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How to Make High Cost of Ground Beef Easier to Swallow

Happy President’s Day, Everyone!

In 2019 the average price of a pound of lean ground beef climbed to a whopping $5.63 per pound. Whoa! I don’t know about you but I’m not yet willing to pay that price for quality, lean, ground beef. And not ready to turn vegetarian, either. Thankfully, we do have another option: Get creative. Okay, maybe a little bit sneaky, too.

Today I have some fabulous ideas for how to cut the effective cost of ground beef without grossing out any picky eaters—plus my family’s all-time favorite recipe for … Meatloaf! Seriously, you have to try this—the best meatloaf ever in the whole wide world!

See you there … Love, xo m


Two Recipes on the Menu Every Week at My House

There are two meals I prepare nearly every week—Crispy Skin Chicken Thighs and Honey Garlic Salmon. These are my go-tos because both are so quick and easy—and so delicious they never grow old! Family-friendly, too!

Sam and Eli, our grandsons ages 4 and 10, would dive into either one of these entrees every day of the week if they could. And my husband couldn’t agree more. Both recipes are winners, for sure!


How to Remove Ink Stains on Leather

Good Morning, and Happy Saturday!

It is such a beautiful day here in Northern Colorado, where I get to live and work. Oh my, I wish you could see the snow-covered Rockies against the most beautiful, clear, blue sky. I’m sitting here looking out at about 7-inches of snow piled up on our deck—but not for long. An anticipated 40 F high today together with this Colorado sun will take care of that in short order. It’s no myth, folks—at exactly 5,280 ft. altitude (as measurred in our driveway), we are closer to the sun than most. It is amazing how quickly snow evaporates under these magical conditions!

On to today’s post …

A new leather sofa or handbag—so beautiful, right? Or perhaps it’s the car you’ve had for a long time—the one with leather upholstery that still looks fantastic because you’ve babied and protected it against spills and stains. Somehow, through the course of life, that beautiful leather gets hit with an ink stain. Yikes!

What can you do? Don’t panic (because panicking is not on today’s list of surefire remedies!). Instead, be prepared with this list of steps to take, starting with the simplest to the most severe.

Even if you don’t have an ink-on-leather stain today, you need to have this information planted in your mind so you’ll be ready when and if such a thing should happen! See you there … xo m


This is the Easiest Way to Cut High Winter Heating Bills

Until several years ago, I didn’t know something called a heated mattress pad even existed. It makes sense since I’d lived in Southern California for most of my life, where it is mostly warm all year round. Then we moved to Colorado, where the seasons are more pronounced—and winter heating costs can be shocking!

I’m excited to tell you what we discovered that takes care of both slashing our heating costs, but makes cold weather sleeping absolutely awesome! See you there! Love, xo m 😴 💤


Secrets to No-Fail Tender Juicy Chicken Breasts

They’re convenient and, we’re told, more healthy. But there are few things quite as boring or more difficult to prepare well than boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Here’s the problem: Chicken skin helps to keep the chicken moist and the bones add flavor. Remove both and what do you have? The potential for dry, tasteless, tough chicken.

But not to worry. Here are two foolproof methods to prepare boneless skinless chicken breasts (BSCB) so they come out and tender and juicy every time—provided that you follow these instructions exactly.


How to Persuade Cut Flowers to Last Twice as Long

Whether from your garden, the market or you receive them as a gift, you can persuade cut flowers to remain beautiful for at least a week—maybe two or even longer, when you are careful to follow a few fabulous flower secrets! I’ll tell all in today’s post.

Pssst! It’s not too late to order this beautiful bouquet to be delivered on Friday—Valentine’s Day! See you there … Love, m xo 🌷


How to Completely Neutralize and Eliminate Pet Odors

It is rare, but now and then I hear from a reader who is frustrated using one of my all-time favorite products, Nok-Out. The feedback I get is mostly filled with praise and gratitude. However, now and then I hear from someone like Linda, who is facing a tough, smelly situation that because of its location, requires more toil and patience.

Linda’s situation sent me running to Ted Price, owner at Nok-Out, for help! If you have an indoor pet, Ted’s advice may be priceless for your situation now or in the future, in the same way that it saved the day (and a sofa and chair) for Linda! See you there … xo m