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Simple Tricks to Make Your Stuff Last Longer

Being wasteful is easy especially when things seem to be so plentiful and simple to replenish. Just order more. Or run to the store, right?

Sure, we love to buy things on sale but that’s not the only way—nor the best way—to cut costs. Discovering simple ways to make things last longer is the surefire way to save time and money.

Today I have a bunch of clever tips and tricks to make things like toilet paper last longer—tricks I’ve been doing for years now, which are certainly coming back to bless us these days. And I’m banking on the fact that you’ve got a few of your own you’ll be willing to share. See you there … ! Love, xo m 🧻 ❣️


The Emergency Food Items You Need to Stock Up On Now

No one knows how long these difficult times will last. It could drag on for a while, it may be over relatively quickly. Life is uncertain. Regardless, every home needs a stockpile of food. It’s part of any sensible emergency preparedness plan. You need to stock up now. Today. Good news! It’s not too late. You can do this.

Please take a few moments sometime today to assess your stock of food and pantry items. We’ll do this together.


The Five Legal Documents Every Adult Needs

There are at least five important legal documents every responsible adult needs to have. This is not difficult nor particularly expensive. But it’s easy to procrastinate. Even if you’re certain you have your very important legal documents in order and you could put your hands on them at a moment’s notice, please take time to make sure about that. Laws change, regulations can be expanded or deleted without notice. It’s possible your documents could use an update.


8 Easy Ways to Slash the High Cost of Prescription Drugs in 2021

If you haven’t heard, you’d better sit down for this: The cost of prescription drugs is increasing at more than double the rate of inflation. Can you even believe it?

Our little grandson was prescribed Tamiflu (he’s fine now—recovered quickly from Type B flu) and the price the pharmacy quoted was nearly $120. It really is enough to give young parents (well, anyone!) a heart attack.

If medication drug costs have gotten you down, cheer up! Then check out the easy and very doable ways anyone can save a lot of money on prescription medications—plus where to get some medicines (antibiotics!) for free.


Best Inexpensive Home Security System

Several months ago, we had a serious home security wake-up call with the news of a home invasion in our sleepy town, population fewer than 20,000.

In the middle of the night, two young, hoodied thugs went from house to house in a beautiful new development until they found an unlocked window. Once inside, they held the terrified homeowners at gunpoint.

Eventually, the perpetrators were caught and charged with seven counts including kidnapping, grand larceny, and attempted murder …