Letters to the Editor: Lo-Bak Trax, Bad Hair Days, ID Theft, Freezer Tricks, Pay it Forward, Simplify Christmas

I wish you could see my email inbox. No, wait. What I really mean is I’m grateful you can’t see it. It’s in chaos. I get so much mail and while I genuinely appreciate every single message, it’s the sheer volume of mail that has created such a challenge for me.

My goal in 2018 is to get on top of this situation with a killer organizational tool or better yet, perhaps a virtual assistant. Your comments, ideas, and general feedback are like pure gold to me. More than that, communication with my readers charges my batteries. That is something that I need and have come to depend on.


Today, I reached into the mountain of mail and pulled out a handful of comments to past posts  to share with you.

Comments to How I Spent Forty Bucks to Avoid Surgery

Thank you very much for bringing this simple device, Lo-Bak Trax to my attention. I have been using my Lo-Bak Trax only once a day, before bed, for almost three weeks, but what an improvement! I am walking longer, farther and with almost no pain. I will use it several times a day, as you recommend after the holidays. That is my New Year’s resolution. Living in Italy, I certainly would never have heard of it were it not for your column. Peter

We ordered and received a Lo-Bak Trax. It came with no instructions for its use. Can you help? Betty

Oh, that is terrible! You need instructions, for sure. I suggest you watch THIS VIDEO, which is very instructional and clear in how to use Lo-Bak Trax. And HERE is a link to the printed instruction manual. This is a wonderful device. However, it’s not an overnight fix. Truly you must commit to three weeks straight—at least 21 days in a row—using it 4 to 5 times each day to get started. It is not difficult and it doesn’t hurt. In fact, if feels great, so it’s something I want to do as often as possible. After three weeks you should see a HUGE difference. When I am faithful to do this every day (and for the rest of my life), I am pain-free. Love this thing! –mh

I have followed your hair routine for four months, and I have never had such reliably good hair in my entire life. This has saved me so much time and angst! Thank you so much for sharing this. Kathy in Indiana

This information together with has truly changed my life. I used to shampoo daily. What a hassle and waste of time and money. I took a chance and got all the products you suggested. My learning curve wasn’t that bad really. Within only a couple of weeks I am down to shampooing twice a week. Now every day is a great hair day. I am so happy! No-name

Comments to Your Data Has Been Stolen from Equifax and What You Need to Do Today

I just want to say the biggest THANK YOU to you. I have been reading your newsletters since the early 90’s. You helped my husband and me get completely out of debt, pay off our mortgage in full many years ago, you have truly changed our lives in such a great way. I have just signed us up for LifeLock (we used to have another company linked to my husband’s employment, but that went away and I simply didn’t think about it anymore.)  Now I just read this post and what a wake-up call. Yes, Mary, you did it again, saved us! I cannot thank you enough for the service you provide to everyone. I am so very grateful for all your tips, advice and constant reminders to keep me and my family on track. Diane

We joined LifeLock and two weeks later got an urgent alert on my phone. Turns out someone had my personal identifying information and was in the process of using it to open a new credit account. I couldn’t believe how fast Lifelock moved into action the moment I confirmed it was not me doing this. We are grateful for and impressed with this service. Ted

Comments to Money-Saving Tricks to Put Your Freezer to Work

Another thing that freezes well in cubes is tomato paste. I make a lot of sauces that call for one tablespoon but you have to open a 6 oz can to get it. So I freeze the remainder [in one-tablespoon portions in an ice cube tray] then transfer to a Ziploc and pull a cube as needed for my sauces and other recipes. Holly

I chop onions and then freeze 1/2 cup portions in small freezer bags. Saves so much time! When I need to saute chopped onions, I just grab a bag, empty it into the hot skillet. No need to thaw and it works exactly the same as chopping fresh each time. Lilly

Comments to And Now, the Rest of the Take-My-iPhone-Please Story

I love the pay-it-forward idea. Good for you. In my community, I use freecycle.org a lot. I give something to someone who needs it as opposed to donating it to a charity where I could get a tax write-off. I like the idea that a) it goes to someone who will really use it, b) it doesn’t end up in the landfill, c) it encourages others to pay it forward. Amy

The elegant simplicity of your narrative was moving. Many people equate frugality with avarice; you have proven that to be wrong. Peter

Oh, how I love this story. You have inspired me to look for simple ways to bless others. Francine

Comments to A Gift Tradition to Simplify Christmas

Thank you for this great idea for families with young children and the Gift Guide to go along with it. This will be the second year that we’ve adopted this plan in our family and it has changed everything in terms of satisfaction, joy and peace on Christmas morning. Margaret

What a beautiful tradition! We have decided to adopt this in our family Christmas this year. Already this has reduced my stress level tremendously. Janice

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  1. Judi Merrow
    Judi Merrow says:

    The Lo-Bak Trax might be $39.99 in the US. But in Canada at Amazon it is $150.99. I can not believe the difference in the pricing. I figured $50., but not that. I was kind of interested in it but that is way more then this girl can afford. Crazy!!


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