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Childhood memories … they can be both comforting and painful. I was reminded of that this past week when we took our grandsons to their favorite Family Fun Center—Boondocks.

It’s a great place with all the regular entertainment: Mini Golf, Bumper Boats, Bowling, Laser Tag and their favorite—the Arcade where Eli, age 9, got a shock the likes of which I didn’t understand at first.

We discovered that our Boondocks has been completely renovated and upgraded. The familiar tokens for play and resulting “tickets” that pour out of the machines as rewards are gone. G-O-N-E!! In their place, digital cards your swipe like a credit card, that somehow keep track of points and rewards. How could they!?

Eli was crushed. Right before my eyes I watched as one of his favorite things to do morphed into but a childhood memory. There were tears commensurate with a 9-year old’s grief. That, of course. broke my heart. Actually, anything that insists my kids and grandsons must grow up is met with conflict in my heart.

On the one hand, I don’t want them to grow up. I want them to be innocent, wonder-filled children forever. But then I remind myself how grateful I am that our sons have and grandsons are developing into unique and wonderful adults. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Today’s post will leave you feeling a bit nostalgic as well but also filled with hope. I have such good stuff to share with you!

Speaking of good stuff … Congratulations to recent GIVEAWAY Winners!

Nok-Out Giveaway: Vivienne Stephen
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This has been so much fun, we’re considering making GIVEAWAYS a regular weekly feature. Your thoughts?