any bottle up to the TSA-acceptable size of 3.4 oz. that accepts a regular pump spray top would work just as well. Our take a stack of folded paper towels, put them into a zip-top bag and saturate them with Nok-Out. There you go. Disinfecting wipes.

Updated: 12-19-18

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13 replies
  1. Greta says:

    Thank you!! What a great idea! We LOVE the product, but forget how many different uses it has. Please do keep reminding us. I will definitely add this to our travel items!

  2. Misty Blu Nuyen Walker says:

    I know it’s just an ounce, but knowing my luck, I would get there and they would make me throw it out. Can I purchase this in the store?

  3. Misty Blu Nuyen Walker says:

    But to take it on an airplane, doesn’t it have to be less than 3 ounces? And do you use the Odor Eliminator or the Disinfectant?

      • ABC says:

        Yeah, she didn’t answer the question (in the last paragraph) about whether she used the odor eliminator or the disinfectant. She has now, but she didn’t in the last paragraph.

      • Nancy says:

        But the whole article was about the disinfectant. Sorry I didn’t clarify that I was only referring her back to the last paragraph in regards to the question aboutthe size of the bottle. It was meant to be helpful, nothing else. Geez.

      • Nancy says:

        I was just directing her to the answer. I didn’t mean any I’ll will. You are reading more into it. I was replying to the person who asked the question about the bottle being 4oz. Since Mary addressed it in the article that is why I replied in that way. I meant it to be helpful.

    • jan jones says:

      I had the same question, and I have spoken to their customer service rep Ted, and the two are apparently the same thing. There is some govt regulation that they have to put on the disinfectant to have it approved in hospital use, or something, but the only difference is the labels. I am not sure why they don’t just use the yellow label – maybe because they had already established their reputation with the green label and did not want to panic loyal customers if they saw a label change?

    • Guest says:

      Misty … you are right. And honestly, I’ve just never thought about that because I’ve never been questioned. Crazy, I know given that I do travel a lot and on multiple carriers. Nok-Out It is always in my 1-quart clear plastic bag (I am compliant that way) and I put it right on top of everything going through the security screening machine. But… I’m going to reform. In fact I just located a 3-oz travel bottle and the spray top fits perfectly. I think I’ll start carrying two 3-oz bottles which means while downsizing, I’ll be upgrading 🙂

    • Guest says:

      Regular. Hint: This is my own observation, so for what it’s worth … my personal analysis of the labeling, searching the Nok-Out website and talking with Lou and Ted–all of that–leads me to believe that the product is the same, only the labels vary.


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