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You Paid How Much for Your First Computer?!

I just read something that made me laugh outloud—mostly because it’s funny, but also because it is poignantly true. “I wonder what my kids are going to tell their kids … ‘It was so rough back in my day. I didn’t get a phone ’til 4th grade and sometimes the wifi didn’t always work upstairs!’” […]

Peaches—Tips, Tricks, and My Grandmother’s Peach Cobbler

And just like that, it’s peach season. That’s a big deal where I live in northern Colorado in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. We love peaches! Soon we’ll be enjoying Peach Street Fairs, Palisade Peach Festivals; peach fruit piled high in every store’s produce department and featured on nearly every restaurant’s menu. Freestone or cling? […]

How to Clean a Jetted Bathtub

There are few things as luxurious as taking a bath in a jetted tub. The warm water and body massage make for one amazing way to relax. But the last thing you want to see are chunks of mystery debris swirling about—all the gunk and grime that’s built-up inside the jets and connecting hoses since […]

A Crash Course in How to Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

Could you use an extra $300? You might want to take a look in your garbage. The average household throws away 150 pounds of rotten produce each year! Mind-boggling, right?

Here’s a fun, crash course in the how, where, and why of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Start following these insanely simple tips and you’ll be amazed to see far fewer of your food dollars (like none?) end up in the garbage in the form of stinky, rotten produce!

See you there and then I’m off to play in my garden and yes, that opening image is from my garden, albeit several years ago Love, xo m

Ask Me Anything: Silicone Storage, Kitchen Gadget, JCPenney Sheets, Dehumidifier, and More

Here is a quick summary of the questions I’ll answer in today’s post:

1. My silicone food storage bags stink

2. Got a shrimp deveiner?

3. JCP best sheets

4. Looking for home air purifier

5. Help! Overpowering mildew

Got a question you’d like me to answer in a future post? You’ll find a link there, too.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day, where you might be! Love, Mary xo

Your Consumer Behavior is Keeping You Broke

Retailers manipulate all of our senses so we will spend more money. These subtle, psychological cues are worth paying attention to when you’re shopping. If you know about them, you can take steps to avoid their effects. Today, I want to uncover retailers’ secrets, then give you a few tools to help you beat them at their own game! See you there … Love, m xo