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Today’s topic is not pretty, but unless you have $8,000 earmarked for your friendly neighborhood periodontist, it could prevent

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Got big heating bills this winter even though you keep the thermostat set at “Brrrrrr”? Science may be able

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If you are a regular reader of this column you know there are two appliances that get a daily

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Whether your family tree is a small sapling or a mighty oak, it can get spendy to buy an

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If the terms Snowden, NSA and “top secret information” ring a bell, it’s possible that you follow the national

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Whether you have a stand alone unit or yours is part of your refrigerator, your freezer is either costing

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Ages 3 to 7


Since the day our grandson, Eli, was born four years ago, my husband and I have done our best

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I have traveled a lot in the past 22 years. My American Airlines account shows more than 1.3 million

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It’s been more than five years now since I first looked into a membership service offered by Amazon.com called

The Best Slow Cookers are Amazingly Affordable


The year after I was married in 1970, the Rival Co. introduced a new kitchen appliance, the Crock Pot.

The Best Thing I Ever Bought – Best Inexpensive Steam Vac

Dear Readers: Of all the columns I’ve written, the one on the care and feeding of the carpet in my

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You’ve heard it and you may even believe it—that you get what you pay for. While that may be

So Disgusting I’m Embarrassed To Tell

Shopping for a vacuum cleaner can be a mind-numbing experience because there are so many makes and models to choose

The Best Inexpensive Stroller

Update: The First Years Ignite Stroller is no longer available for

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So Disgusting I’m Embarrassed to Tell – Best Inexpensive Vacuum

While I am a very busy person and not 100 percent organized, I do pride myself on cleanliness to the