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Best Inexpensive Can Openers

Can’t anyone make a can opener that’s easy to use, does a great job, and doesn’t turn into absolute junk in a matter of months? An opener that will latch on easily, twist smoothly, and give a clean continuous cut every time? Is that too much to ask?

Perhaps you detect my severe case of angst when it comes to can openers. I’m pretty sure that through the years, I’ve owned ’em all. Most can openers work, at first. But then in what seems like no time at all they begin to slip, or the rotating parts seize up. Is there anything more frustrating than a can opener that refuses to open a can?

Today I bring you good news. It’s taken a while but I’ve made a breakthrough. Perhaps my ah-ha moment will become yours as well. Ready? Let’s go … !

See you there … xo, m 🥫 ❣️