It’s reader response day when I take the opportunity to report back with a few of the comments I get from you, my Dear Readers, every single day of my life.

And you wonder why I keep doing this? It’s no secret that I thrive on your feedback and kind comments. Please, don’t stop.


Comment on: Best Inexpensive™ Heated Mattress Pad

Dear Mary: I have been reading and enjoying your column and advice for years. You have saved us a ton of money and made us healthier with tips on non-toxic cleaning products, dryer balls, and getting out stains. But I’m truly most grateful for your recommendation for heated mattress pads. I have mild arthritis and winters are hard for these reasons: It’s cold, my bed is cold, my husband can’t tolerate it if I turn up the thermostat. But even if I turn up the heat, the bed is still cold and takes forever to warm up. Arthritis seems to hurt more when I’m cold and trying to get to sleep.

I got the queen sized heated mattress cover with dual controls. I’m so very happy with it. It’s like a giant heating pad for arthritis. I turn it on to heat a few minutes before crawling into bed. It puts me to sleep without meds. Thank you, thank you! You are a huge blessing to us. Anne

Comment on: 8 Wedding Gift Hacks

Dear Mary: I love these suggestions for wedding gifts but if you choose an idea from the couple’s registry and buy it elsewhere it remains on the registry and you take a chance that someone else buys the exact same item. D.J.

Some wedding registries, Amazon, for example, allow you to mark the item as purchased but from another source so that it comes off the list in order to avoid duplication. -mh

Comment on: How to Make Ugly Soap Scum Magic, Mildew and Water Marks Disappear Like Magic

Dear Mary: I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the recipe for the shower cleaner with vinegar and blue Dawn. I am amazed how it’s taken care of my soap scum buildup. None of the other cleaners I’ve tried work half as well as this does. Thank you. Julie

Comment on: Instant Pot Tips, Recipes and Accessories 

Dear Mary: Thanks for this post about Instant Pot.  I am getting acquainted with mine, and I just made yogurt—just the best ever!  I loved that heating the milk to the right temp was preset and I didn’t have stand over the stove watching to see that the milk didn’t actually boil. It worked great! JM

Not all Instant Pot models have the “yogurt” function. To get an Instant Pot with this feature you want the Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 model. -mh

Comment on: Einstein Bread—So Easy to Make You’ll Feel Like a Genius

Dear Mary: This is without a doubt the best bread I have ever made! I’ve been making artisan bread for a while now and love it. I decided to try your recipe for Einstein Bread (English Muffin Bread), and it iss spectacular! My husband says it’s the best bread he’s ever eaten and that’s saying quite a lot. Makes great regular size loaves. Carol

Comment on: Mistakes Teach Us What Doesn’t Work

Dear Mary: At my age, I should have known better, but I didn’t. I thought, like most, that I could handle it. I borrowed against my car with just two payments to go in order to pay off my credit cards. I had five and then maxed them out again! Lesson learned. Finally paid off the car and cut up the cards. Slowly paying them now. Sherry

Comment on: How to Make Fabulous Meals Using a Formula, Not a Recipe

Dear Mary: More and more I’ve been creating dinners from what’s on hand rather than a recipe, so I really appreciate this formula! I wondered how I was going to use up the giant zucchini. I also find that it takes very little of something to add flavor, so I can use up bits or small amounts of things like olives, mushrooms, greens, cranberry sauce, meat, etc. rather than throw them away. My goal is to waste no food at all. Peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds all go into my compost pile. Fredrick

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