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I am so excited to let you in on what’s causing quite a buzz at EC Central these days. You can read on, or I can sum it up for you in one word: Cold, hard CASH! Whoops. That does look like three words, but you get the idea.

We’ve been working long and hard (have you ever noticed how building new things takes twice as long as anticipated?!) on a brand new feature that I’m pretty sure you’re going to love as much as we do.


For years now, I’ve invited you, my dear readers to send me your favorite time- and money-saving tips so I could share them with the entire audience. And send me, you have!

In the beginning, I was able to publish nearly all of the good ones (there were plenty of duds) in a regular column that harkens back to the print newsletter. First, the column was titled “Tiptionary,” then morphed into “Great Reader Tips.” Great readers, great tips! I published your tips for years. We turned them into three bestselling books! (Tiptionary, Tiptionary 2, and Cheaper, Better, Faster.)

That was then …

In the 28 years since this all began, you’ve sent me thousands (and thousands) of ideas, tips, tricks, hacks, and even an occasional project. I am officially overwhelmed. I can no longer keep up with reading, sharing and publishing your tips. And that’s a shame, because who doesn’t love a great reader tip?

This is now!

Well, we can all dry our tears. For months we’ve been creating a new feature that will debut right here at Everyday Cheapskate (EC)—completely FREE and Open to the Public.

Soon I’ll be inviting you to join my NEW! Everyday Cheapskate Expert Community (EC²). You won’t have to go far to find EC² because it will be right here on this EverydayCheapskate site! If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe here so you’ll be the first to know when EC² launches. I can almost hear the countdown now—that’s how close we are!

What is it?

At EC² you’ll be able to share money- and time-saving tips, tricks, ideas, and hacks by uploading them to this website! Always wanted to become a content creator? A money-saving expert? This is your chance and I hope you will jump at it. There’s no charge to participate—EC² is free to all!

My dream is that EC² will become the biggest, most fun, and most useful repository of amazing time- and money-saving tips, tricks, and ideas in the universe. (And you thought I couldn’t dream big?!)

But how?

You can participate in two ways—1) by contributing your best tips or 2) by browsing and enjoying what your fellow readers have contributed. Of course, you can do both. Uploading is super easy and I’ll be teaching you how to do it that. Think of it as you do Facebook or Instagram—you’ll upload your tips in much the same way but right here at EC … whoops, I mean EC². And for all of my loyal, longtime readers and followers, I hope you’ll upload all those fab tips you’ve sent over the years that I may or may not have, uh, … misplaced. Yes, those! But now rewritten (by you) to be up-to-date, and compelling for generations to come.

But wait, there’s more!

To make this even more exciting, when you contribute your best stuff, you’ll be competing for CASH prizes! We’ll kick things off with a Best Tips of the Month contest—1st Place: $100; 2nd Place $75; 3rd Place $25. No strings, no hidden rules or hoops to jump through. Just a straightforward contest where winners will win cold, hard CASH!—their choice by either Paypal or Amazon eCard. Did that get your attention?! We’ll start each month with a brand new contest, so just think of how many opportunities you will have to win!

Start NOW!

So, how can you get started uploading tips right now, even before EC² Launch Day (which really is coming soon!)?

While you’re waiting, start thinking about and writing down your best tip(s) and ideas. Think hard, search well. While your tips need not be original with you (meaning you didn’t come up with it yourself), they must be written by you in your own words. Tell us what it is, what it does, and how it works for you. Show us your tips!

Next, take a picture with your phone or camera that demonstrates or represents your tip(s). Each tip must be accompanied by the tipster’s own, original photo. More on this as we launch, but your photo needs to be in landscape mode and about 455 x 275 px. The more tips, tricks, hacks, and ideas you upload, the greater your chances of winning!

In the meantime, keep watching here for EC² Launch Day—it’ll be very soon. We just can’t wait!

P.S. Please share this news with everyone you know. And everyone you don’t know via your social media!