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For anyone who has had to deal with a child in pain, it can be a painful experience for everyone regardless the age of the child. That’s why as a parent and now a grandparent, I appreciate hints and tips that will help me be even more resourceful.

BABY ORAJEL NOT JUST FOR BABIES. Our teenage daughter badly stubbed her toe and we needed to clip the nail. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t let us near it because of the pain. My wife found a tube of Baby Orajel and covered the area using a cotton swab. It was like magic. It numbed the area well enough that I was able to take care of things. I would never have thought to use Baby Orajel this way. Randall, Texas

DAWN FOR SPONTANEOUS CLEANING. I keep a bottle of Dawn, an automotive detailing brush and an old toothbrush in my shower. Dawn cuts the soap scum and does not leave a gritty residue. Just don’t overdo it since it can get pretty slippery! Laurel, email

SHOUT OUT THOSE STAINS. I found the best cleaner for my dirty golf shoes: Shout laundry stain remover. It works like a charm, getting down in the creases and crevices to get out the ground-in dirt. My golf shoes are leather, and it has not hurt them or the color. Brenda, Michigan

ERASE THE RED POLISH. Red fingernail polish accidentally spilled on my carpet, making a long red streak. A friend told me to use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The polish had already dried, but with a little elbow grease and several erasers, it all came out of my carpet. This is a wonderful product! Carolyn, Tennessee

LOOK OFFICIAL TO GET ATTENTION. Take a clipboard with you when you’re shopping. You’ll get waited on quickly, since sales associates will think you’re either a mystery shopper or you’re snooping for the competition. LaVonne, California

PEROXIDE CLEANS UP. I use a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water in a spray bottle to clean just about everything in my house. It works great on windows using newspaper, and it freshens my wooden cutting boards. On the lip of my sink, it foamed and cleaned up what I thought was rust. And the best part is it’s cheap. Carol, Illinois

FOAMING BUBBLES AROUND THE HOUSE. I took my foaming bath cleaner out of the bathroom and started using it on my walls, floors, patio furniture, kitchen basically, anything and everything. It cleans it all. When we removed the carpet in the hall, the old vinyl flooring underneath had seen better days. After using the foam on the floor, the dust and carpet fibers came up, and I didn’t have to replace the flooring right away. For most things, just spray, wait a few minutes and whip away the dirt. And it disinfects, too! Jennie, email

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  1. GhostBirdofPrey . says:

    Speaking of nail polish.
    Nail polish remover is commonly mostly acetone (with added fragrances and oils/moisturizers). Acetone removes super glue (also plastic, so don’t use it to clean super glue off plastics).
    On a side note, you can get a decent sized can of acetone at your hardware or craft store for the same price as those small bottles of nail polish remover, though it will dry out your fingers a bit more if you use it for removing nail polish.

  2. Carolyn Pruitt says:

    I found a great replacement for the expensive Roundup weed killer-household vinegar. You can buy a gallon for less than $2.00 and if you apply it directly to the plant and nothing around it-the weeds are dead and dried up overnight. It works especially well for the cracks in driveways that are impossible to weed eat. It is so low cost and does not harm the environment except the weeds of course. You don’t want to get it on your other plants if you can help it.

    • Josh Scandlen says:

      I found vinegar doesn’t keep the weeds dead though. Hate to say it, but for spot weeding, nothing beats Roundup. Just don’t do it en masse.

      • Mary Hunt says:

        You’re so right Josh. Vinegar kills what you see. That makes it a perfect solution for an area you wish to replant right away. For longer effect you must add salt to the vinegar. That makes it longer lasting meaning you can’t replant right away or your need seedlings wll not make it. Enough salt reapplied will eventually sterilize that soil so nothing will grow—a good tip for walksways or other areas where vegetation is not desired. Roundup has been proven to be so toxic to life and home environments to say nothing of how expensive it is, it’s difficult for me to endorse or recommend.

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