Trade school student painting car

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Trade school student painting car

PROJECT FREE PAINT JOB. My car is 7-years old with 127,000 miles—and paid for. I wanted to get it painted to last me another 3 years but didn’t want to spend the $700 I was told it would cost. I have a friend who is a teacher at our a local BOCES school (a training center for adults and high school students) and he said they would do the job at no cost—the only thing I would pay for is the paint. I checked into it and learned that many trade schools that teach automotive painting need cars for student projects. They were happy to get my car for the students to learn on and they did a masterful job, with teacher oversight. John

SEE CLEARLY TILL THE STORM PASSES BY. Rain-X Windshield Treatment is a product that repels water from a car’s windshield. It really works. I can still see well, even when a truck passes me splashing water, mud and slush over my windshield. You have to really rub hard to get the streaks off and the windshield must be totally dry when you apply the Rain-X. Being able to see at all times during a blinding rainstorm saves me much more than money. Brittany

HIDE THE PEAS. We have a 19-week-old daughter. The doctor suggested to feed her peas as her first vegetable (since she has been eating rice for a few weeks). She didn’t care for the peas much. My wife thought it might be the texture that she didn’t like. So she added rice cereal to the peas. My daughter loves it and a lot of our friends can’t believe it since their kids wouldn’t eat peas! It’s a tip too good not to share. Tom

LOCAL FLAVOR PARTY. Check out having a birthday party for your child at a local fire station. My nephew had his fourth birthday party at one near their home. The crew happily allowed them to use their kitchen for a couple of hours in return for a donation to a local charity. It was great for the kids to meet the firemen, see the trucks and have a ball. Kristyn

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DAILY WEAR IN A BAG. When traveling with small children put one day’s outfit (shirt, pants, socks, underwear) into a gallon zip type plastic bag. Seal part way, push out air and seal the rest of the way. This saves space in the suitcase and allows you or your child to pick out their clothes without rummaging through everything. This also helps keep clean clothes clean until the day they’re to be worn. Works great when sending a child off to summer camp. Theresa

STEAM CLEANED, BY GEORGE! I love my George Foreman grill, but sometimes it`s hard to clean despite the non- stick surface. I found that if I throw a wet (really wet) folded paper towel on the grill after I unplug it, and then close the lid, it is really easy to clean after dinner. I use the same towel to wipe off residue once the grill has cooled. Sue

TWICE AS NICE. To make your Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid soap last longer, pour 3 parts soap to 1 part water (or even 1 to 1) in a small squirt bottle. Same dish cleaning power, it just lasts twice as long because you cut down on the waste of using too much. Jenn

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QUICK MEASURE. When making tacos using a seasoning packet that calls for added water, I discovered that the opened empty seasoning packet holds approximately the amount of water called for. With this estimate, I save the bother of getting out my measuring cup and I make sure that I get every last bit of flavor out of the packet.  It’s quick, easy and makes me feel clever! Molly 

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