Ask Me Anything: Concrete Stains, Yellowed Whites, Power Toothbrush

Every day when I open my inbox, I find dozens, if not hundreds, of questions from the audience. Want to

And Now the Rest of the Take-My-iPhone-Please Story

You may recall that several months ago, after considering my options for what to do with my iPhone 5C (trade

Ask Me Anything: Dip-It for Percolators, Laminate Floors, Unscented Dawn

Growing up in Boise, Ida. (shout out to all my Gem State readers) my parents had a percolator. I can

Ask Me Anything: Shrinking Tuna, Wite-Out Stain, Baked-On Greasy Ovenware

Last week, you may recall, I wrote about canned tuna, a post that sent comments and my inbox into a

Ask Me Anything: Kitchen Appliances, Counters, Gunk Cleaners

Want to create enough confusion in your head to make it feel like it’s going to explode? Go shopping for

How Easy It is to Become Blinded by Easy Credit

It makes me laugh now, but years ago when I watched a particular episode of the television show Little House on

Ask Me Anything: Fruit Flies, Rusty Garden Tools, Eufy HomeVac HEPA Filters

Regardless what the calendar reads, I know without a doubt that where I live in Northern Colorado, fall has arrived.

hand with a calculator. money saving concept.

Saving by Choice, Not by Chance

A reader question I answered some time ago brought a small avalanche of mail, mostly from readers who were aghast

Put Denture Tablets to Work Around the House

I have a long list of reader questions that I’d intended to answer today. But I got so taken away

Letters to the Editor—Everything From Pedialyte to Bed Sheets, Vacuums and More

I have to admit that my readers’ comments—the good, the grateful; the bad, ugly, glowing, hilarious and even from time

Ask Me Anything: Vacuum Cleaner and Home Chef Packaging Material

In elementary school I was one of those kids who would get so excited raising my hand and jumping up

Ask Me Anything: Robot Mops, Sun Block, Tile Grout, Stinky Cigarette Smoke

From cars that reek of stale cigarette smoke to tile grout and robot floor mops, I get questions of every

Letters to the Editor: Reheating Pizza, Dinner-in-a-Box, Feel Good Vacations, Robot Vacuum

Every message that shows up in my inbox or on my desk, regardless of its contents, I take as proof

Ask Me Anything: Pet Hair, Almond Milk, That Stick Vac

I have a friend who considers himself single, living alone. But nothing could be further from the truth. He has

Ask Me Anything: Chromebook, Oven Grates, Best Inexpensive Curling Iron, Fluffy Soft Towels

I don’t know where I first heard it, but I sure do believe it: “Teaching teaches the teacher!” I love

Irregular Income, Erasing Credit-Card Debt and an Overdrafting Fiancé

Every week I get at least a couple of letters from readers whose situations prompt them to start out something

Ask Me Anything: Kitchen Towels, Home Chef, Stubborn Stickers, Chromebook, Floor Cleaner

It doesn’t happen often, but now and then I’ll get a message from someone who must be having a particularly

Ask Me Anything: Disposal Splash Guard, Oyster Sauce, Computer Toner, New Refrigerator

On this beautiful day as we celebrate America’s independence and


Ask Me Anything: Rust Stains, Computer Printers, Dark Spot Remover

Got a question? Lots of readers do and chances are pretty good their questions just might be your questions, too.

Ask Me Anything: Oven Door, Window Air Conditioners, Hardwood Floor Cleaner

I’ve been accused of thinking I have an answer for everything (you know who you are, my dear husband), and