A person sitting on a bench in a park

The Best Inexpensive Double Stroller

There are few joys in life that rival the joy that children bring. But nothing has surprised me more than how that joy is multiplied when we get to add the word “grand” to the children in our lives. Double joy!

A person sitting on a bench in a park

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Dear Mary: Thank you for your column, I really enjoy it! Based on your recommendation, we purchased your “Best Inexpensive Stroller” hoping it would stand up against the cobblestones of Rome, Italy.

Well, after three months of living in Rome with our two-year-old little girl, I can tell you the stroller did fantastically! It held up great over miles and miles of walking, cobblestones, was simple for travel within airports, and perfect for tight squeezes onto buses, trams, and trains! It was an ideal investment, so thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You truly bless the lives of those you reach. With gratitude, Barbara.

Dear Barbara: I’m both excited and jealous: Excited that you love that stroller as much as I do and jealous because I would love to spend three months in Rome with my grandsons, over miles and miles of cobblestones.

Did you notice? I said grandsons! Eli age 7 is now big brother to Sam, age 1. The fun in my Fridays has doubled now that Sam is old enough to join us. Catch up for recent readers: Since Eli was six-weeks old, I’ve cared for him on Fridays. My original intent was to gift my Fridays to my kids to give them a day to breathe. But as it turns out, this has become the greatest gift they could have ever given me. It also means my transport needs have doubled. We cover a lot of territory on Fridays so I need to have both boys safely “in tow.” I’m not the only one with this growing need, as evidenced by this letter that just showed up in my inbox.

Dear Mary: I have really appreciated your recommendation on the baby stroller. I love the Summer Infant 3D lite Convenience Stroller, your pick for the best inexpensive stroller. I just found out we will be adding two more grandbabies to our family. Do you have a recommendation for the best inexpensive lite weight stroller for two children? Pam

Dear Pam: Two new grandbabies? How wonderful! I’m not certain if you are looking for a stroller to accommodate one baby and one older child (which is my current situation) or two babies. So first, let me tell you what I have done.

Only recently, I purchased the Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller (about $140) which is just perfect for one baby to sit and ride and an older child to stand and ride! I can’t tell you how perfect this is for my current needs. Eli can hop off so easily, and then get on board what we call our bus.

Your mention of two new babies leads me to believe you may want a double stroller for two babies/strollers to be safely seated. I have two recommendations for you, depending on your needs and budget.

The Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller is fantastic! It folds up easily, has the big rugged wheels and sun shades. Both seats have 3-point harnesses and the stroller fits easily through a 30-inch door opening. The one drawback, which may not be a drawback at all for you, is that the seats do not recline. Both babies must remain seated upright. At $60, this is a fantastic bargain, in my opinion; an excellent choice that will provide years of joy.

If reclining seats are a must-have (I can understand how that could be very important transporting two wee ones), take a look at the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller (about $180). It’s a bit heavier and requires more room to stow, but collapses easily. Both seats have 5-point safety harnesses and accommodate two kids up to 50 lbs. each.

This stroller has big rubber pneumatic bicycle tires, which mean you can stroll around the block, tear around a big amusement park for hours on end or jog up and down mountain trails (you do that, right?).

I hope that helps. I wish you many years of joy with your precious grandchildren!

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