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Customer Service Halls of Fame and Shame

If there isn’t a Customer Service Hall of Fame, there needs to be. And a Hall of Shame to go with it. As such, I would like to take this opportunity to present my nominations. For the Hall of Fame, I nominate the online shoe store, Zappos. Oh, my goodness. Is there anything this company […]

Quiet the Urge to Splurge

When it comes to compulsive tendencies there’s no question I received more than the standard allotment. I can sit down fully intending to watch the evening news and end up owning a pasta machine. I can stop by the mall to just look around and come out with three outfits, a gift for someone and several […]

Mary’s Unending Remodel – Part 8

If you’ve ever faced a big challenge with determination, fortitude and a sense of commitment that charging horses could not deter—only to discover in reality you’re nothing more than a wimp, boy can I identify with you. This week I hit that wall. What on earth were we thinking? I’ve had it with the mess. […]

Meatballs Make Meals Manageable!

Back to school means getting back into routines. Dinnertime can be hard with hectic schedules, but planning ahead and having meals ready in your freezer is a lifesaver. This month, Brenda Ponichtera, R.D. (our favorite dietician), offers a great idea: Delicious baked meatballs prepared, frozen and ready for multiple recipes. Baked Meatballs This recipes produces […]

Will Past Mistakes Hurt the Future?

Dear Mary, My husband and I are looking to buy our first home, and I’m a little nervous about applying for a mortgage. During my single days, I got myself into a heap of trouble with credit-card debt and had to file for bankruptcy to get myself out of it. Since then, I’ve been extremely careful […]

Repurposing, Recycling and Cutting Back

I have come to the conclusion that my Everyday Cheapskate readers are very smart. Just take a look at a sampling of the latest batch of tips I received. photo via PaisleyJade MUSICAL COASTERS. Friends give me their old CDs, which I use to create gifts. Using cotton yarn, I crochet two small doilies the size […]

The Value of an Honest Review

I am a huge fan of the Internet, for thousands of reasons. And right up there at the top: Reviews. I have come to count heavily on the opinions of others before trying out a new recipe, buying something online, trying a new restaurant, booking a hotel or hiring a service provider. But, I have […]

On Conquering Fear and Worry

Here’s a multiple choice question for you: Q: What is Fiscal Cliff? a) The site of the World High Diving Federation competition in Mazatlan, Mexico b) F. W. Cliff’s given name, first chairman of the Federal Reserve Board c) A rock band made up of IRS agents laid off en masse for failure to meet […]