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Serve Chicken Salad for a Great Summer Supper

My family loves when I make chicken salad. So I’m always on the lookout for really great recipes. Today I have three fabulous chicken salad recipes to share with you. And the best part? Each recipe is substantial enough to be a supper entree, especially on these warm summer days—and nights. Add some crusty bread, […]

When Parents Cosign Student Loans

Dear Mary, We made a big mistake cosigning for our children’s college funding. Now, years later, we owe so much on their loans. And the worst part—they didn’t even graduate! We are trying to survive on one income. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Anna, email  Dear Anna, The sad truth is that you are […]

Quick Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If the relentless heat of summer is getting you down, don’t despair. Fall is just around the corner. In the meantime, here are my top ways to beat the high cost of keeping cool. Create a through-breeze. An effective way to get to sleep when it’s really hot is to create a “through-breeze” using two […]

Mary’s Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Another week, a much bigger mess. Remodeling is like that, I guess. And I believe I need to change the title of this series of weekend posts to include the adjoining Family Room. Suddenly, this has gone beyond the kitchen. What originally was two separate rooms has now become one. It’s like a … great […]

Get Creative with Your Food Budget

I am excited to announce that our friends at eMeals are going to share some of their amazing recipes right here at Everyday Cheapskate! Beginning today, recipes from eMeals will appear in my Everyday Cheapskate column once a month. eMeals has been a wonderful friend to Debt-Proof Living and Everyday Cheapskate. I love eMeals. And […]

Raising Financially Confident Kids Has Arrived

I’m excited to write that my new book, Raising Financially Confident Kids, hits bookstores TODAY! It is book number 21 for me–and it’s being released in DPL’s 21st year. Wow! Some of you — my staff included — think I can keep this up. I’m thinking you may have more confidence in me than I have […]