The Value of an Honest Review

I am a huge fan of the Internet, for thousands of reasons. And right up there at the top: Reviews.

Three Reasons Why I Cook with Sunshine

Years ago, I got a letter in the mail along with a mechanical drawing so detailed it made me want

How to Raise Financially Confident Kids

I am excited to announce tha
t after 15 years in print, my book about how I debt-proofed my

Quick Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If the relentless heat of summer is getting you down, don’t despair. Fall is just around the corner. In the

Financially Confident Kids

The topic of kids and money has always been important to me, but these days it’s occupying the top spot

Shark Navigator

So Disgusting I’m Embarrassed to Tell – Best Inexpensive Vacuum

While I am a very busy person and not 100 percent organized, I do pride myself on cleanliness to the


Know the Five Shopping Triggers

Don’t look now, but that man who just walked into the store behind you is not here to shop. He’s

Upcycle This Cool Snack Container

Hello Everyone out there in DPL Land! I hope you’re having a great weekend, despite the sizzling weather conditions in

Erase Debt

Is Credit Counseling for You?

If there’s one thing that makes many people go hmmmm, it’s the topic of credit counseling. Many people still confuse credit


Oh, To Be Organized

I have a theory that most of us would be more than willing to let go of the stuff that’s cluttering

The Best Thing I Ever Bought


Okay, so maybe I should say, “One of the best things ….” but at this moment, as I write,

Back-to-School Rescue

The cost to get kids ready for school this fall is soaring. But you don’t have to participate. Here are