Some Smelly Situations Require Extra Toil and Patience

It is rare, but now and then I hear from a reader who is frustrated using one of my all-time favorite products, Nok-Out. I love Nok-Out because it eliminates odors; it’s non-toxic, fume-free and kills bacteria, too. Awesome stuff.

The feedback I get is mostly filled with praise and gratitude. However, now and then I hear from someone like Linda, who is facing a tough, smelly situation that because of its location, requires more toil and patience.


DEAR MARY: I have been using Nok-Out [also known as SNiPER] very successfully for months. Thank you for the recommendation!

However, now I have cat urine odor on a sofa and a chair. She sprayed on them. (Did you know that a spayed female will spray under stress?) I cannot get the odor out. I have soaked the stains thoroughly, more than once. The stench might go away for a short period, or it might smell like a combo of urine and Nok-Out for awhile (a kind of soapy smell in this case). Then the full odor returns. Help! I can’t stand it! Linda

DEAR LINDA: Oh boy, this is bad! The offending odor (spray) soaked into the stuffing of those pieces of furniture. The Nok-Out has to penetrate successfully to reach every area that was infected. If it was a true “spray” is it possible that cat urine went in all directions, and that perhaps you need to expand the area of treatment?

I am going to send an SOS to Ted Price at Nok-Out asking him to respond with his best shot. I am certain I know why you’re having this problem, but I’m not fully confident of the specific solution for it. Mary

Hang tight while I get the ultimate expert directive on this! 

DEAR TED: Can you take a look at Linda’s cat odor problem, which I am including with this message, and then weigh in on how to use Nok-Out to eliminate this horrible odor once and for all? Mary

DEAR LINDA: I feel your pain! But don’t worry…there is a permanent solution to this problem and I’m sure I can help.

The most important thing you need to now when using Nok-Out (now also known as SNiPER) is that it is an oxidizer. What this means is that when it comes into direct contact with the stinky stuff, it oxidizes (think “changes”) that stuff into something that no longer has an odor. The operative words here are “direct contact.”

Usually, when it appears that Nok-Out didn’t work, what has happened is that somehow, Nok-Out did not come into contact with all of the smelly stuff.

For example, I bought a used sofa and when I put it into my living room, discovered that it had a horrible musty odor. So I sprayed it all over, waited for it to dry and it smelled better so I was happy.

But a day or two later, that musty smell had returned. So I sprayed it again, with (predictably) the exact same result.

So I put my thinking cap on, and did a little homework and learned that musty odors come from a fungus. Then I realized that I had only sprayed the upholstery and the fungus was probably living deep in all the stuffing. Therefore, I didn’t make contact with the source of the odor.

So I got my Nok-Out a third time, and sprayed that sofa HEAVILY. It soaked it all up like a sponge and took almost a week to dry fully. But when it did dry, the odor was gone and the fungus that was the source, that was gone, too.

It has now been four years and the smell has not returned. The moral of the story is that direct contact with the source is essential so that Nok-Out can do its work.

I think that somehow, direct contact with the odor source has not fully happened for you yet. I want to encourage you to re-think your application protocol.

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4 replies
  1. kathyw
    kathyw says:

    There’s a product called Nature’s Miracle that probably would have done the same thing. Worked for my friend who tried everything to get pet urine out of an upholstered sofa.

  2. Bernie
    Bernie says:

    We also had an issue with cat urine on an upholstered chair. And the Nok-Out did not get rid of it. We did not do the best job of spraying the Nok-Out. After reading this column, I now know why. We asked our favorite pet sitter what she recommended. She said that she uses a spray called Anti-Icky Poo. We tried that and it worked, but we did a better job of spraying the corners and crevices where the urine soaked in. It’s amazing how far their urine will go.

  3. Pat
    Pat says:

    If the cushion has a zipper you might have to take the foam out of the fabric and spray it all over and then put it aside to dry. Otherwise I would spray it on all sides of the cushion and even the back and armrest of the sofa. Guess I am going to breakdown and buy some. Our couch and loveseat cushions always smell like dog though they are the only ones that sit on it. We always watch tv in our rooms and we never have company so I guess it isn’t really an issue. LOL
    Might even have to replace the foam cushion if it is a zippered cushion.


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