Many years ago, Nok-Out and I met completely by accident. We found one another in my desperate search for ways my readers could deal with extremely  offensive odors. I’ve used Nok-Out continuously in my home and business since then and have recommended it to readers facing serious and potentially expensive odor issues.


DEAR MARY: Recently you gave the tip of diluting Nok-Out in a 1:4 ratio with water. I had always wondered if you could do that but didn’t want to waste the valuable product testing it only to find out it needs to be used full strength. I had some clothes that had a terrible odor no matter how many times I washed them. I was to the point of having to throw them away as they were not wearable in that smelly state. I diluted the Nok-Out as you said, soaked the clothes in this solution, wrung them out, and then washed as usual. It worked! Nok-Out saved my clothes. The odor is completely gone. This product is so worth the money. Loyal reader, Robyn

DEAR ROBYN: Great news! Nok-Out is so highly concentrated, diluted 1:4 it remains highly effective. There are times you can dilute it even more. And then there are rare times you really need to use it full strength. Read on ….

DEAR MARY: Will Nok-Out odor eliminator get rid of skunk odor? Joyce

DEAR JOYCE: Yes it will and very effectively. Just keep in mind that skunk spray is oily in nature, which makes it one of the most stubborn odors. Also, if a pet receives a direct hit as opposed to a peripheral light spray, that heavier dose is going to require more work to get the job done.

Here are the steps to take:

Keep the pet outdoors if at all possible. You don’t want to bring that odor indoors. Next, put on rubber gloves so you odor doesn’t transfer to you! Check the dog’s eyes for redness, which could mean a direct hit. If this is the case call the vet. Do not spray Nok-Out in your pet’s eyes. It will NOT permanently harm the eyes, but it will sting. Nok-Out is non-toxic and will not harm you or you pet.

Spray full-strength Nok-Out directly on the animal (again, taking care not to spray the eyes) and begin massaging it into the fur all the way down to the skin. Remember that Nok-Out is an oxidizer and must come into direct contact with the smelly stuff to chemically neutralize it. You must massage it deep into wherever the skunk sprayed. Be very careful to get to the entire face thoroughly because likely, the face was the nearest to the stream of spray. It may be useful to spray a rag heavily and use it to apply Nok-Out around the mouth and eyes. Allow the animal’s fur to dry thoroughly (naturally if you can, to give Nok-Out time to work) and then repeat.

If your dog took a direct hit, it may require more than one application to completely remove the smell because the skunk spray itself is so very potent and powerful. Don’t panic if it doesn’t completely remove the smell the first time around. This  may very well take multiple applications to completely eliminate the skunk odor.

Finally, shampoo followed by a good rinse with a weak solution of Nok-Out (one cup of Nok-Out to an entire tub of water). Allow the pet to air dry thoroughly. If any smell lingers, it’s because you’ve have simply missed a spot. Repeat as necessary.

You can find Nok-Out online at And you can benefit from my friendship with these really nice people when you mention or enter “DPL” at checkout You’ll get 10% off your order. That should help with the cost of shipping.

If you have a specific smelly situation you need help with, give Nok-Out owner, Ted Price a call: 866-551-1927. He is typically around during business hours, CDT and always returns missed calls.


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