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February is the Best Time to Buy These 13 Things

February is a busy month. First, we have the Super Bowl, then Valentine’s Day, and Presidents’ Day with its 3-day weekend—all offering us excuses to shop. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to take part in these events—in fact, it can be a great month to save if you stick to these things and you know where to look.

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Manufacturers release new designs every spring—much in the same way that car manufacturers roll out their new models—and that means retailers need to get rid of last year’s designs like now! And that means you can find great deals on last year’s models this month.


February, especially President’s Day three-day weekend, is the best time of the year to  jump on mattress deals. Retailers use the holiday to attract people who have put off buying or replacing for a while.

Last year, retailers, including Best Buy, Lowe’s, Mattress Firm, Overstock, Serta and more had blow-out sales on mattresses. Overstock offered up to 70% off on a wide variety of items for the home including mattresses.

Costco, Sam’s Club (both require membership) and American Furniture Warehouse (not a membership store) deliver almost anywhere and offer amazing deals on a wide variety of mattresses. Make sure you compare (include shipping costs) before you make your final decision. It’s easy as all three have an excellent online presence.


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One of the best times to buy jewelry is in February because, well … Valentine’s Day. While there are lots of “sales” starting now if you can wait, you’ll score authentically after the holiday when retailers have been known to offer true discounts upwards of 80%.


In the past, some manufacturers and wireless carriers have offered really good deals on cellphones including smartphones—like BOGO (buy one get one free) deals—in February. Start watching for that now if you need to make a replacement or upgrade.

Winter coats and jackets

Winter coast are taking up a lot of space in retail stores and they need to clear them out to make room for spring merchandise.

Want to see some amazing examples? Click over to Burlington. They’re clearing out women’s winter coats and jackets with some as much as 80% off—plus 5% cash back to your Rakuten account.  You can be sure that other retailers—both in-store and online—are doing their best to compete.


February is Super Bowl month and that means shoppers are searching for discounts on big-screen TVs. This month, retailers are anxious to comply.

Some 17% of Americans plan to purchase a new television during Super Bowl sales this year, and the average television budget among those who plan to buy is $753, according to a recent NerdWallet survey conducted by The Harris Poll. Is that you? Better hurry. Sales will continue for a few weeks, but typically supplies are limited when the prices are so deeply discounted.

Pro tip

Except for TVs, avoid purchasing consumer electronics this month. You’ll find much better deals on laptop and desktop computers, tablets and video game consoles in November during Black Friday sales.

Valentine’s Day clearance

Stock up on candy treats after Valentine’s day when prices are super sweet. Stores like Target and Walmart offer super blow-out clearance prices immediately following the holiday of love—especially on themed items. Hint: Red works well for July 4 and Christmas, too!

Steak and lobster

Your local supermarkets and butcher shops are loading up on more expensive cuts of meat and seafood in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. And you can be sure that come February 15, there will be terrific mark-downs on steaks, lobster and more—what remains after the big day.

Canned food

February being National Canned Food Month, it is the best time of year to load up on canned foods. Manufacturers and retailers will team up this month to offer loss-leader type sales and all things in cans.


Typically, people purchase humidifiers at the beginning of winter in anticipation of dry winter months ahead. And as far as retailers are concerned, February marks the end of that season. Expect to see bargain prices on humidifiers. But with plenty of wintertime still ahead, you’ll enjoy the benefits right away.

Sporting equipment

From clothing to sporting equipment, now’s the time to stock up on winter products. You’ll still have time to use the items this year, and you’ll get them at a discount. Winter products are on their way out the door because many retailers have already released spring arrivals, which typically hit shelves at full price.

Ski trips

This month, should you be booking a winter vacation, look for big discounts on ski trip vacation packages, especially to Colorado and Utah. The peak season for resorts in these states has passed with the winter holidays. They need to fill rooms, sell lift tickets and keep their resorts humming with business for at least a few more months! How do they do that? By discounting vacation packages and ski trip prices.

Tax software

It’s that time of year and right now—contrary to most retailers who wait until after their holidays to put their goods on sale—tax software manufacturers are getting a jump on Tax Day, April 15, 2020, by putting tax software on sale at bargain prices. By the way, the IRS began accepting individual tax returns for Tax Year 2019 on Jan. 27, 2020.

Presidents Day sales

There’s another holiday besides Valentine’s Day in February. Presidents Day falls on Feb. 17, and if this year is like previous ones, expect retailers to host holiday weekend sales. They’ll likely focus on home goods, such as bedding and small kitchen appliances. You could score free shipping, too.

Bonus: National Frozen Yogurt Day

Finally, sweeten up an already sweet month with National Frozen Yogurt Day on Feb. 6, 2020. Look for free or discounted yogurt at a business near you.

In past years, I’ve seen deals to buy one froyo and get one free. Look for specific promotions for yogurt deals near you on social media.

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