DIY pest control homeowner spraying pest control

EC Reader Recommends Effective Option for DIY Pest Control

Disclaimer: What follows is an “off-label” recommendation from an EC reader. Mary Hunt nor any others associated with this blog, nor the product manufacturers, distributors, or the EPA endorse this reader’s findings and recommendations. Read it for your own information and entertainment. 

There is an old adage out there that promises, “Teaching teaches the teacher.” I believe that with all my heart. Never does a day go by that I don’t learn something from my readers. Most days those lessons are small, perhaps even insignificant. And then there are days like today when the lesson is DIY pest control.

DIY pest control homeowner spraying pest control

Dear Mary: In response to your recent post on do-it-yourself pest control for home and garden, I wanted to let you know about another really cheap way to do your own pest control using Taurus SC Termiticide with 9.1% Fipronil—which contains the same active ingredient in Frontline for dogs but way cheaper. 

You mix it up in a sprayer. I agree that $50 is a lot of money, however a 20 oz. container when properly mixed with water, makes 25 gallons of product I have used to kill fleas, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, houseflies, and everything else. It’s harmless to humans dogs cats and birds, has a stable shelf life of years when stored in the dark.

For ants, it will kill the whole nest for good, when sprayed around the nest, not directly in it. Under the sink and behind the toilet it remains effective for a year minimum. You can spray your drapes or blinds without staining them and you won’t have any more houseflies indoors for the next 6 months because they always go to the windows where you’ve sprayed, and then they always die.

I may sound like I am a salesman for Taurus SC Termiticide with 9.1% Fipronil, but I am not. I have just used it for years and know for certain just how effective and inexpensive it is for DIY pest control. Doug

Dear Doug: I must admit that when I first read your message, it sounded too good to be true. I came this close to hitting delete, but decided to check it out because who doesn’t want this kind of safe and simple way to control the pests you describe?

However, I do need to make sure my readers understand that Taurus SC is NOT a substitute for Frontline for dogs, as it should NOT be sprayed on or ingested by animals or humans for any purpose. And as always: Read for yourself any and all documentation that comes with the product as well as the product label.

Taurus SC Termiticide with 9.1% Fipronil should be used as advised by its manufacturer. My limited research affirms that the toxicity of Fipronil on humans has been tested in numerous studies, with no adverse effects. That being said, read the label carefully and react appropriately. As always, please conduct your own due diligence before proceeding.

As for a resource, there are several online distributors for this product. I looked into  where a 20 oz. bottle of Taurus SC Termiticide with 9.1% Fipronil which makes 25 gallons of product is around $50 with free shipping, at this writing.

Like you, I am not a salesperson for Taurus SC. But the folks at are

NOTE: The foregoing does not and should not be taken as protocol or an endorsement for this product. Read the labels, conduct your own independent research. This is one man’s opinion and experience. A word to the wise should be sufficient.


Dear Mary: When I saw a recent news report showing an “ethical” hacker breaking a 7-digit password in 37 seconds, I decided it was time to update all my passwords. 

What better reminder to keep spending in check than to use your password as a personal goal reminder? For example: debtkillsdreams or theborrowerisslavethelender. Or how about keepspendingincheck.

Add in your personal choice of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, or special characters, i.e. DebtKill$Dreams! That gives you a built-in reminder system every time you log into your account. The longer your password, the safer it is, too. Kimberly 


Dear Kimberly: Brilliant, simply brilliant. I love this so much, I’m going to change some passwords right now.




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