Close up woman cleaning kitchen using cleanser spray and cloth.


Who doesn’t want a sparkling clean home? But spending tons of time and money cleaning to keep it that way? Not so much! Let me teach you how to make your own supplies that are better and cheaper than the pricey products in the supermarket. You can get the recipe for my soap and scum cleaner that works like magic on tubs and showers and learn how to make  window cleaner that never leaves streaks.

Don’t miss 5 Homemade Cleaners that Perform Even Better than Expensive Brands, or Remove Gunk and Grime from your Kitchen Cabinets and so many more great ideas to spruce up your home.

From creative uses of everything from lemon juice to rubbing alcohol and Blue Dawn dish soap to How to Clean a Shark Vacuum and Filters,  my favorite time- and money-saving cleaning tips, tricks and hacks are presented here for your purifying pleasure!