4 Big Money Mistakes to Avoid

I’m going to guess you’ve made a financial mistake or two in your life. Who hasn’t? For some of us,

How to Splurge on a Budget

I got the biggest shock of my life the day I realized that living on a budget wasn’t the straitjacket

How to Live on a Budget and Love It

For many years I wouldn’t have anything to do with a budget because I couldn’t stand the idea of anyone—or

Best Toys for Kids Ages 3 to 7

I saw the most amazing thing recently. A little girl I’m guessing to be about 2-years-old, reached for her daddy’s iPhone,

Selective Focus Makes Life Good

I kinda’ let the cat out of the bag the other day, when I told you

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 17

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. That’s good because I don’t have the words to

Mary’s Big Remodel … Part 16

Well … what a week. It started with this truck showing up bright and early on Monday. Somewhere in there

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 15

Well … another week, and a lot more progress. As you may recall when the new floor was installed, all

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 14

I am jamming to get this update posted while it is still technically the weekend. Somewhere in the world is

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 13

As I write, part of me is in mourning while the other part is about to burst with joy. This week

Mary Big Remodel – Part 12

The most amazing thing happened since my last post. You’ll recall I said we were going to take a week

Why I Care About Hunger

I care that with so much abundance around me, still there are hungry people right here in my own community.

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 11

The messy part is over now. At least that’s what I’ve been promised. But I’m a good sport and not holding

Mary’s Remodel Update – Part 10

The eighteenth-century French philosopher Denis Diderot wrote an essay entitled “Regrets on Parting with My Old Dressing Gown.”It seems someone

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 9

Now into month three of my home remodel, wherein my husband and I are doing this ourselves (truly, he is

Mary’s Unending Remodel – Part 8

If you’ve ever faced a big challenge with determination, fortitude and a sense of commitment that charging horses could not

Mary’s Ongoing Remodel – Part 7

Well, here we are at the end of Week 7 which is starting look a lot like the two month

Mary’s Big Challenging Remodel – Part 6

Once upon a time, in the year 1972 A.D., a genius of a man mixed up a batch of goo

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 5

Now that we’re into the second month of this major home remodel project (started out as the kitchen but quickly

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 4

I have a mostly boring update for you this week. We’re at the point where it’s a mess and the