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Secrets to No-Fail Tender Juicy Chicken Breasts

They’re convenient and, we’re told, more healthy. But there are few things quite as boring or more difficult to prepare well than boneless skinless chicken breasts (BSCB).   Here’s the problem: Chicken skin helps to keep the chicken moist and the bones add flavor. Remove both and what do you have? The potential for dry, […]

2018 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1—Mary’s Favorite Things

It’s here … the biggest gift-giving season of the year, which I’m sure you’ve noticed by now.

One news site referred to yesterday as “Season’s Beatings!” That just breaks my heart when I consider what gift-giving is really all about—what a pleasant and joyful thing it can be not retail chaos.

Today, with Black Friday in the rearview mirror and Cyber Monday right ahead, I’m excited to show you the first of seven Holiday Gifts Guides I have compiled for you. Today it’s “Mary’s Favorite Things,” things I love that make my life easier, and I think would make really good gifts. At the least they might give you some ideas, and at the most greatly ease the stress. I’ll see you there!

Love, Mary 🎄😍


Oh, Christmas Tree!

As tempting as a pricey, artificial, pre-lit Christmas tree may be, few things about the holidays are as satisfying as a fresh, real Christmas tree. 

Which type of tree will grace your home this Holiday Season? If it will be fresh, there are a few things you need to know …

Make Every Day Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving so much I would say it vies for first place in my favorite holiday lineup. I love and adore a classic Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings. I love the fall weather which always accompanies the day. I love the fact that Thanksgiving ushers in the winter holidays, offering me a front […]

The Season of Giving

It’s that time of year again when everyone wants your money. Brace yourself for more dinnertime phone calls and mailbox solicitations. In this season of giving, charity seems to be getting an extra jolt because next year the popular tax deduction for donations, for many, will lose a lot of its punch. Let’s get personal […]