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Hot Deals 5-31-23

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 Product prices and availability are accurate as of publication and subject to change without notice. Warning: The hottest deals disappear quickly. If you click on a link from a past daily newsletter, it is possible that the deal is sold out, returned to its regular price or, for some other reason, ceased to be a Hot Deal. Hint: Act quickly. 



Still available …

Smart TVs

Huge Amazon Memorial Day sales on Smart TVs, still in effect today … as low as $69!

Amazon currently has one of the most epic Memorial Day TV sales of all time. The retailer has smart TVs on sale for as low as $69.

The cheap TVs tend to be smaller, 720p models (which are more suitable for a children’s room or guest room). However, the sale also includes larger sets. These are among the cheapest TV deals we’ve ever seen from Amazon.

AMAZON from $69.00







Bass Outdoor Clothing & Shoes


BASS SALEMen’s and women’s apparel and footwear up to 73% Off (click on image, which is just one of the many great Bass bargains!)





Quicken WillMaker

Right now, Quicken WillMaker from Nolo Press is 25% Off when you use this LINK and promotion code MEM25 at checkout.

To learn more about WillMaker, read this post:

The 5 Legal Documents Every Adult Needs and How to Get Them

Note: If you want Quicken WillMaker to include the forms for the 5 legal documents outlined in that post, you want “Plus” or “Access” version.







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