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Clever Readers Get Creative

Sometimes I wonder how Everyday Cheapskate readers discover their handy ideas. I mean, who would have thought something that cleans brake parts would also remove stains from clothes? Go figure! Thanks for sharing, Cam. NOTHING GOES TO WASTE. Our town has two thrift shops that accept worn-out clothes. They remove the buttons and sell those. Then […]

Achieving Your Freezer’s Full Potential

Is your freezer a money-guzzling storage facility for mystery meats? An oversized ice maker? It’s time to learn how to turn that box of wasted cold space into the money-stretching, time-saving household appliance it was meant to be. TIPS Temperature. Set it to the coldest setting so you maintain a constant temperature of 0 degrees […]

Mary’s Kitchen Remodel – Part 2

Since my last post, the kitchen has been stripped bare. All cabinets, countertops, appliances, tile floor, lowered ceiling, insulation, HVAC ducts, lighting fixtures, plaster walls and the drywall beneath them have been laid to rest via six trips to the local “transfer station,” which is a fancy new term for a high-tech city dump. Honestly, […]

Financially Confident Kids

The topic of kids and money has always been important to me, but these days it’s occupying the top spot in my mind. I am convinced that one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is confidence―financial confidence. Kids who know how to make good financial decisions from a young age will have the […]

When the Invitation Says Potluck

In case you haven’t looked at your calendar lately, it’s potluck and picnic season. And if you’re anything like me, you want to take something wonderful to share, come home with an empty dish and requests for the recipe. Here are several ideas for potluck-friendly side dishes that are quick, easy and travel well. Even […]

Can Bad Credit Hurt My Career?

Dear Mary, At a recent job interview, I completed the application, which included a form asking for permission to obtain my credit report. I was hesitant to sign because I’ve fallen behind on a number of payments since I was laid off six months ago. Can my bad credit score hamper my chances of getting […]

The Gift of Organization

A recent column about my commitment to organizing my kitchen prompted a huge response from EC readers. I am happy to report “mission accomplished!” After reading an email from K.T., I was really touched. I think I’ll follow her lead and offer my help to a few people I know.