Wouldn’t you think that if car manufacturers can perfect self-driving cars, they could also come up with a way to conquer the car trash problem?

Inside of a car with every nook and cranny stuffed with trash

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I’ve always thought that a built-in trash compactor would be great. Or even better, some kind of incinerator that sucks the accumulation of trash and garbage right out of the car and into a holding tank somewhere that magically converts it into purified drinking water. Or gasoline.

While waiting for that kind of invention to appear, I’ve tried plastic bags, plastic tubs, and every kind of frugal trick and tip you can imagine to handle the annoyance of car trash.

I’ve tested and tried. Some ideas are better than others, but nothing has ever proven 100% satisfactory. Until now.  

Best car trash can

The Drive Bin XL is inexpensive at well under $20 and comes loaded with the features I would have absolutely insisted upon had anyone asked me to weigh in on the design.

Drive Bin is the perfectly sized car trash bin that comes with all the features we need at a super affordable price

  • Extra large, 3-gallon capacity, yet compact to fit most vehicles
  • Sits on the floor or attaches to the back of headrest
  • Four solid sidewalls that do not collapse
  • Magnetic lid that hides the mess or folds back to be out of the way
  • Comes with a 10-pack of (unnecessary) disposable plastic liners because …
  • Takes standard grocery bags as liners!
  • Has side clasps to hold the plastic bag in place
  • Waterproof, super sturdy
  • Doubles as a cooler; insulated with thermal features

If I sound giddy about this discovery, that’s because I am. Giddy with joy that finally I’ve found the perfect car trash can that will work just fine until someone invents the kind of compactor or incinerator I described above.

This is the trash can every family vehicle needs to keep the car clean, tidy, and litter free. 

After using my cool new Drive Bin XL trash can for a few weeks, I turned around and bought a second one for a gift—quite possibly the best gift ever,  says my recipient.

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Originally published: 3-5-15; Updated 3-14-19

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