Letters to the Editor—Everything From Pedialyte to Bed Sheets, Vacuums and More

I have to admit that my readers’ comments—the good, the grateful; the bad, ugly, glowing, hilarious and even from time to time puzzling—are some of the best entertainment I get every day. Mostly you make me smile and that’s why I love to hear from you.

While I am unable to personally acknowledge every message, I read and appreciate your letters, messages, notes, and comments. Even the occasional angry ones.

Comments on making your own Pedialyte

Just want you to know that the recipe Tom offered is the one the World Health Organization has been giving around the world for decades (minus the Kool-Aid, added for flavor). Pedialyte is an expensive western substitute for “first-worlders” who are too busy to mix it up themselves or who are used to buying everything they need over the counter. If people, where I live in West Africa, had to buy Pedialyte, there would be a lot more dead babies here. Keep up the good work! Jennifer

Comments on Stop Whining!

This ought to go in every newspaper worldwide along with every school curriculum at every level. Thank you for the reminder. I detest when I am a whiner and have even more impatience with others, regrettably. Blessings to you, Patricia


Absolutely love this column. Gosh, how I hate to hear whining kids. And adults! Pam


After years of feeling sorry for myself, I have just read your newspaper article, Stop Whining! The description of your own struggles made me realize how bad of a whiner I am. I whine like nobody’s business. Although I am blessed with beyond what I deserve, I whine everyday about my life and responsibilities (mostly to myself, as no one else would tolerate it). After reading your article I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. Talk about epiphanies. Thank you for holding a mirror up to my face. River

Comment to Why 15 Cents Matters

Thank you for this post. I like your reasoning on why saving 15 cents matters. It’s the attitude. Fifteen cents can eventually lead to recklessly spending $15. It reminds me of Jesus’ words, ‘He who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much.’ Luke 16:10. Michelle

Comment to Computer Printers

I read with interest the post about printers. If your reader will print in “draft” instead of normal, it will certainly save ink and money. Most Word documents look fine printed in draft mode. Mary

Comment to A Robot Vacuum that Really Works—and It’s Inexpensive!

I took your advice and ordered the Eufy RobotVac II and love it! It is very quiet and works great. I loved my Roomba and have used it for about 5 years but I like the Eufy better and it was half the price. Thanks for your help once again. Liz

Comments to No More Flabby Celery

I tightly wrap my celery in aluminum foil. It stays fresh for one month! If I see I’m not going to use all of it, I chop it up and freeze it for cooking. Thank you for all the good things you have taught me through the years. Lillian

Comments to New Refrigerator

I will second your advice on Samsung appliances. We had a massive lemon of a fridge that they finally paid me to get rid of after lots of warranty calls. Great luck with my LG so far after four years. But this is the only thing I always carry an extended warranty on. Guaranteed the ice maker will give you fits at least once a year, which more than pays for the cost of the warranty. Holly


Thank you so very much for your incredibly informative columns and your commitment to all of our financial health. I just wanted to add another appliance maker you should run, not walk from and that is LG. I purchased a beautiful LG refrigerator for $2800. At the two-year mark to the day, the freezer and refrigerator stopped cooling. If you read the reviews, you can see LG large appliances are rated just about the same as the Samsung. Reputable repair companies won’t work on Samsung or LG. They call it garbage. Michele

Comment to Pricey Shampoo Means Money Down the Drain

I have to say this does not apply to all hair types. As a curly girl, my hair cannot tolerate any sulfates. Contrary to your article, conditioners on curly girls do not build up on our hair. Curly girls need extra conditioner and lots if it. I would recommend the book Curly Girl, The Handbook by Lorraine Massey. I have not used shampoo on my hair for more than two years. My hair has never felt more healthy nor have I had the fabulous curls that I have now. Lisa

Comments to Best Inexpensive Bed Sheets

I’m weeks into the new sheets and I have to say that I don’t want to get out of bed. They are wonderful! Susan

I’d given up on ever finding decent, affordable bed sheets. However after reading this column and your enthusiastic recommendations, I gave it one last try. Oh my. These really are the best sheets I have ever owned. Ever. And the best price, too. Thanks for the tips on coupon savings. I’ve never gushed over sheets before but that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Gushing. Melinda

Comments to Best Inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner

I would never have had a Shark if you had not recommended it so highly. I LOVE my Shark. Have had it for three years. Have had only one minor problem and customer Service was 5-star! Have now added the  Eufy Cordless Home Vac vacuum to our RV inventory based on your review, and find it to be worth every cent. Thank you for your continued effort to educate and inform your readers. You are a valuable and trusted resource! Adkins


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3 replies
  1. Kathy R
    Kathy R says:

    Hey! Just want to say I LOVE my JCP 325 sheets! They are cool and soft. I bought another set today at JCP for 28.08 with a coupon for a queen set! Thank you for your research!

  2. Gina Stevens
    Gina Stevens says:

    I’ve had my Shark for a decade without ANY issues. However, my son’s Shark is newer and it came with a wonderful under appliance wand. It can clean under a washer and dryer, couches etc. When my mother needed a new vacuum, I insisted that she get a Shark. Not all Sharks come with this attachment.

  3. Miriam
    Miriam says:

    Re STOP Whining!
    Years ago when I was in the throes of child rearing and mid life (simultaneously) I had a good friend who, like me, detested wining. Yet we both did it from time to time. So we made a deal. Whenever one of us felt like whining, we called the other and asked for wining time. We had to say how long (30 secs, 1 or 2 minutes) we wanted to wine for and the other person would listen (and time us) and then say “time’s up”. Anything you want talk about? Worked every time.


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