Clean Up the Cloudy Headlight Covers

Well, you’ve done it again! You clever readers have come up with another batch of fabulous ways that you save time and money every day.


AUTO CLEANER. Use plain old baking soda on a damp rag to remove bugs, tar and anything else from your vehicle. Works great, even on the grill and chrome work. Leaves no residue or odor and won’t harm the paint. I just make a paste with baking soda and water, clean away and just rinse off. Works better than any commercial product I’ve tried. This method even cleans away the cloudy film on headlight covers. Bud

CUSTOM FLOOR MATS. I wanted floor mats for our mini-van so I stopped by our local car dealership. Boy, was I floored (pardon the pun). I checked a discount department store and while their mats were priced more reasonably, they didn’t fit well. I found a perfect solution by buying clear plastic runner material that is available by the yard at the home improvement center. With a utility knife I customized the fit around the seat hardware. This saved a lot of money and works beautifully. Judith

FRIDGE DEODORIZER. Used coffee grinds can eliminate even the worst refrigerator odors. I store kimchee (Korean pickled cabbage with a distinct odor) in my refrigerator regularly and I don’t smell it anymore! Simply take out the used coffee filter with the coffee grinds in it and place it in your refrigerator in an open container. It works better than baking soda or any other commercial remedy. I’ve tried them all. Just replace the coffee grinds when they dry up. Jay

CURB HUNGER FIRST. I am a grocery store checker and trust me when I say never do your shopping when you are hungry! I can easily pick the hungry shoppers from the rest. Not only do they buy more stuff when they arrive hungry, their carts are full of junk food. If you can’t eat before you get to the store, grab a roll or cookie from the bakery before you start your shopping. Candi

HIDE THE SCRATCH. Here’s a great way to hide scratches on wood furniture. First soak the scratch with a bit of water to open the wood. Select a crayon that is as close to the right color as possible. Apply the waxy substance to the scratch; rub it in well with a soft cloth and then buff. Jo-Ann

CAMPUS HEALTHCARE. Part of most college student fees goes toward student health services. The service can include unlimited visits with doctors, nurse practitioners and nurses, routine lab work, x-rays, pharmacy, health education, orthopedics, HIV and STD testing. Low-cost services include travel immunizations, flu shots, discounted prescriptions and CPR and First Aid classes. Have your college student check out their campus student health services. Kathleen

IT’S THE SPICE. I keep a bag of frozen chopped spinach in the freezer. I add a handful to spaghetti sauce, ground beef, pizza sauce, fettuccine etc. I tell my kids it’s spices. They eat it up as long as I’m careful not to overdo it. They actually miss the “spices” when I forget. Laura 

Do you have a fabulous money- or time-saving tip to share? Send it to me and then watch for it in an upcoming post.

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  1. Kim says:

    I have another use for baking soda that I just discovered and love. We use a free and clear clothes detergent bc some of my family is allergic to the artificial perfumes. But after a while, towels and beach clothes, etc. start to have a smell of their own. So now I add between 1/4 and 1/2 cup of baking soda to my wash at the beginning. Works great. I found this tip when I was looking for a way to get the puppy urine smell out of a bathroom rug. I had tried everything but nothing worked. The online Humane Society recommended using a whole box of baking soda and I though I would give it one more try before I threw the rug away. Well it worked on the first wash. I am a firm believer in baking soda now.

  2. joyce says:

    Hi Mary, I like your blog, I have a problem and if you know how to solve it I would be happy. I have leather furniture, and someone sat in our leather chair and got blue pipe dope on the arm of the chair, this has been on there for 2 years, I tried to get it off and can’t, and I don’t want to hurt the leather by harsh chemicals, do you have any suggestions? I tired some goo be gone, and didn’t let it set long as I was afraid the stain of that would be more noticeable than the blue pipe dope, It is not a big splotch but I know it is there and don’t like it. Any help would be appreciated. The leather color is caramel color, or tan, I am not good on colors, it is light, not dark brown. Thanks.

  3. Lynn says:

    I have been using the baking soda on the grill for years, it works beautifully, and you don’t have to rub hard, the baking soda does the work. The coffee grounds idea makes sense also. I was in a shop that sold candles and oils and cream that were highly scented, and on the shelve were little dishes of coffee beans, so you could “cleanse you nose palate” in between sniffing different fragrances.


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