Cheap Ways to Fly, Stay Cool and Clean Up, Too!

Mostly, what I know about every way imaginable way to save time and money I’ve learned  1) out of sheer desperation or 2) from kind and clever readers who’ve taught me so much over the years. Today I can officially add three more such ways:


Dear Mary: I have discovered a website, (also a companion smartphone app) for finding super cheap airfares. I have comparison shopped but have found nothing cheaper, and I fly a LOT! The secret: one way flights. Often you are skipping the second leg and your destination is actually the stopover city. It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

When I first started using Skiplagged, I booked a last minute trip to a football playoff city for a game. The best roundtrip fare I could find was $1,000. I got roundtrip at Skiplagged for under $300 (biggest savings so far). It was a weekend of storms in the east and many flights were canceled. The airline kept changing my flight because the storm was hitting the connecting city (my actual destination, but to them it was a connecting city). All I had to do was call each time (twice) and tell them I had a meeting at that airport and had to keep my layover city the same. The storm passed in time and I got in okay.

Not all of the amazing deals at involve skipping a leg of the trip you purchase (getting off at the layover city and not continuing on to the destination city on your boarding pass), when it does there is a very important thing to keep in mind when using this tactic: DO NOT check luggage or it will continue on without you. This is a tactic that requires carry-on only. Kasey

Dear Kasey: Great find. I just spent a little time comparing prices trips I have taken recently and also future trips I have booked and I’m amazed. This site really delivers. Thanks so much for letting us know about Skiplagged. I can’t wait to hear how others use this resource to figure out super cheap ways to travel. 

Dear Mary: I just have to tell you about a wonderful product. I live in Florida where summer is HOT! To add to the issue I have low blood pressure and if I get too warm I get very sick, faint and nauseous. So I’m always looking for something to help me stay cool. This is IT (and I don’t work for the company). Way 2 Cool is a lightweight, evaporative cooling towel. I just soak it in cool water, wring it out and place it around my  neck to cool off quickly. It has no chemicals and can be used over and again. Just re-wet it. My cooling towel is easy to pack, too. All I need is water to activate it—nothing more. Perfect for golfers, bikers, gym buffs, campers, gardeners, or anyone who wants to stay cool while being active. Comes in a lot of colors, too. I love it! Laura

Dear Laura: Oh, my. Why didn’t I know about this last week when it was 102 F where I live—and I had this hankering to get out there and weed my garden. When I got your message, I wasted no time getting one of these cooling clothes so I could check it out. You are so right on this. It works just as you say—and nearly instantly. I got Way 2 Cool in my favorite color (lime green) and now I’m cool, too. Many thanks for a great tip and excellent your excellent review.

Dear Mary: I cannot do without my Trader Joe’s Super Amazing Reusable Kitchen Cloths (come in a 2-pack). These cloths are workhorses in the kitchen. I have given up all my other dishcloths. These cloths wring tight and are wonderful for wiping out the water spots in the sink. They go right into the washer, dryer and then back to work. When they get a hole, they go into the rag box and do wonders all around the house. Keep up the wonderful tips, recipes and financial suggestions. You rock! Eileen

Dear Eileen: I have never heard of this product but given your sterling review, I can’t wait to try these super amazing cloths. Those of us who are not fortunate to live near a Trader Joe’s store can find them on Amazon. With Prime shipping, I’ll have them to test and review in less time and effort than it would take me to get to one of the few Trader Joe’s here in Colorado. Thanks!

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  1. Birgit Nicolaisen says:

    I checked Skiplagged for an upcoming flight from PHL to GLA (in Scotland) and it was $377 MORE a ticket for the round trip and only $100 less for the the one way compared to the TOTAL for my roundtrip. I’ll treat this as one more site to check, but I won’t trust it as the automatic best place to look.

  2. Pat says:

    Skipplagged doesn’t work for cheap flights overseas. I fly to Stuttgart every year to visit my mother and on Skipplagged it was over $2000 and when I checked on Delta it was a little over $1000. I didn’t try for stateside flights.

  3. Jane says:

    For years as a travel agent I booked flyers beyond their destination to save money. Fair warning, be sure it is a one way flight. The airline will cancel your return if a segment is missed.


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