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Think You Might Be a Cheapskate?

Not many people enjoy being called a cheapskate. But I do. I don’t think of it as an insult but a commentary on how far I’ve come. I was born a spender and I took that tendency to a horrible extreme at one point in my life. The changes over the years that have brought […]

Mary’s Big Remodel – Part 11

The messy part is over now. At least that’s what I’ve been promised. But I’m a good sport and not holding my breath. The walls and ceiling of our new “great room,” formerly known as the kitchen and family room,  are all painted a pale shade of, well, not quite gray, but not beige. I call […]

Lemon Perfection

Loyal readers will recall that I am fortunate to have a nearly unending free source of the most beautiful Meyer lemons known to womankind. I’ve never seen anything like the two fairly scrawny trees at my son’s home. As trees go they are nothing to look at. But boy do they bear fruit! I just […]

The Secret in Your Sugar Bowl

One of the best ways to make your skin really soft is to use a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are available in a number of commercial skin-care products, used as an exfoliant in the tub or shower. The problem is that these scrubs can be pricey. That’s why today’s first great reader tip, recently posted […]

5 Ways to Drought-Proof Your Grocery Bill

The Summer of 2012 is sure to go down in history as having produced one of the most severe droughts in the heartland of America. Corn, especially, has been all but wiped out, and that is bound to have a major impact on supermarket prices as we head into winter. Just since July, corn prices […]

Mary’s Remodel Update – Part 10

The eighteenth-century French philosopher Denis Diderot wrote an essay entitled “Regrets on Parting with My Old Dressing Gown.”It seems someone gave Diderot an exquisite gift — a scarlet dressing gown (not something your typical guy today would get too excited about, but remember this was the 1700s).

One Last Summer Supper (Winner Announced)

Our friends at eMeals sent me the perfect menu for one last summer supper. Soon enough we’ll be fixing heartier fare and cranking up the thermostat. But until then, let’s squeeze out one last summer meal. If you haven’t joined eMeals, what are you waiting for? Their meal plans and store-specific grocery lists are a […]