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Mary’s Ongoing Remodel – Part 7

Well, here we are at the end of Week 7 which is starting look a lot like the two month mark. Last night I asked Harold if we’re having fun yet, and the answer was somewhat less than enthusiastic, but somewhat hopeful, “Uh, hmmm …. ” Demolition was more grueling than we could have possibly anticipated, but […]

Meal-in-One Magic

No matter what you call it—hobo dinners, meal-in-one packets or fabulous-fun-with-foil—this is a real family favorite and kid-pleaser that gets everyone out of the kitchen! During this record-breaking hot summer, you won’t heat up the kitchen when you prepare these meals outdoors on your grill or camp stove. And cleanup is a cinch, too. No […]

Is a Smart Thermostat a Smart Move?

Dear Mary, A coworker had a programmable thermostat installed in her home. She says the temperature is always perfect and her utility bills are lower. Hers cost over $200, plus installation. Is it really worth it? Martha, Vermont Dear Martha, Programmable thermostats that control a home’s central heat and air conditioning can return many times […]

Who Knew You Can Use This for That!

One day as I was hurriedly putting groceries away, the fruit bowl was not within reach, so I put the fruit into the colander. It worked so well, I’ve been using the colander in that way ever since. And when I need a colander, no problem. I turn the fruit onto the counter, drain whatever […]

Three Reasons Why I Cook with Sunshine

Years ago, I got a letter in the mail along with a mechanical drawing so detailed it made me want to look the other way. It was a plan to build my own solar oven. Right. Like that was ever going to happen. It did, however, pique my curiosity. I learned that with the right […]

Severe Debt, Extreme Measures

Debt has become the American way. So has denial. And super-high debt levels paired with serious denial is becoming almost ubiquitous. While not all debt situations reach critical levels, when they do, the response must be equally severe. Kevin, 24, has $19,000 credit-card debt, drives a heavily-financed $45,000 fancy high-performance car ($480 monthly payments) and […]

Mary’s Big Challenging Remodel – Part 6

Once upon a time, in the year 1972 A.D., a genius of a man mixed up a batch of goo in his garage. “Finally, I’ve got it!” Mark exclaimed as he ran to the black, rotary dial phone, connected to the wall by a thick, black cloth-covered cord. “Herb, we’ve got our formula. This glue […]

Bankruptcy is Rarely a Good Option

Dear Mary, My son owes $25,000 on credit cards and student loans. He wants to file for bankruptcy. Do you think this is a good idea? Kae, EC blog  Dear Kae, That’s like asking, “Is chemotherapy a good idea?” Well, yes, if we’re talking about treatment for a horrible disease that could save the patient’s […]